Emergency & Critical Care

Emergency & Critical Care at Animal Emergency Hospital of MansfieldAEHM’s ICU is staffed with emergency veterinarians and technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. All emergency clinicians are well versed in emergency procedures and surgery. We are able to perform emergency procedures and surgeries at any time of the day or night. Typical critical care cases include diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure, heart failure, toxin ingestion, trauma, snake bites, etc.


We offer a full range of emergency services including:

  • in-house bloodwork
  • digital X-ray
  • anesthesia
  • surgery
  • oxygen support
  • ultrasound and endoscopy
  • blood and plasma transfusion capabilities
Digital Radiology & Ultrasound

AEHM houses a state-of-the-art ultrasound. We offer on-site abdominal ultrasonography and basic echocardiography for emergency cases, as well as for referrals from local veterinarians.

Digital Radiology & Ultrasound at Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield




At AEHM, endoscopy is offered as a minimally-invasive technique for removal of esophageal and gastric foreign bodies when indicated. We are also able to endoscopically perform upper/lower GI biopsies when necessary.

Endoscopy at Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield

Mercedes S. & "Lily"

“We were referred by Dr. Gully and his wonderful staff and such a professional group obviously does business with another set of wonderful professionals! You treated our other Maltese Aussie for spinal issues, so we knew who to bring Lily to when she had a seizure. Your staff is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. You gave us options, we felt no pressure to choose one particular method, but we obviously chose what was best for our boy. You did the same with Lily. You also never made us feel foolish for the emotions we felt with both Lily and Aussie. We have four other dogs that we care for immensely and consider this hospital and ALL the staff, veterinarians and technicians outstanding professionals.”


“Each person I came into contact with was so caring, compassionate and kind. I could not have asked for a better place to take my boy. I highly recommend this business to everyone! I’ve been to other 24 hour hospitals in the past that left me leery of these types of places, but I know I won’t have to worry if the need arises in the future. This is THE place to go.”

Karen M. & "Pepita"

“We would recommend Animal Emergency Hospital readily and have in the past. Having to have a pet euthanized is very emotional and the staff has handled everything perfectly. Thank you.”

Gail S. & "Blossom"

“Blossom spent the night in the hospital and was clean, groomed, and happy to see me the next day. I only wish people received such good emergency room care!! My only regret is that I cannot get Blossom’s puppies neutered/spayed at the hospital.”

Bianca H. & "Emmy"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Daniels] definitely made us feel at ease and was extremely thorough about Emmy’s diagnosis and the potential signs to keep an eye on post-visit. We were pleased beyond words with the service from all staff. We were lost and made several calls trying to locate the facility. Not once did your staff become irritated. We were treated with respect from the first phone call to the second we walked out the door. I greatly appreciate the follow-up call as well.”


“Everyone was great.”


“Everyone was really pleasant and understanding!”

Chuck S. & "Hank"

“Everyone was friendly, prompt and efficient. Great service!”


“Everyone was responsive and friendly and very knowledgeable. We feel that Spoodles got very good care. In fact, you probably saved his life.”

Linda B. & "Heidi"

“Grateful to have a place to go after regular vets are closed.”

Linda W. & “Reggie”

“Your staff was so kind no matter how often I called to check on him. I was so very impressed by the service we received even a get well card for Reggie. We were shocked to receive this card and amazed. I even recommended your office to all my friends on Facebook.”


“She [Dr. Farrington] was very sweet. Little Elvis is a piece of work and she handled him like a pro. She didn’t mind that he was a little snippy.”


“Thank you all for the kindness you showed to us and Quick. You made a very difficult decision bearable. We appreciate all you do and sincerely thank you for your compassion to our sweet old man and to us.”


“Just a thank you for being so kind and gentle with our big baby. 🙂 We’ve been there before and were once again impressed with how nice everyone was and how kind everyone was. Thank you again.”

Deborah H. & "Lily"

“The staff at your animal hospital were very prompt, friendly, and caring toward our pet. The vet [Dr. Daniels] explained in detail what was wrong with our pet and gave options as to what her prognosis was. I also feel that the cost was reasonable for this being a 24 hour emergency pet hospital. We really appreciated the sympathy card we received in the mail which shows how caring your facility is.”


“Have always had good service”

James P. & "Yogi"

“They were quick & caring! They knew what the problem was as soon as they looked at our pet. Thank You!”

Sean S. & "Roxee"

“You guys were excellent.”


“Staff members were exceptionally considerate to me and my beloved Cassie. They made a sad and very difficult event bearable. They treated her like the Diva that she was! Thank you, for taking such an interest in my baby.”

Jane G. & "Star"

“Dr. Jung was great, very caring, very thorough. Dr. Arbuckle on a revisit great as well. All techs were great.”

Paul K. & "LaRue"

“LaRue was diagnosed with Parvovirus on her first visit. She was given effective and appropriate treatment from the start. Doctors Daniels and Rouquette, along with the entire staff were supportive and provided excellent care. We are thankful and happy to report that LaRue has recovered and remains a happy, playful member of our family.”

Carrie B. & "Honey"

“This is the second time I have needed to use this clinic for the care of my pets. I have to say, I would recommend them for any services to care for your pets. They are the most compassionate staff I’ve met. They care for your pet and you as if you were their family. I want to thank them for all they did for us. On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the best) I would rate them a 10. Thanks again for caring for my Bagel in 2015 and my Honey in 2016.”

Dawn L. & "Seven"

“During a very hard time they were very considerate and helpful.”

Darlene D. & "Brianna"

“Everyone was professional and very friendly, I was relaxed to find such a caring staff and would recommend you to anyone who asked.”

Kate Johnson & "Sidda"

“Our first visit to the hospital was with a very sick canine member of our family in December 2011. We have been in several times since then for routine follow ups. The staff, technicians and doctors have been wonderful and our dog is doing fantastic. Each visit has been nothing less than wonderful. A big thank you from our family to everyone at the hospital.”

Andrea H. & "Sophie"

“Everyone seemed pleasant and concerned about my dog’s well-being.”

Linda B. & "Heidi"

This was my second visit and both visits were completely satisfactory.


“Sadie and I received excellent care. When I informed the receptionist [Debbie] that we should not wait in the lobby because Sadie is fear-aggressive towards other dogs she doesn’t know, she put us in a quiet exam room. Then she brought a blanket for Sadie to lay on, which made all the difference in calming Sadie. Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference. And I was more than grateful to have a complimentary snack and drink available.”


My vet recommend this place and I was very happy to have located them. I will use them for any emergency that arises (hopefully) not soon but I feel my pets will be in excellent care and I will be rest assured for their well being.

Kathy S. & "Madison"

“This is the 3rd time with 3 different babies that we’ve come to see you. We feel so comfortable with your staff we tell everyone to come see you.”

Jennifer G. & “Frisky”

“I was so pleased with the care I received, as soon as I got home, I mentioned what a great experience it was on my Facebook page. Within a day, I had three other comments from people in Mansfield who had also had great experiences.”

Shenan T. & "Remington"

“The hospital was neat and clean and everyone was kind to me and my dog.”

Jennifer S. & "Sugar"

“Thank you for being so thoughtful and helpful with the stray dog we found. I appreciate you taking such good care of her.”

Sheri K. & "CJ"

[Dr. Roberts was] “Excellent.”

Stephanie C. & "Belle"

“We are also thankful that the hospital is open 24 hours and close to our house. They provided us with a 1-800 to call the toxicologist to document the medication that she ingested. Despite how stressful this event was, the toxicologist and the hospital provided us the peace and comfort knowing that Belle was in good hands. Thank you! We highly recommend the hospital and will return if Heaven forbids another incident will occur with our sweet Belle.”

Kristen W. & "Bojangles"

“Dr. [Toby] Rouquette was extremely nice and helpful. I felt very comfortable leaving Bojangles in his care.”

Cynthia P. & "Bruzz"

“Being at the emergency hospital with my pet is not where I really wanted to be. Everyone made me feel as if my pet was their only concern at the moment. I have been to another pet emergency hospital before and it was a very bad experience. Dirty, waited 7 hours in the middle of the night and wee hours of the morning and then they charged an outrageous price. I feel that the amount that was charged by this hospital was fair for the service I received.”

Monica A. & "Ladybug"

“The staff prepared a detailed plan of action including all procedures and medicines given and are thorough about explaining each detail of what will take place. This relieves a lot of stress for me because I know exactly what will take place and why. I love the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield and will tell my co-workers to use them.”


“While we had to visit under stressful and sad circumstances, every single person we encountered at the visit to put our pet to sleep as well as any follow up contact showed great empathy and care. While I understandably hope to not have to visit again soon, I would recommend this hospital and the great staff any day.”

Brett W. & "Beauty"

“Everyone we spoke with and everyone we came into contact was SO nice. We were well informed about everything and they answered all our questions. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone needing care for their animal.”


“Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience, considering the circumstances.”

Ann M. & "Bentley"

“I was nervous about Bentley but realized as soon as I got in the door, I knew I was in the right place and felt relieved. LOVED THIS HOSPITAL, in & out, problem solved very quickly!”

Susan W. & "Kenny"

“I really do like and appreciate the care my dog received! The whole staff was extremely caring!”

Amy C. & "Ginger"

“I really liked the facility and the staff. Very friendly and helpful. Not pushy about procedures that might need to be done.”

Joe A. & "Lena" and "Kooky"

“Thanks to everyone who cared for our babies in their time of need.”

Susan L. & "Cooper"

“The staff was very friendly. I was so glad you could get my baby in when my regular vet could not fit us in. Cooper was in great distress and its comforting to know I have a place to take my furry babies at a moment’s notice. I will definitely be back! Mansfield really needed a 24 hour vet service.”

Greg M. & "Stetzen"

“This was my second visit to your hospital and as before I and my wife greatly appreciate the professional and caring service from everyone. In the future if we decide on another pet we have found a friend in you and all staff. Thank you”

Verna B. & "Coco"

“The vet was nice and very kind to Coco. Everyone was extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable in such a stressful time. I am so lucky my friend Mary Sabo had already researched where an emergency vet was located to Loyd’s park at Joe Pool lake. There is a group of us that camp at least twice month and all of us have dogs. I also was very surprised to get a call on Tuesday to check on Coco.”

Kirstie H. & "Nora"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Arbuckle] was very kind and thoughtful while she had to deliver difficult news. Despite the outcome of why we had to visit, the staff were so extremely thoughtful and helpful. They even sent us a condolence card. I will definitely bring future pets to this hospital.”

Kristy H. & "Bubbies"

“Dr Arbuckle and Dr Daniels both were extremely polite, professional, and sensitive to my feelings. My dog was extremely sick, and I was very emotional. I could not have asked for better Drs for my furbaby. During my dog’s 4 day stay at the hospital, I visited him several times and called up to check on him several times a day. Never once was I made to feel like I was bothering anyone by checking on him so often, and I felt they truly cared about what was going on with Bubbies. Unfortunately, Bubbies wasn’t able to recover, but I feel he got the best care possible while at the Mansfield hospital. Thank you so much for all you did for him.”

Don P. & "Newbie"

“Appreciate the helpfulness and assistance for help with my pet. A very quick response.”


“I just wanted to say thank you 🙂 You all made this frightening health event easier to manage and understand.”

Susan D. & "Patsy"

“Thanks to the excellent surgical skills of Dr. Melissa Rouquette and Dr. Toby Rouquette my best friend, Patsy, survived an unprecedented procedure to remove an extra stomach and pancreas due to a congenital deformity. I think she’s a little medical miracle and would not still be with me if not for their good work as surgeons. Thank you for removing her “evil twin” … she’s on the mend and doing well. A special thanks to Dr. Farrington and the team of techs that cared for her (and me) after her surgery … she was in very good hands. She is now the most spoiled dog on the planet! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Edgar M. & "Wasabi"

“This hospital came highly recommended by our vet and lived up to those high expectations. The doctor we saw was very thorough and compassionate to both our dog and us. It was sad to lose Wasabi, but I am so thankful that there was first class professional help available on the Fourth of July in order to minimize his suffering.

Thank you all for being there.”

Mary N. & "Emma"

“Excellent Place and well recommended”


“People there were very helpful in a stressful situation. Thanks for all your help”

Lorine B. & "Jolly"

The hospital facilities were excellent. I will not hesitate to recommend your hospital and staff to anyone.

Tim L. & "Spike"

“The staff was very sympathetic to my having to put my 17 yr old cat to sleep”

Claudia A. & "Annie"

“I am so grateful to have an emergency clinic for my animals so close. Everybody from the staff was fantastic. Couldn’t be happier”

Greg V. & "Ginger"

“Want to thank the entire staff that I got to meet with on that very difficult evening. Your compassion not only for me but for Ginger was soooooo greatly appreciated. I was guided to you for a reason. And that reason is so clear to me now.”

Donna H. & "Tank"

“We always receive excellent care from the entire staff.”

Megan N. & "Ernie"

“This facility is top notch in equipment, technology, design and its Owners/Employees! I literally took a handful of magnets my first time there to give to all my friends with pets so they know what a great facility is available to us.”

Marilyn C. & "Benjamin"

“The hospital was clean and the staff was very attentive to my questions.”

Debra M. & "Scooter"

“Excellent, caring staff – thanks to all for your understanding during this difficult time.”

Lacy B. & "Sugar"

“Every person that works there is so caring and shows that they love their job/caring for animals. You are all wonderful.”


“I am beyond grateful for the patience, compassion and TLC the doctors and their staff afforded to me and my dog, Dallas. Everyone helped to put myself and my daughter at ease and tended to Dallas in an expedient, yet caring, manner. I took my Golden Retriever, Miley, to the this facility when it first opened and received the same service. Keep up the great work you all are awesome!”

Adrienne L. & "Sydney"

“It was actually a blessing in disguise that we were recommended to you. Your staff were all so compassionate and handled us with such care that it felt like we were in the right spot. The receptionist/vet tech (I think her name was Amy) was amazing and kind. The office was very nice and clean, nobody in the waiting room. When we were brought back to the room I appreciated that we were given all the time we wanted to be with our sweet girl. We never felt rushed and that was great because there were many tears to be shed. I felt like the Doctor [Roberts] was great, sent a lovely card of condolences a couple days later. I would (and have) told many people about the experience we had with you all. Thank you for being kind, genuine, and compassionate during this really tough time.”

Elsa W. & “Scruffy”

“I felt the staff was as compassionate as possible.”

Jennifer K. & "Kokomo"

“While a late night hospital visit isn’t how I wanted to spend my night, I was happy with the staff and their attentiveness to us. They helped me feel more at ease leaving him and told me I could call to check on him whenever I wanted. By the time I picked him up the following morning he had won the hearts of the staff. He seemed very at ease and happy to be the center of attention, just like he is at home! I cannot thank the staff enough for saving my little guy. You guys rock!”

Mende B. & "Harley"

“Dr. Arbuckle was knowledgeable and compassionate. I appreciated the follow up note concerning the loss of my dog. I would certainly recommend [Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield] to anyone. “

Ron O. & "Charlie"

“Very pleasant and friendly staff”

Jennifer R. & "Abby"

“Everyone that worked the night I brought in my Abby was so sweet and thoughtful. I really appreciate everyone’s help.”

Molly S. & "Peachy"

“Everyone was absolutely wonderful. It was Easter Sunday and a very difficult day for our family. The doctor [Toby Rouquette] and staff were very comforting.”

Paula W. & "Sidda"

“Everyone was VERY nice and not in a hurry to get you out of there like some places…” “Thank you for everything”

Janet S. & “Max”

“Everyone was pleasant and helpful”

Brenda T. & "Tigger"

She [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was great. Tigger stayed overnight and when I called to check on him, she took my call and let me know how he was doing. Awesome service.”

Kim R. & "Kasanova"

“We found it a tragic situation to be in the ER but SO glad you were there! The receptionist Athena was so responsive to help us at the door upon entry and the nurse team of Misty, and Jamie were very helpful as well. This hospital staff and facility is one I would recommend for treatment in emergency situations. We only regret that our dog wasn’t a part of the “survival” success stories. It was welcoming to have the opportunity to visit our dog in the medical station and to see they tried to make him comfortable with warm blankets and heating elements.”

Julie T. & "Eddy"

“Excellent experience”

Justin F. & "Dasher"

“[Dr. Roberts was] Very kind and receptive to our concerns. Very thorough in explaining our options and the treatment Dasher would receive. So glad that we have a clinic like this close to home. Great staff. Thank you for your concern and care.”

Paula Q. & "Puck"

“Dr. Farrington was so understanding and made it just a touch easier to let go of my dear kitty. The staff (Jenny?) and Amy were great.  “

Diane G. & "Brinkley"

“I work at an area vet clinic. We have recommended your 24 hr care to our clients and I can now tell them that I experienced your care first hand. I was very impressed.”

Jeannie B. & "Motorboat"

“The staff at AEH of Mansfield were caring and considerate of not only my pet, but myself as well. I couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you for your support and kindness during such a difficult time.”

Nora R. & "Biggie"

“Biggie is doing much better! Thank you!”

Michael M. & "Bae"

“[Dr. Roberts was] Extremely professional and courteous. Very pleased with the follow up phone call and get better soon card received in the mail. Happy to see a food donation box in the lobby which I chose to donate to. Great experience and I have spoken well about the facility.”

Sandra C. & "Tucker"

“Could not have asked for better treatment than Tucker and I received. Really appreciated being advised of charges for services before proceeding rather than having a “bomb” dropped on me after all was said and done.”

Sharon H. & "Strider"

“I feel each veterinarian has been extremely patient, caring & understanding. Greatly appreciate the complete staff. Everyone has been awesome. Also appreciate the drinks and snacks. They came in very handy during the middle of the night.”

Jennifer F. & "Oscar"

“The Dr. [Daniels] was so nice. He even made sure the treatment plan was cost effective.”

Al P. & "Jake"

“Dr. Farrington and the technician [Stacy] were very professional and caring. They made a tough time bearable for me. I was very pleased with the service that I received and I would recommend this hospital to anyone.”

Barbara H. & "Coco"

“Very professional staff, the office environment is pleasant. The fact that there was a fire burning in the fire place and the offer of snacks and drinks at no cost was beyond exception. In addition the staff worked with me on the costs so that my new doggie could much needed care that saved her life. Now she is up and running again and enjoying her new life.”

Stacey C. & "Norm"

“The Doctor went above and beyond to help us by contacting an eye specialist after hours. I was so appreciative that they got us in and they demonstrated so much care for little Norm!”

Kelly P. & "Hope"

“Was very pleased with services and overall environment. The doctor [Daniels] was fantastic and seemed to really show care and concern over Hope.”

Peggy U. & "Skittles"

“I love this place. Everyone I’ve ever dealt with on the phone or in person has been so sweet and caring!”

Linda C. & "Buddy"

“We had a very, very positive experience and will definitely recommend to anyone who needs emergency vet care.”

Gabe and Michele F. & "Maximus"

“We came in late into the evening and all the staff was very attentive. We really enjoyed working with Misty attending to Maximus and getting him admitted into the hospital.”


“Thank you for your prompt and caring attention for Mugzi!”


[Dr. Farrington was] “Very knowledgeable and friendly.”

JoAnna A. & "Britta"

“I am an RVT myself & Dr. Arbuckle was very friendly and explained treatment options available for Britta. Not only did she explain them in a language I understand (medical terms) but also in layman’s terms for my spouse who has no medical knowledge what-so-ever. The technician (Gloria) was kind and explained things well.”

Nydia M. & "Diamond"

“I love this place. Diamond is doing so much better after being here. I don’t think she would have made it during the night. This place is a 24hr and I didn’t know where to run to that late. My decision was the best going here.”

Tod J. & "Puma"

“Our Puma Cat was in serious condition on arrival with Renal Failure. His care was fast, tender, and they were so gentle with him. His improvement was unbelievable for being nearly gone when they took over his care. We brought him home in 3 days and he is thus far doing incredible. We would go nowhere else for all our animals who need critical care to save their lives.”

Kathy C. & "Fergus"

“I appreciate the thoroughness of the exam and the fact that Dr. Daniels took into consideration the “whole” of Fergus and chose a treatment path that was not over the top and one that was fitting to the symptoms and very effective. Price for services very fair and follow up call appreciated. You are doing it right and I will recommend you wholeheartedly. Again, thanks for being there.”

Chris and Lisa B. & "Andi"

“We will certainly return to this hospital for any further ER services. I was well pleased with the entire experience.”


“Very helpful and courteous staff, we also appreciate the card we received after the visit. We would recommend your services to friends and family!”

Nancy H. & "Sophie"

“Everyone was so kind and considerate… we appreciate the care given to our little dog. Thank you!”

Heather W. & "Gus"

“My situation was a little different with no clear path of treatment. The techs and doctors were very understanding and helpful.”

Beth H. & "Coco"

“I felt like [Dr. Daniels] really cared for my dog and wanted the best for him and us.”

Cheryl V. & "Molly"

“I brought Molly, my 15 1/2 yr old beagle, in to be seen. She had gone into vestibular disease that day, quite suddenly and euthanasia was recommended. The vet [Dr. Arbuckle] was very informative, loving and compassionate, just what we needed!”

Rebecca Z. & "Arlo"

“From Carrollton to Mansfield, I believe I drove 39 miles one way for this 24-hour hospital. Yes, I passed another 24-hour facility, but the reviews on the internet were not good. I was more than pleased with my decision. The hospital is absolutely the most wonderful veterinary hospital I have ever encountered.”

Vicky G. & "Rico Green"

“Very nice place and great doctors.” “Thank you very much.”


“Vet [Dr. Daniels] was extremely understanding, helpful and sympathetic. He fully explained Gina’s situation and gave me the option to make decisions.”

Debbie L. & "Midnight"

“I really appreciated her [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] explaining the options and exactly what was wrong in a way that made it easy to understand. She was very compassionate and helped me make a difficult decision with truthful and honest information. I would recommend this hospital in a heartbeat. Thank you to all who helped us.”

Jessica B. & "Sadie"

“Everyone was amazing and made us feel very comfortable! Loved the people and the hospital was very clean!”

Mike M. & "Chloe"

[Dr. Melissa Rouquette was] “Very nice and fast and took great care of Chloe.”

Sheila M. & "Twinkie"

“All the staff, receptionist, technicians, Veterinarians, were all fantastic. This was the second pet I had to bring in over the course of 6 months and they were both cared for with the most amazing care and love. Thank for such outstanding care of my fur babies. I will never go anywhere else in an emergency.”

Tracy G. & "Bubbles"

“Extremely happy with my experience. Impressed with vet tech knowledge and sensitivity to situation. Would definitely recommend Mansfield to anyone with a pet emergency.”


“The doctor [Toby Rouquette] and staff were very compassionate and explained everything very well to me. Additionally, the staff was very helpful and prompt when I had to call back to obtain additional information and a referral to a specialist.”


“All staff were sensitive & caring during my very difficult time. I would DEFINITELY use the emergency services again if needed.”


“Our dog was in a life or death situation when me and my 3 boys ran in. The urgency in which the staff acted was awesome. They grabbed our puppy and took care of her right away, getting my info after taking her back. We were updated frequently, and the vet even explained things so well that my kids understood and were comforted. If it weren’t for the staff, our puppy would not have survived and for that, we are SO THANKFUL. This is our pet ER for good, and we have told all our friends that are pet owners how wonderful it is!”


“Everyone was very friendly and helpful throughout our visit to the clinic. Thank you for your caring ways as we were going through a difficult time with our sweet dog Buster.”

Dawn B. & "Lil Bit"

“I have been to your clinic several times with my pets. Every time I come I have been treated with a smile from the time I walk in until the time I leave. All of the staff and Doctors are outstanding. I would like to send a special thanks to Dr Toby [Rouquette] for everything has done for me.”

Melissa C. & "Rosie"

I was blown away by the kindness Shannon and Jenny showed Rosie and I upon our arrival on both trips. Shannon even showed Sugar attention which put me at ease about bringing her with us (instead of her staying at home completely alone, which she has never done before). Shannon also brought me TWO cups of water, since the dogs decided they were thirsty too. Both Shannon and Jenny brought a bed/blanket or rug to Rosie to make her feel more comfortable… Both ladies really went out of their way to make sure we all were comfortable during our visits. I just can’t say thank you enough to everyone there…

Michael S. & "Hennessy"

“Vet [Dr. Farrington] was professional, courteous, and interested in healing our dog. Vet was receptive to our input, and flexible with our wishes.”

David C. & "Tucker"

“Very thorough  and genuinely interested in helping Tucker with his medical issues.”

David K. & "Fritz"

“Vets [Dr. Daniels and Dr. Toby Rouquette] were knowledgeable and kind. They called Monday following the weekend we were there to check on how Fritz was doing.”

Natalie B. & "Surrey"

“Our experience was so great – the clinic was nice and the staff was so helpful. Though an emergency with a pet is never a positive experience, the animal emergency hospital made the situation less painful by being so attentive to our dog. I have great faith in their ability to diagnose and treat … I would even be interested in using this facility for our primary pet care, if it were an option! I am grateful for the help they provided and would definitely go back!”

Teri M. & "Cooper"

“Truly appreciate the animal hospital. Not sure Cooper would have made it without you. All of the staff was wonderful. Thank you again.”


“They made me feel like family. They were so attentive; it was as if my dog was the only customer they cared for. I wouldn’t go anywhere else”

Caryl B. & "Dottie"

“I was very satisfied with my visit; if the need arises again I will use your facility.”

Tamara C. & "McSqueezy"

“Anytime I have brought one of my cats to the hospital the attending vets have been very attentive and caring.”

Lisa M. & "Wesley"

“All of the staff that I spoke to was very professional and helped ease my mind on my pet. Every time I called to check on him and when I came to visit they were prompt and treated me like my pet was the most important pet that they were treating. To me that says a lot!”

Stacia L. & "Taffy"

“The Veterinary Office Staff, Technicians and the Veterinarian [Dr. Farrington] were all very sweet and caring. They treated us with respect and let us spend as much time as we needed with our sweet girl to say goodbye… That was such a difficult time for our family and they were wonderful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but there.”

Teddy M. & "Peanut"

“I wouldn’t go ANYWHERE ELSE EVER!!!” “Was treated so kindly you would have thought I brought in a sick child, they were wonderful.”

Nancy B. & "Cooper"

“Veterinarian [Dr. Jung] was excellent as well as the technician. Very compassionate and attentive to our situation of allowing our pet to pass onto his next life quickly since he was in pain.”

Marsha and Don F. & "Sophia"

“Way above EXCELLENT in all areas! Very knowledgeable and very caring!!! Always had time for us with a smile on their face. Hope my fur babies stay well but if emergency services are needed this is where we will go.”

Robert N. & “Skyler”

“Although a difficult time, the staff and service excelled.”

Tracie W. & "Jake"

“Several months ago, we lost a pet. AEHM tried desperately to save him but it wasn’t meant to be. When we brought in our other pet, I was surprised but comforted when Dr. Rouquette referenced our previous experience. Although Dr. Rouquette wasn’t on our previous case, she took the time to read our file. I can’t count the number of vet visits (to the same vet that seen our pets for years) where I’ve had to repeat our pet’s history each time. Just that one little reference let me know I was dealing with someone who made an effort and I knew then my pet would be in good hands. I would highly recommend AEHM. I wish they could be our regular vets and not just emergency!”

Alan S. & "Chief"

“Very well done and [Dr. Daniels was] straight with me about options and potential future problems.”

Jane C. & "Rocky"

“The fire in the fireplace made for a warm and friendly place at midnight on a chilly night when we arrived. Staff was VERY nice – appreciated the cards in the mail after the loss of our dog.”

Wendy S. & "Dug"

“We loved the veterinarian [Dr. Jung]! She was friendly, to the point & seemed genuinely concerned. She was even funny which helped make me more relaxed! This animal hospital is extremely clean, friendly, professional & helpful. Everyone we dealt with was very nice. The girls [Alana] at the front were very friendly & helpful too. I was put at ease when one of the first things the vet recommended was to put our dog at ease with anti-anxiety meds. Everyone there seemed to really care about you & your pet.”

Kristi M. & "Lola"

“I am confident Lola received the best care possible. I would highly recommend this animal hospital for emergency or after-hour care.”


“Great facility and staff.”

Mike C. & "Cooper"

“Very Professional as always”

Ryan P. & "Monroe"

“Everyone working there was exceptional. I will highly recommend your place to all my friends and family.”

Margaret C. & "Princess"

“Everyone was very kind.”

Phyllis B. & "Julius"

“I thought the whole staff from the receptionist to the doctor [TobyRouquette] were great. Gloria was fabulous. I asked a lot of questions and received good answers.”

Amy H. & "Daisy"

“Our vet [Dr. Norris] and tech [Jessica] were amazing!”

Teresa C. & "Sadie"

“This was our first visit to Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield, and the process to check in our pet was swift and easy. The front desk person [Athena] was very welcoming and very friendly with our dog.”

Liz A. & "Pumpkin"

“They [Dr. Daniels, Dr. Jung, and Dr. Toby Rouquette] were all awesome!”

Laura E. & "Tynee"

“I want to thank the crew at AEHM for taking care of Tynee. She was brought in with complications with the birth of her 3 puppies. Tynee ended up having a C-Section with two of the puppies. The first one was delivered naturally on the way the hospital on I-35 (what fun that was :-/). The incision the Doctor [Toby Rouquette] did was perfection and Tynee healed very quickly with no complications. The puppies are now going on their third week and they are triple in size and weight 🙂 The ladies that were with Tynee through the experience were top notch and I really appreciated them for the great care they gave Tynee. I can’t say enough great things about this place and if I ever have another animal emergency, I know where I’m going 🙂 Thank you all very much.”

Carole W. & "Chloe"

“I was extremely impressed with the entire staff. I am grateful that Mansfield has such an efficient and professional 24 hour clinic here in Mansfield.”

Claudia A. & "Annie"

“The doctors and technicians were fabulous”


“Thank you for your care, expertise. waiting room –all of it.”

Steven K. & "Kodi"

“From now on I will take all of my pets here. This place comforting and they really do care and that’s important to me.”

Richard A. & "Remy"

“The whole experience was very pleasing. The staff was extremely nice and helpful. They walked me through each step and answered all my questions thoroughly. Thanks again for saving my dog and her puppies as well.”


“Our regular vet office referred us to you and I’m glad they did. It was very comforting to know that all the staff were so kind and caring. We’ll be coming here if we need emergency pet care again. Thank you so much!”

Meagan M. & "Topher"

“They were great. They were helpful, and handled my dog very well.”

Jason W. & "Molly"

“Absolutely the best service I have ever received at a veterinarians office, especially under the circumstances.”

Linda G. & "Jake"

“I could not have asked for better service than I got from Dr. Arbuckle. This was our second visit to your facility and we were lucky enough to get her each time. She is the best!”


“The right amount of tests were ordered and the perfect prescriptions given. Jazz’s diarrhea cleared up and she was able to travel home on Tues. to Colorado. Also appreciated the follow up call. We were visiting a vacation home in TX and our dog had some issues before we left, but I thought I would be able to see our local vet in Corsicana on Sat. However, they don’t keep hours on the weekend, similar with other vets in the area. The hospital serves a wide area and offers a great service to the communities involved. If needed again, I would travel 150 miles roundtrip to your facility. Very impressed. Many pet owners were depending on you the day I was there with Jazz. Thanks!”

Rosemarie M. & "Lady"

“Very considerate staff. Wish that I would have gone sooner.”

Rebecca W. & "PeeWee"

“Great Experience.”

Denise A. & "Kobe"

“Even though our visit was brief, the staff was very caring and compassionate in our hour of crisis. Our pet was treated with dignity and love.”


“Thank you so much for taking care of Aggie. Although I hope to never have to visit you again, 😎 The care we received as pet parents was outstanding. I can see why Dr. Fuller recommends you.


“Great service and friendly staff.”


“To tell the truth, I was impressed. All aspects of your facility are clean and well cared for. All the staff exhibited care and understanding.”


“Everyone was friendly and concerned, and made me feel cared about. I felt that they were concerned about Lily, and wanted to find out what was wrong with her.”

Tanna C. & "Bubba"

“Everyone we interacted with via phone and in person was extremely nice and supportive. We could really tell you all genuinely care and love your jobs!”

Kelsey B. & "Maggie"

“I cannot say enough good things about our visit here. Everyone was so friendly and made sure Maggie was well taken care of. The hospital was very clean and accommodating. I wish they could be our dogs regular vet! Love this place and will be coming back for any other emergency services.”


“Still grieving for our Daisy. We are so very thankful for the compassionate care you gave to her… Bless all of you for the wonderful work that you do. Thank you too for the beautiful clay paw print and the wonderful card of condolence. They will be framed along with her collar. Blessings, The Sell family”

Elisha E. & "Ophelia"

“The staff was wonderful and supportive during this frightening time. I am very grateful for my experience there.”

Laura E. & "Miles"

[Dr. Daniels was] “Wonderful. Wonderful experience.”

Angela D. & "Crissy"

“Unfortunately, we’ve had to use the clinic on three occasions. However, I’m so grateful to have this wonderful facility just minutes from our house. All three times the entire staff was over the top friendly. No matter how many times we’d call to check, nobody ever got frustrated with us. Our other dog had to come and stay 4 days. The doctors there saved his life. He was at death’s door. We always talk about how great y’all are, and several of our friends have had to bring fur babies there too. Their sentiments are exactly the same as ours. Thank you for all you do.”

Kai B. & “Ranger”

“He [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was very courteous and easy to understand. I liked the fact that he brought the xrays for us to look at and explain what he saw. Very insightful.” “The most friendly office I have been to!”

Michael L. & "Care Bear"

“As always, the best of care is received at your clinic. Understanding and love. It’s our number 1 clinic after our own vet.”

Peggy U. & "Abbey"

“Each of the veterinarians we met with spent a lot of time answering our questions and updating us on our dogs condition.”

Carolyn B. & "Reba"

“Unfortunately, Reba had to be euthanized but I am so thankful to the veterinarians [Daniels, Jung] and staff at the hospital for their thorough and caring manner. I was made much more comfortable with the decision because I was given all the information I needed to make the best decision for Reba. Everyone was wonderful and I truly appreciate having such a well staffed and very prepared facility so close to me here in Mansfield. Thank you all for the comfort you provided for both myself and Reba. I know she was in the best possible care.”

Lawrence J. & "Emmie"

“Very nice people.”


“Concerned and professional vet staff”

Millie L. & "DeVille"

“I was pleasantly surprised at the appearance of the facility, professionalism of the staff, and the caring concern regarding DeVille.
Although the outcome of the visit was so sad for me, DeVille crossed the Rainbow Bridge in comfort and love. Thanks to all of you for helping take care of my baby.”

Cindy K. & "Lilly"

“Staff was friendly and very helpful”

Kim P. & "Pebbles"

“Dr. Toby Rouquette was incredibly awesome and tried to figure out anything that could possibly be wrong with my baby! The compassion their team shows is amazing. I will definitely refer people in need to your clinic. This place is awesome! From the front to the back they all make you feel comfortable as well as your loving pets.”

Edith G. & “Emmylou”

“Staff were thorough, showed how to administer meds & answered questions. My dog Emmylou responded to treatment within 24 hrs. Definitely recommend hospital for emergency care.”

Melissa S. & "Kaiser"

“We have had unpleasant experiences in the past with emergency pet facilities and heard those same stories from friends. We were 100% satisfied with our visit and will recommend your facility to friends and report our pleasant experience to our vet as well. It is comforting to know you are there if we need you.
Thank you!!!”

Cyndee D. & "Whisper"

“The best vet or vet ER I’ve ever been to. What a great asset to have you in our area.”

Bob R. & "Malarkey"

“This is the second time we’ve needed you (the first was two years ago for our aged dog, middle of the night.)
Couldn’t be more pleased with the entire operation of the facility. Have told all my pet-owning friends about you.”


“We brought our senior dog in to be put to sleep and of course upset that we had to make that decision. The staff was very sympathetic and explained everything in detail and took time to answer all our questions. They even give you time to be with your pet before and after. They offer impeccable customer service and offered that we could call anytime and talk to them if we just needed that. Would highly recommend to anyone. These people are jewels!”

Melody K. & "Audrey"

“Very clean lobby with free snacks and drinks! Never been to a vet with those before! Quick service and very good listeners about what my cat might have eaten. Very gentle with her and thorough, and now she’s back to her normal perky, bright self!”

Tori H. & "Bambi"

“Thank y’all for making my baby okay again!!!”

Mary C. & "Pippi"

“A big THANK YOU to everyone there that helped save my baby!!”

Gayla P. & "Chama"

“This place is great! They helped me with my old dog and his pain. He couldn’t even lay down and his hind end wasn’t working right. When we got the bill it was not too expensive. Later we even got a follow up call to see how Chama was doing.”

Linda H. & "Josie"

“This was my first visit to your facility and I wasn’t sure you could even save the kitten. We were treated so wonderfully that I left feeling very encouraged and confident that all would go well. It has and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. She is doing great and I love the knowledge that you are so close if we ever need your help again.”

Raymond D. & "Maggie"

“We were very grateful that the clinic was there and everyone was caring with our pet and us.”

Susie and Dan B. & "Skeeter"

“Very easy to get to. So warm & welcoming. We were treated promptly & with great care with our seriously injured pet. They saved our Skeeters life. We can\’t say enough thank you!”

Lisa G. & “Cutie”

“We had a very good experience with the hospital. Efficient and thorough!!!”


“Each time I have had an emergency with one of our dogs we have received exceptional care. The follow-up phone call is appreciated as well. Thank you!”


“My wife and I would like to that the staff for making the ordeal of putting Molly down as simple and fast as possible. Having raised her from a six week old puppy and having her as our constant companion for over 14 years you can imagine how difficult that was for both of us. In actuality we should have done it long ago. Thanks again.”


“Very clean building, and professional people there help with a sense of confidence when a person is worried about their pet. Thanks!”

Sandra H. & "Charlie"

“I cannot express my gratitude enough for this place and the people who work here. The staff were so very compassionate and caring in my time of need, and they didn’t even know me… I would highly recommend this facility to anyone!”

Melissa M. & "Millie"

“Very clean and very friendly”


[Dr. Farrington was] “Excellent!”

Kevin M. & "Smokey"

“[Dr. Toby Rouquette] was very nice and very professional, and worked with me on cost. Thank you.”

James B. & "Horus"

“I’ve taken 5 of my animals here (3 dogs, 2 cats) and I will continue to do so in any potential emergency situation. There’s even been instances where just a quick phone call was all I needed to reassure me of my animals health, and the ladies up front have always been more than happy to answer any questions I have.”

Mary B. & "Hadley"

“Everyone was extremely nice and professional. The atmosphere made me feel comfortable in the emergency situation (my dog was bitten by a snake).”

Gabriel B. & "Alice"

“Dr. Daniels was compassionate and listened to all my questions and responded with thorough answers. He was amazing as was Misty, the vet technician. I appreciated their professionalism and compassion when I had to put my foster kitten to sleep last week.”


“They were great – took the little man straight back.”

Rebecca O. & "Bernard"

“The hospital lobby was very clean and very comfortable. The receptionist [Amy] was fantastic too. She was very quick to relay any information to and from our doctor. The exam room that we were taken to, you couldn’t ask for better comfort.”

M. E. A. & "Buddy"

“The entire staff has been wonderful to us on ALL of our unfortunate visits, they understand that bringing in a family member that you love and care about it difficult to say the least. Very understanding.”

Patti V. & "Emma"

“The staff was very professional and Dr. [Daniels was] very attentive and available for questions and concerns once I left the facility. My dog made a complete recovery from a situation that appeared to be hopeless. I love the comfort of the lobby.”

Randy H. & "Sally"

“Thank you very much for your great care and service. I have already been recommending your office to my fellow pet owners. Sally is happy and doing very well now :)”

Mike S. & "Peaches"

“[Dr. Presler was] Very attentive and professional.”

Samantha A. & "Speed Racer"

“Dr. Jung took excellent care of Speed Racer and kept me up to date at the beginning and end of her shift. She went above and beyond.”

Hannah C. & "Shadow Cat"

“I feel very comfortable bringing my cat for medical advice.”

Susan G. & " Chloe"

“[Dr. Arbuckle was] professional and just so caring when my kitty was ill.”


“Thanks to all! Dime hasn’t had any issues… keeping our fingers crossed!”

Susan R. & “Cason”

“She [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very nice & helped calm my nerves about the emergency visit”


“Great service, Excellent care.”


“I am very pleased with the attention and care given to us.”

Jenneane S. & "Hope"

“Thank you for your excellent care of my Hope! She is doing great! I really liked the fire in the fireplace, it made it feel very warm and cozy.”


“When the vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] entered the room, Lucy was the first one he greeted and a hello to me. It seems that your vets care very much for their patients from the conversation I could hear with other patients. Your facility is worth the drive.”

Kris E. & "Dixie"

“Thank you for treating Dixie like she was your family!”

Ricardo V. & "Boudreaux"

“Your facilities and staff were wonderful. Given the circumstances, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We had never been to your hospital before, but we were treated like long time clients. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


[Dr. Melissa Rouquette] “was friendly, approachable and professional, as well as extremely knowledgeable. I would definitely take my pets back to her with complete confidence.”


“I really appreciate all you did. Especially keeping Punch those first several post-op days. My husband couldn’t take care of her and I had to work. She’s walking a crooked little walk but she’s doing great. Thanks again!”

Randie W. & "Leila"

“Thank you for being so good to our Leila. This was a horrible time but your kindness helped. Randie”

Belinda E. & "Paco"

[Dr. Griggs was] “Very comforting. Will be back!” – Belinda Ellis, “Paco”

Pam D. & "Tobey"

“Very helpful,and diagnosed our dog’s cancer. Really appreciated their care.”

Barbara R. & "Maggie"

“Dr. [Melissa] Rouquette was very professional and explained the options for Maggie’s care. She was non-judgmental when I chose the conservative route.”

Mary C. & "Lucy"

“Last year my other baby girl Penny went into a coma and was to taken here for treatment. She was diabetic. They tried everything to save her and were very caring and as upset as we were when she passed away. This is the best animal hospital I have ever been to! Thank you again for your wonderful care of my precious Penny.”

Edward T. & "Elvis"

“I was impressed with the professionalism with which you diagnosed Elvis’ problem and proscribed and performed the proper treatment, which has been very successful. I am grateful to you for saving my dogs life. I was very favorably impressed with the atmosphere of the hospital and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff.”

Gary H. & "Diablo"

“[Dr. Farrington was] Very professional and compassionate. Friendly and helpful staff; this is the second dog we’ve brought in with a weekend emergency. They take excellent care of our pets and we highly recommend this hospital.”


“All of the veterinarians and technicians who looked after Jerry were great! Everyone was very caring.”

Penny S. & "Wookie"

The hospital is very well kept and very clean. I got to see where they were going to keep my dog over night and it was all very clean and well managed. When you have an emergency there is NO better place you can take you beloved pet.”


“Everyone was great – from our first phone call to the time we walked out. Very glad this hospital is in Mansfield.”


“Outstanding service, very friendly, prompt and attentive.”

Lorri M. & “Harley”

“You guys are great and Harley is back to his normal self!”

Chris H. & "Jordan"

“Dr. Daniels was just what I needed for the toughest of all pet ownership situations- a relatively sudden need for Euthanasia. He has the perfect balance of professionalism, compassion for the situation, factual information without seeming to suggest any specific course of action. I had all the information I needed and somehow it wasn’t such a cold decision that evening for me. It made an awful pet health situation as emotionally manageable as it could have been. Much appreciated.”

Dale H. & "Puppy"

“I was so upset about the puppy, I could not fill out the paperwork. So the staff helped me. They we great! The little guy is doing great, thanks!”

Cynthia M. & "Meekko"

The nurse [Jaime] that helped us and told us information about my dog Meekko was wonderful. She was very nice and pleasant to be around and I loved her cheerful attitude. I was upset and in a bad mood and she changed that because of her nice smile and positive attitude.


“Everyone treated us and our pet with compassion and care. They were very understanding of our concern and emotional state at the time. I felt like they were genuinely concerned about our pet and not just pushing services or treatments. I highly recommend this clinic for any pet emergency.”

Crystal P. & “Ava”

“You guys were awesome! Hopefully I will never have another vet emergency, but if I do, I will bring my dogs to you and definitely refer your animal hospital!”

Chris and Lisa B. & "Andi"

“Our vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very professional, nice, compassionate and answered all our questions. She also listened when we expressed our financial concerns and ultimately our dog’s treatment cost $1000 less than the estimate without sacrificing quality of care which we greatly appreciated.”


We’ve lived in the Arlington / Mansfield area for over twenty years. The Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield has been the first after-hours veterinary establishment that has made me feel truly at-ease during the sudden, late-night problems we’ve had with our U.T.I.-prone cat. I’m no longer as worried about after-hours problems as I used to be.

Karen N. & "Abby"

“The staff was amazing. They really worked with us during this difficult time… giving us time to say goodbye and just be alone to process and talk through.”

Aubrey C. & "Cal"

“While I wish the circumstances were different, I’m glad I got to experience the hospital because I can now speak from the heart about how great you all are. Kudos to Marneigh too, great tech!”

Cheryl H. & "Jack"

“Thanks for the excellent care.”

Jill B. & "Tuesday"

“Everyone was so very kind and courteous regarding my new sick pound puppy.”

Brian C. & "Toby"

“My wife was walking Toby in the evening when a large dog came up from behind and grabbed Toby and tore into him. The Veterinarian [Dr. Daniels], technician [Saul], and receptionist [Rebecca] and all were extremely professional and compassionate with us and with Toby, who needed to have surgery. We are so very pleased with the complete experience. Our personal vet was also very complimentary on the surgical procedure that was performed. Thank you for all your help!”

Tracy B. & "Rascal"

“The Dr. [Daniels] was very kind and compassionate to the needs of both myself and Rascal. Rascal had been hit by a car. He took very good care of him and cleaned to all of his wounds, took X-Rays, and gave him a pain injection to help ease his pain. He assured me that he was going to be alright. When we knew he was stable, he was released and he told me to follow up with our Dr. in the morning, which I did.”

Dee W., & "Cricket"

“I was very impressed with your care and help with Cricket. She was very sick and our hope for her soon came to realization we could not let her continue to suffer. Thank you to everyone for your kindness and concern. I would recommend my friends and family to take their pet to your clinic.”


“Hospital was clean and well organized. Dr. [Roberts] was very good.”

Robert S. & "Sammy"

“Very pleased with our first time visit to your facility and staff.”

Charlotte D. & "Heidi"

“I am so grateful for the treatment Heidi got when we were there last week. I can’t say enough good things about this ER animal hospital. All options were explained in a way I could understand them. I did not feel pressured to have a lot of unnecessary tests or procedures done. Everyone was professional and compassionate. I will never go to another emergency vet in the DFW area again. I was referred by a couple of other friends (in the animal rescue business) and exactly a week later, another friend had an emergency with her Pomeranian. I picked her up and took her to the Mansfield ER Animal Hospital. She left there just as pleased as I had been a week earlier. Ten out of ten points!!!”


“My visit involved a sick beagle with hemolytic anemia. My home vet was ordering additional tests, but Barnabus began to deteriorate early that morning. As I walked him into your center at 1:00 am, he crashed and I was immediately asked about resuscitation; which I declined. Dr. Jung, Sara and Jocelyn were all incredibly hospitable and more than kind during this difficult experience. This was actually the first time I had to visit a 24 hour hospital, and Barnabus was my first pet to die. I could not have been more blessed to have had these experiences amongst your caring staff. I will most certainly recommend your facility to others. Thank you.”

Marilyn A. & "Kukki"

“A horrible situation was made tolerable by the kindness and understanding of ALL employees. My cat, Kukki was part of my family – lovable, cuddly, intelligent, and adorable – and he will be missed by me and Kukki’s playmate, Tigger.”

Barbara S. & "Togo"

“Although our experience was a traumatic one, the staff at the hospital were wonderful and very helpful – also your follow-up is great. You have called to check on our dog and even sent a get well card to him. Great service.”

Lee H. & "Razzle"

“The vet [Dr. Daniels] was very thorough, explained what was going on and what he was going to do. I didn’t feel rushed.”


“I really appreciated the great service and attention the staff provided to myself and my pet, especially during such a trying time.”

Michael C. &

“I have a very high level of respect for Dr. Arbuckle. She was thorough, helpful , and easy to understand and talk to as we went through the extremely difficult process of having to end the suffering of our beloved family member Sadie.”

Jon E. & "Coco"

“The staff was great , Faith was nice and talked to and treated Coco well. When I left him there I felt he was being well treated and cared for.”


“Dr. [Melissa] Rouquette was very kind and easy to talk to.”


“We rushed our 2 month old lab to the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield after he ate broken glass. We were a wreck when we arrived, but the confidence of the staff, thoroughness of the exam, and explanation from the vet allowed us to leave confident our dog would be fine.”

David D. & "Maxine"

“A very calming experience in such a stressful situation. Both Dr. Jung and Technician Jessica were so compassionate, helpful, thoughtful and caring during our baby’s final moments. They made a terrible time tolerable.”

Pauline P. & "Cha-Cha"

I’m so glad to have been able to have taken our precious Cha-Cha to this animal hospital. The staff were so kind and loving. The Dr. [Melissa Rouquette] was so understanding and so kind hearted in our time of pain. I don’t have enough words to thank these wonderful people for everything they did for our Cha-Cha. My husband and I have told everyone we know and our families about our experience with this animal hospital and its staff. God Bless this Animal Hospital and its staff, especially the Dr. that made it possible for our precious Cha-Cha to rest in peace.

Robert F. & "Dakota"

“Dr.Farrington saved my Dakota from dying and I will be thankful for her and all the staff that are there I would literally trust my life with your hospital and the staff they are professionals Thank all of you who was involved with taking of Dakota.”

Ivonne M. & "Blossom"

“Thank you for understanding our pets are not only a pet but family and you guys make me feel that way, I really appreciated it.”

Judith S. & "Pixie"

“This was our first time going to a vet ER hospital and didn’t know what to expect. Our visit was a true emergency and I was concerned about getting there and having to wait since my dog was in critical condition. I was impressed by how quick the front person [Alana] helped me. Even though she was helping another client, she took the time to check my dog to determine if I could wait or not. Since my dog was in critical condition she took her immediately to be checked by the vet. She was very professional and helpful. Our visit was not a good one based on the outcome, but I’m glad I took my dog there because she had the best care in the last hour of her life. All the employees were very caring, professional and attentive. I hope I don’t ever have to go back, but this is the best place to take your pet in an emergency situation.”

Candi U. & "Dolly"

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience. Staff was friendly and proficient.”

Martha G. & "Deiter"

“Dr. [Farrington] was very nice and compassionate. very understanding and made me feel better about the decision that had to be made. Everyone was very nice and caring.”


“The vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was very helpful and matter of fact. His calm manner was very reassuring during a tough day with our elderly dog.”

Diana J. & "Holly"

“It’s nice that Dr. Farrington remembered Holly from previous visits. I also like the way she addresses my concerns and can make me feel better about them.”

Teresa J. & "Toby"

“We didn’t call first and we came from Corsicana. We were treated with so much compassion and caring people from the moment we pulled in.”

Patty J. & "Abraham"

“[Dr. Jung was] Kind enough to call to check on our Abraham. Highly recommended.”

David B. & "Ginger"

“Everyone was terrific; outstanding service”


“Fast service. I appreciated the follow up call from the vet as well.”


“Everybody was wonderful. Very helpful and understanding and not judgmental. We brought our Shih Tzu in with her eye partially out and they were wonderful!!!”

Ginger B. & "Zeus"

“Very clean, staff is very nice!”

Jeff P. & "Elvis"

“If you have to take your pet to the hospital this is the only place to go. The staff is fantastic.”

Courtney B. & "Harvey"

“They were very thorough in all testing. They also called often so we knew what was going on and how our cat was doing the whole time he was there. I am very pleased and will definitely return there if the need arises.”

Vahista U. & "Picaboo Street"

“Great experience! The vet [Dr. Farrington] and assistant were both so knowledgeable and helpful. The assistant even gave our dog her first round of treatment which was very helpful as our dog is a hard patient to deal with!”


“I personally met with Dr. M. Rouquette and Dr. S. Roberts, both wonderful and knowledgeable veterinarians. They took the time to answer all my questions and concerns regarding Mary. The technicians are so gentle and good with the animals. My Mary has always been terrified of going to the vet and when blood has been drawn it turns into a traumatic event, but not at AEHM, they were so quick and easy and gentle with her and she was perfectly fine, no trauma. I can’t thank them enough; it makes all the difference for the pet parent too.”

Judy B. & "Ruby"

“I was very pleased with the communication from Dr. Farrington and Dr. Daniels – I knew that Ruby was in good hands and indeed, I was able to take her home in 24 hours. Discharge instructions were very clear. The staff is always so friendly and helpful – I appreciate so much when they send me a picture of my pet. I always recommend your clinic to my friends and on Facebook.”

Gene C. & "Tango"

“The staff was very professional and friendly. They took very good care of Tango and answered all of my questions in detail.”

Mary B. & Wilma

“Fabulous!” “Great service… you all are the best!”

Deborah F. & "Napoleon"

“Thank you for your professionalism. Mostly, thank you for the compassion and empathy you show to both my pets and myself.”

Boglarka H. & "Gomboc"

“(Luckily) I have very limited experiences with emergency vet care, but this experience was outstanding. Everyone was super friendly; everything was thoroughly explained to me; and my puppy left feeling better. I left knowing that should I ever need to seek ER care, this would be the place to go!”


Your business cards say “Providing compassionate, high quality care…” and that is definitely what we received. Everyone there helped us through a very difficult situation with compassion and understanding.”

Kathy D. & "Daisy"

“Everyone at your hospital has helped us make the best of a bad situation & I wouldn’t want Daisy to be taken care of by any other group of people. We have been treated with sincere concern & have appreciated all that has been done for Daisy. We could never express our “Thanks” enough.”


“The team is awesome. They understand that if you’re bringing your pet to an emergency center, you’re very concerned about your pet. They do a great job of helping humans relax & calm down while they take care of the pet.”


“Was very impressed with the service and care that the entire staff showed Brodie. I would and already have told my friends about this hospital!”


“I was very impressed with every interaction – from front desk [Athena], to technician [Lauren], to vet [Dr. Jung]. It is comforting to know that professional, caring service is just up the road…”

Heather C. & "Samson"

“Unfortunately, my little Samson had to visit the ER for the second time this year. I would not hesitate to take him here again because the staff is so friendly and comforting. The technicians and doctors truly know what they are doing and offer a reassuring and comforting demeanor. They thoroughly explained to me what they were going to do and even had the cost of the procedures for me beforehand. They were also prompt with the blood work results. I would highly recommend this animal hospital to anyone I meet!”

Joe F. & "Tiger"

“Outstanding service to us and our cat. Keep up the good work.”

Laura W. & "Sonny"

“We are so grateful that the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield was available to us during late evening hours. Dr. Cody was compassionate and thorough, and although losing our Sonny was sudden and heartbreaking, we were not left with any doubts that we made the right decision under difficult circumstances.”


“Thank you all for the great care you gave my baby and for following up with a call to check on her :-)”

Vickie K. & "BooBoo"

“This was our first time to the emergency center and was very impressed with the staff. They took all my fears out of leaving my little boy with them for the night. Thank you to all who work there!!!”


“I think my dog would have died if not for the care she received at the emergency hospital.”

Rita D. & "Misty"

“Everyone was great and Misty is doing great. She is breathing well and eating anything she can find. She is also spoiled rotten.”

Dave L. & "Duke"

“The Doctors and staff were the best I’ve ever dealt with. I took Duke in thinking I was going to lose him, they not only saved his life they were very special with their care and handling of Duke and myself. I hope the next time I visit it will be to take Duke by to say Hi! But if I have an emergency Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield will be my choice!!!”

Tom K. & "Buddy"

“Everyone was very helpful and quick to have Buddy attended to. Thanks”

Krista B. & "Pooter"

“Thank you for your service and attention to my needs, and for the complimentary chips and drinks. Wonderful service.”

Nicole N. & "Joby"

Although I couldn’t afford to have my dog fully treated at the ER, the office showed great care by forwarding what care, recommendations for additional treatment and medication they administered to my dog for my regular Vet\’s office to receive first thing in the morning. They also called my Vet’s office to make sure I brought my dog in and called me the next day to check on my patient. OUTSTANDING CONCERN for the welfare of the animal.

Mark M. & "Sheba"

“Everyone was very helpful during the visits and on followup calls.”

Holly H. & "Bailey"

“The staff were wonderful… Highly recommend”

Amy P. & "Violet"

“Excellent Veterinarian [Dr. Daniels]!”

Angie E. & "ZuZu Godiva"

“ZuZu Godiva has returned to her normal, crazy self! It was an expensive trip, but the fact that she was being well cared for 24 hours a day made it worth the expense. I hope that I never have the need to return, but if I do… I will not hesitate to jump in the car and drive straight there!”

Kimberly Q. & "Guero"

“As a first time customer, I was extremely satisfied with the treatment my pet and I received under emergency care.”

Robert M. & "Lily"

“High professional standards maintained in a deeply sad time for our family. The community should celebrate your contributions. Again, thank you.”


“We wish our primary care physician had a waiting room and exam rooms as clean and comfortable as yours!”

Christina C. & "Lucy"

“Even though I lost my Lucy, every staff member was caring and I REALLY appreciated everyone for having heart due to the circumstances of my visit with Lucy. I would recommend this office to everyone.”

Joy M. & "Ivan"

“Thanks so much for the care and love that was given to Ivan!”

Peggy and Mike E. & "Zoe"

“They had a very nice area where they had free coffee, soft drinks bags of chips etc. We had never seen that before.”


“All the personnel were very nice and professional, and the place is pleasant.”

Jessica B. & "Jax"

“We felt completely comfortable that our dog was getting the very best care. I hope that we don\’t need emergency vet care in the future, but if we do, we will definitely return to this facility!”


“The staff is amazing, I’ve had my baby three times over the few years, and they have always been super. I especially like the follow up phone calls I receive concerning her progress. You guys are better than a people hospital.”

Tamara C. & "Cassius"

“My five week old kitten Cassius managed to fracture his hind leg and both of the Drs. Rouquette took excellent care of him. The staff is friendly and attentive.”


“Would not hesitate to bring Zoe to this hospital. If needed, this is exactly where she would be.”

Allyn N. & "Titus"

“I would recommend your hospital. It is modern and clean. The staff was professional and compassionate.”


[Dr. Daniels’] “assessment was thorough and took into consideration previous diagnoses and treatments. That was helpful in quickly identifying the current medical need.”

Jana D. & "Gauge"

“Wonderful experience all around. Thank you for being there and helping our boy!”

Danielle B. & "Heidi"

“He [Dr. Daniels] was very compassionate and understanding. Our sweet dog was too sick and old for anything to really help so we lost her at that visit. I’ve lost other pets and sometimes the vets seem cold and disconnected from the situation, almost like it had become routine for them. Not this time. I honestly felt like he was concerned and acted compassionately through the entire visit.”

Tara S. & "Capone"

“We’ve been here 3 times, I’ve referred my mom and sister here as well and we have all LOVED the care our babies got! Zero complaints, this place is amazing.”

Julie A. & "Teddy"

My veterinarian [Dr. Farrington] was very nice, helpful, concerned, and knowledgeable.

Lori H. & "Winnie"

“My visit to AEHM was outstanding. The facility was inviting, clean, and the staff was extremely attentive to my dog’s needs. I would highly recommend AEHM to anyone in need of 24 hour emergency veterinary services for their pet.”

Angela O. & "Penny"

“Staff was very nice and friendly.”

Penny J. & "Annabell"

I am very happy with my experience here. My dog is a senior with two different issues and I am so pleased to know that I can get her excellent care at any time of the day or night.”

Claire P. & "Dobby"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Jung] kept us in the loop no matter what time of day it was. She explained all the procedures to us in layman’s terms. She tried everything she could to avoid surgery. The entire staff was great. I loved seeing how Dobby reacted to the staff. His actions let me know he was in good hands.”

Glenn W. & "Jake"

“My family has always experienced caring service from the staff.”

Larry and Emily G., & "Oliver"

“Working with “parents” who are having to end their “baby’s” suffering is such a delicate matter! He [Dr. Daniels] was so considerate of our feelings and made the visit as positive as possible under the circumstances. We will be forever grateful.”

Sue O. & "Duchess"

“[I] was very impressed with everything.”


“My dog became really sick very quickly. I was really worried about him because he had pancreatitis, and I had another dog with that a couple of years ago that was even worse. The treatment that they did both times was spot on and took care of both dogs to restore them both to full health. The current one is back to normal now, and full of energy just like he was before.”

Kathy T. & "Bob"

“The staff was very attentive and sympathetic to our dog Bob. It was a very difficult time for us but your staff helped us through our loss.”

Lee W. & "Hank"

“Both the vet [Dr. Jung] and techs [Loren, Karen] that attended to me and my dog were extremely kind and thorough and help me understand the options and what was best for my best friend.”

Joshua S. & "Sadie"

“Amazing service and an outstanding staff! I couldn’t have been happier with the excellent service my pet and I were provided!”

Nicole T. & "Sugar"

“Great service.”

Gloria W. & "Moolah"

“I am so happy to have found you and your professional crew. I drive 30 min to visit this facility because they are the best at what they do. I cannot recommend them enough.”


“The staff and the vet were very friendly and saw and diagnosed Benson in a timely manner and answered my questions when I had some concerns later and called back later to check on pet.”

Shenan T. & "Remington"

“Everyone was great. I could not have asked for better care for my dog.”

Andy P. & "Vegas"

“Excellent. We’ll be back.”

Michael B. & "Beauchamp"

“I felt that the staff that I dealt with was very concerned and interested in my pet. When I made the decision as to what was best for my dog, Misty kindly and gently led me through the process of filling out the final paperwork. I was given ample time to be with Beauchamp and tell him goodbye. The compassion extended to me by all gave me significant comfort in this time of pain and disbelief.”


“I have never had to put a pet down. The Doctors were extremely comforting when the decision was made.”

Holly K. & "Kalvin"

“We had to bring our beloved Doberman, Kalvin, in due to heart failure. Everyone was amazingly helpful and so compassionate in caring for him, and us. This was our first visit, and we were overly pleased with our experience. We are truly appreciative of everyone that helped that night and made the loss of our baby a little more comforting. [Dr. Jung was] Super sweet and sincere. Thoroughly explained the euthanasia process.”

Lindsey H. & "Onyx"

“They were so personable and so caring. Made me feel better that I was surrounded by people who truly love animals and hurt with me for the loss of my beloved pet.”

Stephen M. & "Sweetie"

“Doctor [Toby Rouquette] was very understanding and candid about my pet’s condition. Technicians were very patient with our pet, and even provided a blanket for her to lay on.”

Linda K. & "Lucy"

“Would never hesitate taking Lucy to this office—they were awesome”


“Everyone was great.”

Beverly O. & "Caesar"

“My dog had been attacked, so when we came in, he was in bad shape and my kids and I were very upset. Everyone there was helpful in trying to comfort us. The doctor explained all our options and was very honest and upfront about his condition. In the end, Caesar didn’t make it, but we took comfort in knowing the doctor did everything she could to save him. Later that week, we received a letter from the hospital and everyone there had written a little individual message to us. It was very comforting and I would definitely recommend this hospital.”

Kathy W. & "Izzy"

“Felt very comfortable with Dr M Rouquette. Explained and engaged questions. Thank you.”


“The receptionist/veterinarian assistant [Karen] was incredibly pleasant and made sure that Doogie was well cared for.”

Denise M. & "Michaela"

“Dr. Melissa Rouquette was absolutely wonderful to both me and my little Michaela. So, caring and concerned. She even brought her to me in the lobby after her procedure and since I had just adopted her and then we discovered how sick she was I had not had a chance to even hold, hug, love my newest baby… Dr. Melissa Rouquette gave me the opportunity to sit and hold her and hug her and begin to bond with my little furbaby before we had to cage her again and take her back to the doctors who sent her there for tests. What care and compassion she had for us. Would come back to see her anytime!!! Thank you, Dr. Rouquette for your help and for allowing me to hold my little one for the first time!!!”

Angela W. & "Jack"

“I have already recommended you to many of my friends. Thank you for taking care of Jack. He’s back to being a kitten.”


“The vet with whom I spoke was very friendly and very helpful (Dr. [Toby] Rouquette)”

Robyn M. & “Charlie”

“Very pleased with care that Charlie received.” “[Dr. Melissa Rouquette was] Very nice.”

Anita W. & "Jayden"

Great place and staff!”

Jacky S. & "Dawg"

“[Dr. Cody Daniels] was good”

Wendy S. & "Arlo"

“I’ve also taken my other dog Zeek to this office. The staff from the front to back has always been extremely helpful & has a way of always calming my nerves. I love this place!”

Rhonda J. & "Toby"

“It was so sweet of you to send him a little get well note. We read it to him. that is a very good follow up and we certainly appreciated it. Your call after to check up on him was also great. So much special care – THANK YOU!”

Dee Ann R. & "Zorro"

“Everyone was kind, attentive and understood how important my dog is to our family. I was very distraught about my mini dachshund, who did not fare well being boarded for 4 days. After we got him home, the adrenaline slowed down and he became very ill. Dehydrated and weak, we chose to let him spend the night and he was so much better the next day. It took 4 1/2 days for him to perk up again. However, he did recover and is doing good!”


[Dr. Daniels was] “Very professional.” “Good visit with all information needed”

Josh G. & “Puggy”

“I had never been to this Animal Hospital before, but when my elderly dog, Puggy, fell ill in August I was referred to this location by Dr. Riley’s staff in Arlington. The trip was certainly not a fun one. My dog had been battling old age and health problems for some time and he was considered a beloved member of my family. At the visit, your staff was extremely welcoming, accommodating, considerate, and caring. Because of their empathy and professionalism, the burden of putting my old friend down was much less traumatic. I would like to sincerely extend a warm thank you to everyone I encountered that day and will be referring other pet lovers I know to your location. Best, Josh”

Lakyn H. & "Tank"

“I can’t thank everyone there enough for taking such good care of Tank. The hospital was so clean and the staff so friendly. Sad that it is only an ER Hospital because I would have switched vets that night. Thank you again.”

Carolyn B. & "Reba"

“Having just relocated to Mansfield, I am pleased to have found such a thorough, caring place for emergencies.”

Gail B. & "Roxy"

“This was my second experience using an emergency animal hospital. The entire staff from the initial phone call, arrival at the hospital, visit with the technician, and the veterinarian was efficient, professional, caring and compassionate. I will definitely recommend them to my friends, and, should the occasion arise, use them again in the future. Stacy is the best!”

Maranda C. & "Carlie"

“Everyone was great and very helpful.”

Angela D. & "Hank" & "Crissy"

“Everything was clean as a whistle. We had a very good experience and our sweet babies were feeling better by the next day.”


[Dr. Toby Rouquette was] “Very nice and helpful”

Kellie H. & "Sasha"

“Words can’t explain how I feel about Dr Daniels and Dr Jung – they saved my dogs life. I will never take my dog back to [another emergency vet.] My dog acquired low platelets after receiving an antibiotic called Primor.  Her dermatologist never told us the importance of watching for possible bleeding when on this medication. By the time we discovered her platelets were low, she had to be rushed to the ER to receive treatment which is a chemo therapy drug in addition to prednisone which together increased her platelets and cured her for now thanks to Dr Daniels and Dr Jung.  We have to monitor her platelets every week in order to taper her off her prednisone. What an emotional rollercoaster  [the other emergency vets] have sent me and my family on. Primor has some serious side effects be very careful with this drug. Thanks again Doctors Daniels and Jung –you’re our heroes.  Sasha is doing so much better. God Bless you both.”

Scott L. & “Gretchen”

“Loved the vet [Dr. Sarah Arbuckle]”

Mike and Megan Y. & “Tutu"

“We are so pleased with the care you gave our puppy. We will be recommending you for sure!”


“Our 13 year old Loosie girl was attacked by another dog. She had extensive surgery by Doctor Daniels. He was very clear explaining the options and procedure. When he called to let us know it was completed, he was so kind and helpful over the phone and did not act rushed even though he had worked many hours through the night. He is our hero.”

Judy L. & "Shelley"

Your front office staff, technician, and doctor were all extremely kind and professional on such an emotional day. I also received a very sweet and thoughtful sympathy card from them. This is a wonderful facility that I will recommend highly and would certainly use again. Thank you!”

Angie B. & "Abby"

“We brought our baby in to be euthanized. She could no longer walk or use the bathroom on her own. The entire staff from reception to the veterinarian [Dr. T. Rouquette] were very compassionate towards us and our baby. They even made paying for this as easy as possible by having all paperwork and payment done in the exam room before we did the euthanization. It was very considerate of them not to have us have to go to the payment desk afterwards so we could stay as long as we needed and just leave when we were finished saying goodbye to our precious girl. I would highly recommend them.”

Melinda P. & "Whiskey"

“Awesome job by each individual that was working that night!”

Carolyn D. & "Molly"

“Very pleased with the service.”

Michelle H. & "Lucky"

“The staff & personnel at the hospital are top notch! Accommodating and very understanding – even though it was a sad night for us because we lost our loved one, the staff made it so much easier on us. We are so grateful!”

Melissa Y. & "Maybeline"

“A big thank you for the kindness after all we had been through. Maybeline is doing well on the prednisone & a new diet.”


“They took care of our pet and we were kept updated. It was nice to have a comfortable place to sit and watch tv. The coffee and snacks were nice to have too while waiting.”

Stacy M. & "Dixie"

“Dr. Jung was pleasant and very good with Dixie and us.”


“Our vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] made it clear the costs that would be necessary for a definite diagnosis. When she became aware we did not have at all the funds necessary to do that, she let us know in her gut what she felt like the diagnosis was (based on x-rays and previous blood tests) and gave us a treatment plan. Clover responded immaculately. He has infinitely more energy and is eating willfully. After taking her advice, his eye is now acting completely normal as well as his personality. I can’t thank her enough for her expertise and honesty.”


“Very impressed with our visit. Vet was very knowledgeable and spent time with us explaining what was going on with our pet.”

Michael W. & "Bella"

“Just want to say thank you for your excellent care of Bella!”

Betsy B. & "Posey"

“Amy was very pleasant and helpful. The hospital provided a comfortable and warm environment.”

Jan M. & "Mia"

“She was prompt, thorough without going overboard and courteous.”


“Thank you so much for helping our new puppy! You were very patient and made us understand what may have happened to Gunner.”

Cynthia L. & "Ralfy"

“I was very happy to find out from my vet that there was a hospital open on Sunday. I believe that my Ralfy would have died by Monday. Thank you.”


“It is comforting to know that you are there for an emergency. Staff was excellent.”

Shaun C. & "Charger"

“The vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was awesome and very reassuring!”


“I lost a dog 5 months ago due to a vet’s misdiagnosis. I can say I left your facility feeling very relieved and felt like Lucy was well taken care of.”

Patricia C. & "Porsche"

“EVERYONE was so caring, kind and helpful. I would highly recommend the clinic for all your ER pet needs.”

Kristin S. & "Dash"

“Everyone that helped us from the front desk to the veterinarian were all extremely helpful and friendly throughout Dash’s entire process.”

Mike L. & "Stoney"

[Dr. Arbuckle is] “Professional and kind. Enjoys her work and the pets she treats. Very informative and open to questions even if they are dumb…”

Nancy G. & "Tippy"

“This is absolutely the best veterinarian service around. And available 24/7. Amen!”

Kenda D. & "Genni"

“This is the most amazing place. I ended up having to put my Bulldog Genni to sleep, and they were the most compassionate people I have ever worked with. From Amy at the front desk, to Casey, to Dr Arbuckle the whole process was less traumatic than was expected because of the peace they all provided. They are a gentle spirited group with an amazing love for animals. I am blessed to have had them see Genni in her last moments. She was even relaxed in their care. Thank you all so much for the gifts you bring to the animal world.”

Anna M. & "Chico"

“Thank so much for making my visit very comfortable”


“Visits to the emergency vet can without a doubt be unpleasant but we were taken care of with sympathy and compassion. Staff is knowledgeable and does a good job of explaining the situation. Very good experience all around.”

Jason G. & "Sophie"

“Sophie is an anxious dog who manifests fear-aggression towards strangers, and gets even worse if she’s in a compromised position. She had just gotten in a fight with another dog and lost part of her ear. When we walked in the front door the assistant at the front desk [Amy] came right up to her and took her without a problem. She’s been to the vet’s office several times before in the town we just moved from, and she’s never acted so well around the assistants or the vet. It made her feel good, which made us feel good, and the whole experience was fantastic. We’re so thankful that this hospital is open 24/7. The fight happened 3 hours before any of the vets that we called were going to be open. They turned a 3 hour wait into a 20 minute drive.”


“I appreciate the vet [Dr. Roberts] not suggesting that I put my pet to sleep before examining her like another hospital did 7 years ago when she went in with a back injury. The vet [Dr. Roberts] at this hospital was so kind and didn’t suggest things that were unnecessary before examining her. Everyone was so nice and understanding. I don’t know how you all do it, but I’m so grateful to have had such kind-hearted people taking care of my 15 1/2 year old Dachshund. I appreciate the kindness you showed me by letting me wait outside and offering me water because I couldn’t handle hearing pets and people in pain. I appreciate the call the next day to see how Missie was doing. Thank you for all you do! I can tell you really care!”

Jennifer F. & "Oscar"

“Would definitely come again, if I had to…”

Geri A. & "Olive"

“Second time we have been to Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. Been satisfied each time with the care they gave our dogs. Everyone was so nice and you could tell they really cared about your pet. Thank you.”

Charlotte B. & "Scooter"

“We were in a panic when we arrived at the clinic with our dachshunds. The staff and doctors [Toby and Melissa Rouquette] were all so comforting and made us know everything was going to be fine. Such nice people.”


“Care was superb!!! Caring and professional. Excellent atmosphere, room for people to spread out with their pets.”

Tammy B. & "Lucilla"

“We love this place and have told all of our friends how welcoming it is! It is so comforting to know our dogs are in good hands when an emergency does arise. Thanks for what you do!”


“KoKo received excellent care. The staff here are excellent. They are caring and informative.”

Nydia M. & "Diamond"

“I felt so comfortable walking in this place. I knew she was going to be in good hands. She came out better than she walked in. Today she is doing so much better and back at it. Same happy and hyper as always. Thank you so much for everything.”

Tina W. & "Gibbs"

“We were very afraid our dog would lose his eye but everyone was great and took care of him right away. They were great with him and called to check up on him.”


“For our situation, I felt everyone did a awesome job and very kind and understanding, thank you so much.”

Brooke K. & "Mocha"

“Thank you for your caring and understanding during our difficult decision.”


“The Hospital was easy to get to from Ennis. It was very clean and comfortable.”

Heather T. & "Chance"

“He was very helpful knowing this was a dog we saved from the side of the road and needed to keep costs to the absolute necessary until we could take him to a rescue vet. I appreciate his understanding and help.”

Peggy and Mike E. & "Zoe"

“We were impressed that they took Zoe back for treatment even before Mike had a chance to complete the paper work because of the importance of them getting her treatment started. Very impressed that they were concerned to that degree about her wellbeing. Mike has worked in human hospitals for over 20yrs. and made the comment that he wished their ERs were that efficient.”

Karen M. & "Emma"

“I thought it was especially nice that Emma got a ‘get well soon’ card! ;)”

Rhonda S. & "Elin"

“Loved the Doctor [Toby Rouquette] that was on call the morning we took our pet in, he quickly went to work diagnosing the problem one step at a time. He was a very good vet and I thank him for taking care of our sweet dog.

Marsha K. & "Charlie"

“Dr. Toby Rouquette was very compassionate and helpful. He went over and above to ensure Charlie was comfortable during his overnight stay. The follow-up phone calls to check on Charlie were very much appreciated.” – Marsha Kinsley, “Charlie”

Beth B. & "

“So thankful you are available in our area! The staff was very knowledgeable, reassuring and professional.”

Stephanie P. & "Sandra Dee"

“Just very grateful for the sincere sympathy I was given.”


“Glad that our regular vet left your number on his machine for afterhours care. Excellent care and follow-up the next day.”

Barbara G. & "Rylee"

“Thank you to the wonderful staff who treated Rylee (13y). She came in very stick with an infection from a previous surgery. Thank you for taking great care of her and getting to the matter right away. She is almost back to normal today. I am just happy she is up and eating her normal food with no enticing. Getting up and moving around as much as she can for an ol’ girl. Trying to give her as much enjoyable life as we can. Thank you!!!”

Nancy J. & "Bo"

“We would like to thank the veterinarians for the expert caring treatment of our beloved dog, Bo. They literally saved her life for which we will forever be grateful. We also would to thank them for being so compassionate and respectful to us during this very stressful and upsetting time. We believe your care is top notch and would highly recommend you to anyone who is need of care for their four legged family member.”

Demetra G. & "Andre"

“My experience with the emergency team was superb. They were very attentive to Andre, answered all my questions, and very friendly.”

Judy B. & "Homer"

“Dr. [Toby] Rouquette was just wonderful – professional, knowledgeable, and kind. We were immediately reassured when he examined Homer & made his recommendations based upon Homer’s exam & history.”

LaNell F. & "Mia"

“Mia has been to the Animal Emergency Hospital twice and I’ve been very happy with her care both times. Everyone is very helpful and caring. Thank you.”


“I brought my female shih-tzu in at 3:00am and the receptionist and veterinarian were wonderful. I absolutely will go back and I would refer this animal hospital to everyone”

Cindy P., "Marbella"

“I was very happy with the service from all of the people working there. I was met and my dog taken immediately. The convenience of after hours is what brought me there but the service and staff is what will keep me coming.”

David C. & "Effie"

“Great service, will go back.”


“Everyone was completely wonderful to us. Making the decision to have your dog/friend put to sleep is an extremely difficult one but everyone we spoke with empathized with us and made us feel like we were with friends.”

Brian R. & "Laci"

“I want to give credit to the staff [Stacy and Dr. Arbuckle] working the overnight shift. We got there at 2:30 in the morning and they were really upbeat. Thanks for taking care of Laci.”

Courtney P. & "Romeo"

“Thank you all so much for taking amazing care of Romeo. If ever anything happens to either of my dogs and we are not in Abilene your office will be our first choice for care. Everyone was understanding and phenomenal.”

Bridget A. & "Simon"

“Everyone was very soothing and kind to me as I hysterically offered up my baby for exam. It was especially helpful that I was handed printed information very soon after the exam with his possible diagnoses and treatment options because when a person is agitated like I was, retaining information after hearing it once can be challenging. The vet explained, and then I had a chance to look it over in black and white so it was much easier to keep it all straight. It was also really sweet that in addition to a follow-up phone call, my cat received a get well card in the mail, the first piece of mail ever addressed to him. They definitely made the situation I was in as pleasant as anything scary can be.”

Carolyn S. & "Tater"

“Dr Rouquette did a wonderful job of walking me through the differential diagnosis for my dog’s symptom pattern. She took an impressively detailed and thorough history while observing and examining my pet. She is much more attentive even that my regular vet, who himself is marvelously so!”

John B. & "Pepper"

“Thank you for the kindness from all staff members during a trying time”

Whitley C. & "Charlize"

“I dealt with the same person throughout the whole process. She [Rebecca] was so sweet and helpful. She didn’t rush me when I was sitting with Charlize before they took her back to put her to sleep. Even though we came in for that she wasn’t treated as “get in and get out”. Everything was explained to me and I was told everything that would be done – even given the option to stay while it was done. I had never used this hospital for my dog before but was very happy with the care we received. I would recommend that anyone who needs care right away go to this hospital. It was almost midnight when we showed up but still we where treated like it was 8am, even though I lost my pet due to old age and heartworms. When we are able to find our next fur baby we will be patients here. I can’t say thank you enough for the treatment and support we received!

Bonnie H. & "Prada"

[The hospital is] Beautiful and smelled SO nice.

Jessica J. & "Reba"

“Loved the staff!”

Peggy H. & "Franklin"

“I was an emotional wreck and your entire staff made it all more comfortable and were very calming. Thanks!!”

Susan A. & "Kitty"

“Wonderful care of my schnauzer, Kitty. She is recovering nicely from her surgery.”

Kristy H. & "PC Kitty"

“I came into AEHM late on a Tuesday night, with my cat who I thought had had a seizure. I was very upset when I got there, and the staff was very quick start to work on PC Kitty. The entire staff, from the ladies at the front desk [Elyssa] to the vet techs [Stacy] and veterinarian [Dr. Jung], were extremely thoughtful and kept me informed of exactly what was going on, including answering my many questions, as they did everything they could to save him. Unfortunately, he was unable to be saved. They were very respectful of my emotions, took the time to talk me through all my options, and allowed me time to say goodbye to him. This is my second time going to AEHM, and I will never go anywhere else with any pet emergency.”

Lindsey D. & "Smokey"

“I just want to say thank you for the level of compassion and empathy everyone gave when I was there with Smokey. We were facing a hard decision and the Doctor and tech gave us plenty of time to process and ask questions as needed. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Barbara K. & "Jett"

“She [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was the BOMB…”

Connie G. & “Scout”

“A very good experience. Much preferred over another 24 hour emergency that we have had to use in the past.”

Karen B. & "DeeDee"

“We are so thankful to have this hospital in our area. Staff was caring and they treated Deedee with compassion and always very thoughtful and kind with our whole family. They saved our DeeDee’s life! Also, the follow up was greatly appreciated and when I had to bring DeeDee back for a problem, we were efficiently seen and the problem fixed. Love to you all!”

Edith P. & "Luca"

“So caring and professional.”


“We brought our pet in the late evening and were greeted promptly and with a smile. That is important when dealing with a sick pet. We would definitely use and recommend your facility again in the future.”


“We were so upset with the severe injury of Crush. He was our family member and companion. With the expert care and diagnosis, we were able to allow him to pass painlessly and comfortably. We miss him very much, and thank the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield Staff for their care and compassionate consideration. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Karen B. & "Autumn"

“The entire staff was very empathetic with myself and Autumn”


“Everyone is very friendly and helpful”

Kimberly W. & "Christopher Robin"

“He [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was very nice and met our needs for that day by putting our beloved pet to sleep.”

Catherine C. & "Daisy"

“Thank you for being so good to me & Daisy & getting Daisy well!!! :-)”


“Courteous and professional with me, and gentle with my dog.”

Lynda & Gary H. & “Mork”

“Dr. Arbuckle was so wonderful! She explained everything thoroughly and answered all our questions in a caring, friendly manner. She and the staff kept us informed through every stage of Mork’s exam, surgery and recovery. We love Dr. Arbuckle and the whole staff at the hospital!”

Brandi W. & "Ginger"

“To this day I don’t know what my baby got into. They treated it as rat bait ingestion. My baby was internally bleeding. I felt helpless. My baby was slowly dying before my eyes. This team of doctors took the time to fully examine and treat my baby. She ended up having two blood transfusions and within 24 hours she was a new dog. Wonderful staff. Kept me updated on everything.”

Dawn S. & "Jake"

“I really appreciated everyone at the Animal Emergency Hospital. They seemed just as concerned about my dog as I was. Thanks for being there & being awesome when Jake & I needed you guys!!!!”

Stephanie A. & "Gizzy Gizmo"

“It was my first time visiting and I had no idea what to expect. It was close to midnight when we pulled in and I was blown away with how attentive and friendly everyone was. They were so understanding and kind. I was also pleasantly surprised at the cost of everything; I felt the charge was reasonable. I also really appreciate the follow-up you have given. Great Service!!! I have already recommended several to you!”

Marcy S. & “Mooney”

“Wonderful experience, professionalism and kindness. Everyone was great from the receptionist [Amy] to the tech [Casey] and then the vet himself [Dr. Toby Rouquette]. Plus Gloria who did the check up call.”

Angela G. & "Tank"

I wish my medical experiences were this good. We were to leave on our vacation the next day when his accident happened. Thought we would be in waiting room for hours. Everyone was friendly, helpful & efficient. We were out in an hour. Instead of being stressed we felt relieved and assured of Tank’s care. Y’all are the best!”

Priscilla S. & "Baileigh"

The night crew, especially Athena, were so kind.


“Compassionate and helpful during such a painful time in our lives. Putting down a family member is heartbreaking and the staff was very nice.”

Cindy R. & "Lucy"

“I was very confident in the diagnosis given. This was my first visit to Animal Hospital. Everyone was kind and caring. I will recommend this facility to all my friends.”

Leanne R. & "Bena"

“This was a very difficult time for our family. The whole staff was very pleasant and friendly. The facilities were very clean and smelt nice. Yes I would recommend. Thank you.”

Judi A. & "Rowdy Ellis"

“Everyone was very kind.”

Sheree D. & "Paris"

“The staff is awesome!!”

Sandra F. & "Abby"

“Dr. Farrington was very sympathetic and caring.”

Curley C. & “Patches”

[Dr. Melissa Rouquette was] “Very professional.”


“Took wonderful care of my little Ziggy! I would highly recommend your hospital to anyone who needs emergency care for beloved pets.”

Emira A. & "Roxy"

“They are compassionate and caring.”

Rita H. & "Harley"

“This is the second time in two years we needed emergency vet care and I am pleased to have this option available when needed. Thank you, Dr. Cody Daniels and the entire staff for taking excellent care of my Harley.”

Michael P. & "Sadie"

“Sadie was hit by a car and the doctor and staff were wonderful. Amazingly, she had no serious injuries. It was in the evening and they got me in as soon as I arrived even though it was after 7:00 pm.”

Cindy L. & "Mojo"

“This is my third visit, in January they helped me cope when I lost my French Bulldog to heart failure. I was supplied with his ashes in a personalized box, a paw print, hair clippings, and other trinkets to remember him by. This time around they helped my English Bulldog that was attacked by hornets and having an allergic reaction. They are very calm, patient, and informative. I will forever use this animal hospital for all of my needs.”

Ginger K. & "Miss Kitty"

“[Dr. Daniels was] “Thorough and I felt comfortable asking questions.”


“Awesome Team of Pet Healthcare Providers!! Thanks for taking excellent care of US and our FUR-BABY Barkley.”

Steve C. & "Daisy"

“Quick, efficient, and caring”

Verronna M. & "Ringo"

“I was very pleased with the staff and the doctor [Dr. Toby Rouquette.] Ringo is back to normal and I would like to thank the hospital for the attention that they paid to him.”

Richard & Suzanne B. & “Palmer”

“Palmer had swallowed an earplug and we were really worried about him. Dr. Toby Rouquette did a great job of taking care of Palmer and addressing our concerns.”

Linda B. & "Lucky"

“Excellent staff. [Dr. Daniels was] very informative and caring.”

Susan L. & "Cooper"

“The vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was very friendly and approachable.”

Beth B. & "Sammie"

“Everyone at the hospital was friendly and attentive.”


“I really wish there could have been a different outcome for my pet, but I believe the vets really tried and did what they could to save him.”

Courtney B. & "Harvey"

“Everyone I spoke to was super helpful and so sweet.”

Barbara N. & "LeeRoy"

“Thank you for attending to LeeRoy on 2-7-15. Everyone at the clinic was amazing. Poor LeeRoy had extensive damage on the carpal wrist. The orthopedic doctor [Dr. Lammers] fused and plated it. We have a long road of recovery but hopefully a good outcome. Again, thank you.”

Rachonda G. & "Spikey"

“Great experience for bad news. They were very comforting and supporting.”

Lauren H. & "Ella"

“Everyone was professional and seemed to really care about my fur baby. Clean, comfortable and professional atmosphere.”

Rhonda C. & "Bubba"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Daniels] and the was very efficient, pleasant, and explained everything well.”

Aimee K. & "Boo"

“Dr. Daniels listened to all our concerns and was able to diagnose and educate us on Boo’s condition. She is feeling better than ever now! The entire staff is very friendly and helpful.”

David S. & "Angel"

“We were impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of the vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette].”

Mary E. & "Chloe"

“Everyone was top notch. Can’t say enough about the care they provided to us and our pet.”

Cheryl G. & "Jett"

“Dr Daniels and Shannon are some of the most compassionate and caring people I’ve ever known. I adopted a puppy from rescue and 4 days later he’s deathly ill with Parvo. They treated him and I’m sure their quick diagnosis and treatment saved his life. The next day they followed up with me and promptly sent his information to my vet whom I saw for further treatment. I would use again and highly recommend Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield!”

Lori R. & "Junior"

“Everyone was wonderful! Athena has to be the best person to greet you upon arrival and send you on your way. The doctor [Dr. Jung] took her time and although Junior’s issue was hard to pinpoint the cause and she had little info about her recent surgeries she did everything she could to help my baby girl. The tech [Saul] was great, he made me feel comfortable. Everyone was attentive and caring while I was worried out of my mind. Thank you to the staff there that night!”

Stephanie A. & "Gizzy Gizmo"

“I just want to say thank you. Having to put my baby to sleep was one of the hardest moments of my life, your staff showed so much compassion and was so gentle and understanding. They went above and beyond and I am forever grateful. Thank you so very much.”

Pricila G. & "Precious"

“Thank you sooooo much! Y’all saved my baby and did an awesome job.”


“This was our first visit to the hospital and it was fantastic! Even though our dog only had a minor concern, we were treated very warmly and every attention was given to her as if she was the only animal there! We are so grateful we came to see you! :)”

Susan G. & "Chloe"

“I would recommend this facility to anyone who has any type of pet emergency. No one wants to have a sick or injured pet, but when in need, these folks deliver fast, caring treatment. They put our minds at ease during a stressful time and prescribed exactly what was needed for her to get better.”


“I was very pleased with the way they were with my dog, extremely nice and comforting. And it was very sweet this my dog received a get well soon card in the mail. If anything ever happens I will definitely go to Mansfield”

Laleh R. & "Lurch"

“I have already been singing Mansfield Animal ER’s praises to all my friends in the area. The exam was very thorough and my puppy was diagnosed with parvo. The thorough exam and consideration for cost saved my puppy’s life. Casey was great: informative, understanding to my cost concerns, and extremely friendly. Thank you!”

Erinn B. & "Simon"

“I am absolutely amazed at how well Simon was walking just 1 day after his surgery! Thank you for taking such good care of him!”

Alicia R. & "Alfie"

“They did an amazing job. Everyone was so sweet and helpful. Great place!!”


“I was extremely impressed with ALL the staff and Doctors at the Mansfield ER. Their professionalism and attentiveness gave me the confidence I needed to have faith in their care of my baby (miniature poodle). They allowed me in the back to visit my baby shortly after he first arrived. I was able to call as many times as I wanted, anytime of the day or night to check on my baby. And when he was a little better they set up a visiting room for us, complete with a couch and blanket on the floor. I highly recommend the Mansfield ER!”

Selena L. & "Kilo"

“Very friendly staff! Quick service!”

Terry D. & "Bandit"

“Fast and efficient.”

Samantha P. & “Lucy”

“I would recommend this hospital to everyone! They are so friendly and caring. Especially when you are not sure what is going to happen.”

Aubrey C. & "Cal"

“Super impressed with all the DVMs, the Rouquettes, Arbuckle, and Farrington. What impressed and touched me the most was their promptness with phone updates and the genuine care I felt from Dr. Toby. I instantly felt like my pet was top priority and that he understood my concerns.”

Shelli W. & "Sophie"

“Appreciated not having to wait long to see the Dr. Staff was pleasant.”

Chad C. & "Zoe"

“The vet [Dr. Arbuckle] & ER staff were great and cared for my dog as if she was their pet! Highly recommended in an emergency.”

Todd Q. & "Jayda"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Jung] was very helpful. She was friendly and very responsive to all of our questions. Of course, no one likes having to visit a pet emergency hospital, but I was very pleased with the service and care our pet received. If any of our pets ever have another emergency, this will certainly be where we take them.”


“I appreciate the fast and courteous service that we receive. I also appreciate being able to discuss the treatment plan options, which include consideration of the ongoing care of our regular Vet.”

Ron O. & "Charlie"

[Dr. Farrington was] “Very professional and kept me well informed as to what was happening”


“Everyone was very nice.”

Jan M. & "Mia"

“Couldn’t have asked for a better experience at this clinic. Although my pet’s issue wasn’t life threatening, I was advised to visit this clinic by another regular veterinarian.”

Cassie L. & "Sammy"

“I was impressed that the Dr [Melissa Rouquette] actually got on the phone with me to discuss the procedure she had to do on Sammy. I was home sick and my son brought him in. She was very informative and very helpful.”

Kelly R. & "Rowdy"

“Very nice facility. The vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] and the vet tech [Loren] were so nice and full of knowledge. Made me feel calm and comforted. Very fast but efficient. Showed a genuine care and concern for my pet.”

Kristi K. & "Mia"

“I would’ve never thought my experience would be as wonderful as it was. The doctors, technicians, and administrative staff were all outstanding!”

Kenneth N., "Bailey"

“I was very impressed how professional and caring your employees were about the welfare of my beloved pet, Bailey. I want to thank you for the care your staff provided my Bailey”

Gwen G. & "Katy"

“Dr. Lammers and his assistant, Jenny, were great! They took excellent care of our dog, Katy, after she broke her leg. Dr. Lammers is the best!”

Christy C. & "Casey"

“Thank you for being so sweet during our devastating time. All the staff I encountered during my visits were so sweet. Thanks”

Robert S. & "Chance"

This is a very professional and friendly establishment. We were fortunate to be taken care of by caring people.”

Monica A. & "Ladybug"

“The staff is always courteous, knowledgeable and loving to all of my animals.”

Peggy U. & "Abbey"

“Everyone we came in contact with was so compassionate and caring.”

Brenda H. & "Duchess"

“Saved the life of our dog.”


“[Dr. Roberts was] Very compassionate. Pleased to know I didn’t need an appointment”

Sandra and Roger M. & "Molly"

“All staff was friendly, courteous, and exhibited a genuine interest in attending to Molly. Thank you for the great service as Molly is improving with each passing day.”

Mary C. & "Roxi"

“This was not our first visit to this animal hospital as we have 4 pets. They are always very helpful and provide quick attention to our babies. Thank you for your wonderful services.”

Anne C. & "Pablo"

“Very grateful for the emergency services provided at such a reasonable price”

Gina G. & "Lilly"

“Everyone was super friendly and made us feel like a number one priority and took care of our puppy promptly. Great group of people. I wish they weren’t an hour away so we could always take our pets there.”

Judy B. & "Homer"

“I wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else for emergency care. Every visit we have made to your hospital has been a good experience. The staff is just wonderful!”

Kathy K. & “Annie”

“Both vets [Dr. Melissa Rouquette and Dr. Leigh Farrington] that attended to Annie were so sweet and knowledgeable. I couldn’t ask for better care for my dog. They literally saved her life that night after a coyote attack.”


“Beautifully decorated, it gave the atmosphere of someone’s living room. This helped me to calm down. Thank y’all for saving my Best Friend for Life.”

Lori R. & "Buddy"

“We were worried about taking our family pet, Buddy, to place we knew nothing about. Man, were we blown away not only by how nice the facility was but how much they took an interest in Buddy. He really didn’t want to leave because he liked it there so much. Wish we as people got the kind of service and care Buddy did. You guys are the BEST!”

Carrie L. & "Jett"

“I love this place and the way they care for my pets!”

Beth J. & "Hailey"

“The veterinarians [Dr. Arbuckle and Dr. Jung] explained in detail yet easily understandable the care and treatment options for our dog. Both doctors were very caring and gave us all of the time we needed to spend with our pet while deciding on how to move forward. Their professionalism towards us and obvious concern for our pet’s well being was such a comfort to all of us.”

Susan B. & "Mouser"

“They were very caring.”


“Loved this hospital! My poor dog was really sick and they took great care of her while she was there. We even got to bring her home earlier than expected!! Thank you so much!”


“The level of caring and knowledgeable veterinarians at this hospital is remarkable. They not only took excellent care of Roosevelt, but their reassuring presence, set me at ease and gave me confidence of a positive outcome. Dr. Arbuckle was Roosevelt’s primary veterinarian, and Dr. Farrington provided follow up care a few days later, when he was not eating or drinking water, or urinating sufficiently. I appreciate Dr. Arbuckle’s way of explaining Roosevelt’s diagnosis, the required treatment, in hospital stay care, and preventative home care. Her obvious concern for Roosevelt’s post procedure recovery and the time she took to answer my questions showed her love for her patients and her expertise. I felt proud that Roosevelt was in her care. Although Roosevelt was not “too happy” when Dr. Arbuckle visited him, he loved that she took such good care of him. Once home, I watched Roosevelt for all the signs to be concerned about, and medicated him when I thought he needed it. However, when things did not look right, I returned to the hospital with Roosevelt. I was concerned that he was not eating or drinking water or urinating sufficiently. Dr. Farrington most efficiently and quickly reassured me that he was well hydrated and made the diagnosis that he was probably experiencing bladder spasms and required medication (which had been provided at dismissal, but after a few days, I thought he did not require it). She gave me the option for addition labs, but being that Roosevelt urinated well upon exam, I opted to medicate him for pain and see how he did. Dr. Farrington also gave Roosevelt medication to stimulate his appetite if needed. I was impressed. I gave the pain med before going home, and by the time we arrived home he was eating and urinating just fine.”

LaTanya G. & "Bobo"

“This was a low point in my pet’s health. My family was stressed and concerned for his well being. But the Doctors and staff at Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield were kind, considerate and compassionate. They kept us informed and up to date on our pet family members’ status. Our visitations were relaxed and we never felt unwelcome. I couldn’t have asked for a better place for my dog and our family during his illness.”

Jay O. & "Bonnie"

“[Dr. Daniels was] Very nice and friendly. Explained options well.”

Debbie M. & “Ranger"

“The fire in the fireplace was a nice homey touch.”


“Vet was very capable and personable.”

Brian R. & "Missy"

“We lost our little Missy, but the compassionate and understanding care you showed to us and Missy was wonderful and very much appreciated.”


“[Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was friendly and informative. Thank you!”

Peggy L. & "Norman"

“I appreciate the professional as well as a noticed concern for the well being of the animal patient. The follow up call is much appreciated and is an unusual plus.”

Melissa A. & "Stonewall"

“Great place – we were so happy you were there for us and our dog, Stonewall. Thank you!!!”

Eddie T. & "Brownie"

“So glad that we have a 24 hr. Animal Clinic here in Mansfield and don’t have to drive all the way to Arlington. The staff was very friendly and ready to help. I want to thank Jaime and Dr. Sarah for being so helpful in explaining what was going with the examination of my Lab Brownie. It showed that they were both hurting as I was that Brownie had to be put to sleep. It was very comforting to receive a card from Jaime and Dr. Sarah. Your Animal Hospital has a very friendly and caring staff. You will be highly recommended to my friends and neighbors. Again, thank you so much for all that you did for my Brownie.”

Donna E. & "Hemingway"

“Everyone I dealt with from lobby to Vet [Roberts] were outstandingly kind & professional. I felt completely comfortable that my Hemingway was as important to them as he was to me.”

Cindy L. & "Mojo"

“The veterinarian was very informative and answered all of my questions without making me feel clueless, (because some vets apparently expect you to know everything), when I left there I felt knowledgeable and confident that my dog would recover 100%, and he did!”

Susan and Mike O. & "Lucky"

“We were so pleased with everyone at the clinic, especially the technician [Tabatha] and the doctor [Melissa Rouquette]. We were really worried with our 13 year old dog, and everyone made us feel comfortable and relieved our concerns. They treated Lucky with loving care and concern.”

Karen G. & "Lilly"

“Basically, they saved our puppy’s life. She had Parvo and we did get her there as soon as we saw symptoms of illness, never dreaming her diagnosis would be something so deadly to puppies. We are so grateful that the hospital would call us with updates and we could call them anytime to find out how our baby was doing.”

Monica B. & "Sadie"

“I was extremely satisfied with Gloria and Dr. [Toby] Rouquette. They treated Sadie like their own and that meant so much to me.”


[The veterinarian was] “Very cheerful , professional , and accommodating.”


“Wonderful place. Comes very highly recommended.”

Debra D. & KopyKat

“I was very pleased with the care received at Mansfield Emergency Clinic. The staff was very friendly and the service quick.”

Robyn B. & "Dusty"

“We were very pleased with this facility and its employees. The vet was very friendly and comforting to our animal.”

Randall and Norma R. & "Miley"

“I was very pleased with the staff and the beautiful facilities….The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. I’ve already been recommending the ER.”

Erin H. & "Skeeter"

“We had seen the hospital in passing from the hospital. We felt our dog needed the assistance and the location was very convenient.”

Brittany S. & "Gracie"

“Wow! Amazing service. I can only compare the phenomenal service to that of Sewell. The follow up has been equally as impressive. What a wonderful place!”

Emily P. & "Optimus"

“The entire staff were incredible! From offering us drinks to calling to give us updates, we never felt alone. They all have a gift for loving animals and showing compassion for owners. I appreciate everything they did for our Optimus.”


“You [Dr. Roberts] saved his life”

Leslie S. & "Pookie"

“[Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very professional and down to earth.”

Michelle M. & "Oreo"

“I was very pleased by the staff and doctors [Dr. Arbuckle, Dr. Daniels, Dr. Farrington, Dr. Jung.] During my cats visit there I felt that she was provided with the finest care available, which set us at ease. You guys rock!!!”

April B. & "Ranger"

“They did an exceptional service from beginning to end! Our dog needed immediate attention and life threatening surgery. From the minute I entered the facility, I was taken care of properly, for I was under stress and couldn’t remember our pets name. They went beyond our expectations and Ranger was in great hands! They did superb! Thank you ever so much!”

Valerie S. & "Nutmeg"

“Very friendly staff!”

Jeanette B. & "Buddy"

“This was our first visit to the hospital and Buddy was very sick when we brought him in at 10:30 at night. Everyone was very helpful and we felt good about the care he was given when we had to leave him overnight. We knew he was going to be OK when we left him.”

Carmelita G. & "Shelby"

“I was very thankful for the many times they came back to the room to answer my questions.”

Cynthia W. & "Bentley"

“My 11 week old yorkie contracted parvo and the team of vets there were very caring and compassionate. They explained all of the risks with a small puppy and within 6 days Bentley returned home parvo free. They are amazing! I would recommend this hospital to all of my family and friends. The entire staff really cared about the well being of my puppy.”

Tom C. & “Maggie”

“Great care for one of our four-legged babies on a weekend when our regular vet was closed.”

Ernest B. & "Sadie"

“We were very pleased with our visit. I had been to the hospital previously with someone else. That person recommended the hospital very highly. I was quite pleased with everything about our visit. I took my pet home with confidence. The follow-up with my vet and with us was most helpful. I am grateful for the kind, compassionate care that my pet received at Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield.”

David H. & "Bubba"

“Absolutely the best place I have ever taken my best friend Bubba. Wonderful staff and an amazing experience!! Thank you so much for taking care of my baby.”

John M. & "Sid"

“Very well stocked waiting area”

Sunny N. & "Snoop" & "Snow"

“Best ER hospital I’ve been to. Faculty is very helpful & friendly. The atmosphere is very comforting. I’d most likely take my other pets here and I live thirty minutes away!”

Carolyn M. & "Meander"

“We can’t thank the staff at Animal Emergency Hospital enough for the outstanding service we received during a recent visit with our dog, Meander. We visited Animal Emergency Hospital with Meander after our regular vet contacted us on a Sunday morning to tell us her blood work pulled the day before showed signs of a potentially serious issue. The team at Animal Emergency Hospital was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They treated Meander like she was one of their own. After some testing, they found that she had a tumor in her spleen. They delivered the difficult news in a very kind and supportive manner; not cold and clinical. The minute you walk through the doors, you know you are in good hands. The team at Animal Emergency Hospital are amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Brent W. & “Sadie”

“The vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very helpful and explained everything where I could understand what was happening or could happen in the following days.”


“I spoke with three veterinarians during Cooper’s illness. All were extremely patient and seemed to care not only for Cooper’s health but to insure all my questions were answered.”


“Helpful, rapid attention, friendly staff, personable vet [Dr. Norris].”

Charlotte D. & "Charlie"

“You guys are the BEST. I have referred at least half a dozen people. We all live in Arlington, but the drive to Mansfield is absolutely worth it. Thanks.”


“I appreciate the fact that you are open 24 hours every day.”


“Very sincere, informative, and provided options. Thank you.”

Matt W. & "Holly"

“Everyone at the hospital was very attentive and courteous. They offered to show us their facilities and explained everything thoroughly. They told us we could call anytime for an update or stop by anytime to see our pet.”


“Very satisfied with the experience”

Vicki C. & "Gunner"

“I would just like to thank Dr. Daniels and everyone on staff, Sunday 9/4/16! My lab was attacked, and even though it was a traumatic situation the staff was very calming over the phone. When we arrived we were treated with such care and compassion. I will always be forever grateful.”

Kimberly S. & "Faith"

“My poor baby was attacked by a pit bull right in front of me. Thank God your hospital was open when we needed help immediately. My Faith will thank you when she can get out of the “lampshade” collar! Thanks for being there.”

Adrienne M. & "Little Bit"

“The vet [Dr. Daniels] and staff were super nice and informative. They seemed to truly care about Little Bit. Misty was wonderful and she called several days later to check on our four legged family member.”

Laura M. & "Milo"

“Awesome experience!!! Exceptional Care!!! Very compassionate and loving!!! Thank you so much!!! He is much better!! Milo is feeling much better.”


“She [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very professional and caring person. She had a very calming way and it was greatly appreciated.”

Kathy C. & "Lilly"

[Dr. Farrington was] “Very thoughtful & kind with thorough exam and testing for my pet’s symptoms. Great x-ray views showing reason for my pet’s pain (arthritis). Also found signs of gastric distress upon palpation and treated both successfully with great medication. Many thanks!”

Maureen K. & "Kolt"

“We arrived at the MA ER in a true emergency situation… The staff responded with proficiency, urgency and compassion. Thank you for being there.”

Tracie W. & "Jake"

“I’m so grateful to the staff at AEHM. My pet presented with a condition where time meant the difference between recovery and permanent paralysis. Although ultimately the treatment needed to be referred out to a neurosurgeon, Dr. Rouquette and her staff jumped into action to perform the initial exam, reach the neurologist, ease my pet’s pain and to answer all my questions. Then while my pet was recovering from surgery, the staff made sure that both he & I were comfortable. They were so sweet & accommodating that we felt right at home during our visits.”

Bobbie M. & "Walker"

“The vet [Dr. Jung] was super. Explained everything very clearly. Love this clinic. Lobby area is very clean and comfortable. Super nice facility. The staff are very friendly and supportive.”

Kerri K. & "Hunter"

“Staff is very courteous and very helpful”

Jennifer R. & "Pepper"

“She [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very thorough in explaining to us what was going to happen and helped calm us down. She really showed she cared. [The hospital was] Very clean and all of the staff was very courteous. We were very upset and crying when we arrived but they were able to help us and calm our fears.”

Christy F. & "Radar"

“Although I received devastating news about my beloved Radar, the staff were wonderful and compassionate. I would definitely recommend them.”


“Everyone was very kind and genuinely concerned about our Lilly.”

Kristine O. & "Justice"

“I cannot express in words how wonderful this place is. From the minute they met me at the door to the follow up calls the ENTIRE staff was thorough, friendly, sympathetic, professional and far exceeded experiences I’ve been thru in the past. No way would they fully comprehend my gratitude without me busting into tears. They truly did save a little boys best friend.”

Janice M. & "Angel"

“I had two emergencies in the last 3 months. Dr. Roberts and the entire staff have been very compassionate and have taken wonderful care of both my cats.”

Debi C. & "Nikko"

I live about two minutes from [another ER hospital] and have been there several times and have always been put off by how unfriendly and careless they are. My vet recommended you and I was happy to drive the 20 minutes to your facility. Glad I did. The experience was professional and friendly. Hopefully, I won’t have to take any of my three to an emergency clinic again, but if I do, it will be to your facility.”

Sharon F. & "Hershey"

“Dr Presler and Cindy the Vet tech are phenomenal! They both have great bedside manner and explained everything in detail. She is empathetic during a very stressful emergency visit. I will definitely recommend both of you and your staff!!”

Holly M. & "Paisley Piper"

“Dr. Daniels was awesome and while I did not meet Dr. Arbuckle, I know that she was involved in my dog’s care and certainly played a part in her positive outcome as well. The compassion and care was outstanding!!!”


“Very pleased. Unlike any Vet visit I have ever experienced.”

Brett F. & "Ryka"

“Both the technician [Shannon] and Doctor [Melissa Rouquette] made Ryka, our German Shepherd, feel very calm and at ease during their examination of her condition. They were very helpful in answering our questions and concerns.”

Connie F. & "Snickers"

“Dr. Farrington was so kind and soothing to both Snickers and I. She explained what needed to be done and what to expect and I felt confident that Snickers would be in the best care possible.”

Angie B. & "Tessa"

“Everyone did an excellent job with the handling and care of my dog, Tessa. They are very compassionate and caring. In an emergency, I would definitely go here again.”

Charlotte C. & "Bubba"

“I am grateful to have this facility in this area and everyone was a joy to work with that night. I also appreciate the concern for my safety while I was going to my vehicle. Thank you.”

Ronda H. & "Midnight"

“My cat gave the Vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] and techs a hard time. They were not able to do everything they wanted to. I felt bad for them that my cat would not cooperate. I had a good experience and felt that the Vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] and Techs did everything they could… He is getting well so I am happy and so is he.”

William S. & "Cheyenne"

“The Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield Is a place I discovered after my Golden Retriever was attacked by two Blue Pit bull terriers. I called them after the attack and they directed me to their facility, where we were met by a professional and caring staff. They even helped me to bandage some bites on my fingers. After treatment, they followed up by checking on my dog the next two days and even sent a get well card through the mail. I would definitely use the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield again. Their charges were reasonable and their staff was compassionate, thorough and efficient. “

Hilary C. & "Pogo"

“Such a nice facility, and I love the hospitable touches: beverages, a fireplace and really nice people. If anything can make a late night with an injured animal better, y’all did! Thank you. He is doing well and is going to be adopted on Tuesday!”

Debi C. & "Otis"

“Such an amazing place.”

Mary O. & "Luna"

“Pleasant, clean facility. I could see that processes had been carefully thought through, from patient flow, how the exam rooms were set up, and check-out, and we were kept informed all along. I definitely recommend!”

Audra P. & "Ringo"

“It was a traumatic event that brought us to you. So glad you were there and able to care for our dog Ringo. Everyone was very professional. Great staff.”

Linda S. & "Romeo"

“Love this place. Workers are wonderful”

Sheena W. & "Bella Marie"

“I just want to thank everyone again for helping make Bella as comfortable as possible during her last few hours with me.”

Lindsay D. & "Bruiser"

“This was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. I have 9+ years experience in the veterinary world and I have been on the other side of that exam table plenty of times when you had to deliver bad news to pet owners. I just want to say Thank You. Thank from the bottom of my broken heart. I knew what needed to be done that night. But I needed someone to just be honest and tell me the facts of the situation. My husband on the other hand, who does not share my veterinary experience, needed something different. He needed to hear from the vet what she would do if this was her pet. And that is exactly what she did. Although this was the toughest night of our life, you made it the easiest decision for both my husband and I. Thank you for all you do! Although that night is still a blur, there are a few things that stood out for me at your location specifically. The waiting room is like no other lobby I have been into before. It makes you feel a little bit more relaxed and comfortable than a typical cold sterile lobby. Second, when it was time to put Bruiser to sleep, the doctor could tell we were a little uncomfortable in the current exam room we were in as Bruiser was a pretty big dog. So she offered to move us to a bigger room. When we walked into the room there was a couch and Bruiser immediately jumped up on the couch and waited for us. My husband and I sat on each side of him and were able to say the final goodbye with him comfortable and lying in our lap, which was his favorite place to be. That small little detail meant the world to my husband and I. You made our last memory with our baby a good one. Thank you so much.”


“Friendly, courteous, caring staff. Love that it is open 24 hrs.”

Sherri W. & "Izzi"

“The experience was very satisfactory. We were in and out of there in less than 20 mins”

Brandy R. & "Whistles"

“I hope nobody has to take a trip to the emergency room but if you do I would recommend this facility to anyone.”

Brenda T. & "Tigger"

“I would highly recommend you to any of my friends. Very clean and friendly. They took excellent care of Tigger. And thanks to everyone for the great service!!! Very reasonable as well.”

Lois W. & "Mollee"

“They understood Mollee’s special needs & complex medical history. Quickly they helped diagnose & treat her. Within hours she was home, comfortable and recovering.”

Martha L. & "MooCow"

“Dr. Jung was very sweet and her empathy was comforting. She was also very understanding when I called at 2:30am for an update. She helped us cope and understand what our sweet MooCow was going through. Thank you!”

Brenda W. & "Sponge"

“I was very satisfied with the hospital and everyone was extremely nice and helpful.”

Teresa C. & "Callie"

“All of the staff were very friendly. Callie was very at ease. I felt comfortable with her care. Every step of her treatment was explained to me prior to her care.”

Weston F. & "Bugs"

“Thanks to all the staff. You all were awesome and I couldn’t have asked for a more friendly and comfortable place to be at in a very stressful time. Thank you so much. Awesome place, great staff, and informative vets.”


“Dr. Arbuckle was very professional and thorough in dealing with my cat’s emergency. She explained everything well, easing my fears about a serious situation. She performed the necessary procedures quickly and got my little pal back home on the road to recovery right away.”

Jenny A. & "Spencer"

“She [Dr. Farrington] was very educated and explained our issue in great detail”

Courtney H. & "Sadie"

“Exceeded any expectation! Everyone was absolutely amazing and the office was very welcoming”


“[Dr. Toby Rouquette was] Very caring and informative” “Excellent clean facility”


Iman A. & "Duchess"

“My only regret is not bringing her to the hospital sooner. The vets and the care are so superior to anywhere else I have ever experienced.”

Pam W. & “Lexie”

“Beautiful cozy office, loved the fire in the fireplace!”


“Everyone was very kind to us. Our dog Ricki died very unexpectedly and my wife called around to several places seeking assistance and your facility was the only local establishment that provided kindness and assistance. It was much appreciated.”


“Despite going there for a pet emergency, the entire process and friendly, helpful staff made it go smooth and you got my Midnight all fixed up and me relaxed.”

Allison B. & "Chase"

“Very clean and technicians were helpful. They were attentive to our comfort as well as my dogs.”

Sandy M. & "Gracie"

“I love the fact that I was welcome to visit my cat 24 hours a day any time I wanted.”


“I truly appreciated the vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] giving more than one option for Dusty’s treatment. Cost can be a big factor in determining a pet’s treatment. Some people may be able to spend unlimited funds. As much as we love our dogs, cost does determine our choices at times and what we feel is reasonable. I appreciate being made to feel respected in my decision and that Dusty was still well cared for. I appreciated staff willing to work on Christmas Day to assist pets in need.”

Camille M. & "Harlie-Lynn"

“Unfortunately I had to use the ER last night – it was worth every mile I had to drive to get there! Dr. Jung and everyone that helped my little Harlie-Lynn were incredibly understanding and caring. I got a follow up phone call this morning checking on her. Thank you to all who helped me last night!”

Billye B. & "Budro"

“Thank you for saving Budro’s life!”

Robert D. & "Presley"

“What a wonderful and caring lady [Dr. Farrington]. Such a horrible day made a little bit easier by a kind gentle, and animal loving veterinarian! The staff was also so kind to make us comfortable in our time of stress. A couple of days after our visit we received a sympathy card hand written that made me feel better about the decision we had to make.”

Phyllis S. & "Carly"

“Everyone was kind and helpful. The doctor [Farrington] we had was a wonderfully kind and helpful person. I am glad my doctor at Sanford Oaks Animal recommended your hospital. “

Sandra P. & "Ruby"

“Worth every penny!”

Rebecca O. & "Bernard"

“Everyone that my son and I interacted with was extremely pleasant. It’s great to know that there are animal doctors out there that are in this line of work for the care and well being of the animal and not the money, which was obvious when the doctor [Roberts] taking care of our “furry family member” was just as upset as we were.”

Sherry D. & "Jake"

“Just thank you all so much for helping us in our frantic end of life emergency with our beloved Jakerboo. He was with us for almost 15 years. When I called around 11pm Friday night distraught, trying to explain through tears the way my family and Jake were being ignored and mocked at another emergency hospital in Arlington as he was clearly slipping away, I was reassured that you would help us, we just needed to get there. Everyone on your staff kept that promise and did so with compassion. Even though you had never dealt with any of us before, every member of that your staff treated my family and Jake as if they had known us forever and you allowed our sweet boy to cross the bridge peacefully at the hands of someone who cared. Jake deserved that much. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know what we would have done.”

Ramiro D. & "Leah"

“It is great to have a vet available 24/7 to help my dog in case of an emergency”

Stacie B. & "Chief"

“You guys are the best… thanks for being there when we need you”

Lisa N. & "Athena"

“Everything was great, very professional and efficient… Very impressive…”

Misty S. & "Shiner"

“We love the staff! They are so friendly and caring and we were so blessed to be referred to such an amazing hospital! A little extra Thank You 🙂 to Amy for sending me photos of Shiner while he had to stay in the hospital after his surgery.”

Pamela E. & "Bandit"

“She [Dr. Arbuckle] was so nice and I felt like she really cared. Wonderful hospital! I wish they also took office calls for all Bandit’s needs.”

Steve S. & "Pud"

“Great crew. Thank you for being so understanding & sympathetic to our sorrowful event. We couldn’t have asked for kinder-hearted people to care for our Pud that day. Thank you!”


“[Dr. Daniels] was very professional and kind to us and our dog. He was also very good at explaining what he thought was wrong with her and what tests and treatment method was needed to help her get well.”

Melissa A. & "Rosalie Bell"

“He [Dr. Daniels] was great and very reasonable. Everyone was nice and welcoming.”

Melissa C. & "Truman"

“We were pleased to have our Truman treated so well. Dr Farrington and Bonni were the best. Everyone was kind and attentive. Thank you for being there for us when we were not sure what was wrong with our Truman. We left there knowing we would come back if needed and definitely will tell others about you.”


“It was wonderful… I am spreading the word!”


“My normal vet examined Tex after he had been lethargic for about two days. She diagnosed bleeding tumors in his abdomen and sent us rushing to your emergency clinic. We would up having to put him to sleep so that he wouldn’t suffer. The staff was WONDERFUL. They explained things thoroughly and were very, very compassionate when the time came.”

James K. & “Charlie”

“The technician and the doctor were attentive, professional and friendly. They were very gentle with our puppy during the exam.”

Kimberly S. & "Sandy"

“Everyone was very friendly and the Doctors took great care of Sandy”

Tammy B. & "Ceasar"

[Dr. Daniels was] “Very friendly and thorough.”


“Thank you. It was very clean.”

Montana W. & "Mike"

“My family was visiting on vacation when Mike started having seizures. This hospital came highly recommend by family in the area. Prices were reasonable, staff was friendly and professional, and facilities were well kept. They took care of Mike when he really needed it”

Debbie C. & "Nickolas"

[Dr. Melissa Rouquette was] “Very nice and helpful.” “Everyone was very nice and comforting.”

Randy C. & "Phyllis"

“Thank you for taking such good care of my dog. Phyllis feels much better. Her infection looks like it’s gone, and she’s much happier now. So am I.”


“Very impressed with the services offered, friendly staff and I would highly recommend to others.”

Judi J. & "Sadie"

“Sadie was well taken care of by the entire staff. I got update calls each day that she was in the hospital and had pictures texted to me by Amy each day! I was very impressed!! Thank you for taking such good care of my pup!!!”

Elisa C. & "Kosmo"

“The entire staff was very friendly and very compassionate. When we decided that we were going to put our baby down, they were very understanding and allowed us as much time as we needed to say our goodbyes. We also received a card in the mail that was signed by the staff that was on duty the evening we took our pet in, and everyone’s comments and condolences were very heartfelt. We could not have asked for better treatment. If and when we decide to open our hearts and home to another 4 legged child, we will definitely allow your facility to handle any future needs we may have. Thank you so much for everything!”


“Everyone was very helpful and kind.”

April Anne F. & "Dixon Christian"

[Dr. Jung was] “Wonderful!!! I have never been so pleased with a vet or animal hospital, especially Gabby! She was AMAZING! You guys saved my baby boy’s life!!! I will forever be grateful!”

Laura M. & "Milo"

“[Dr. Leigh Farrington was] Well informed and knowledgeable. Explained everything so that I could understand which helped me make a well informed decision.”

LaTisha E. & "Boozer"

“Losing Boozer was a very tough and new experience for me, but you guys helped me understand my options and offered me plenty of time to decide. When it was decided to “put him to sleep” I was escorted to a comfortable room so that I may visit with Boozer before he was laid to rest. I greatly appreciate the effort and consideration that was shown for Boozer and myself. I am still very upset about my loss, but I take great comfort in knowing that he was well taken care of with compassion and love. Thank you so much for all you do.”

Karen H. & "Rufus"

“The nurse Karen was fantastic! I have never been to a vet clinic that was better staffed. Dr Daniels explained everything completely and was so very patient and gentle with my sick puppy. The receptionist [Athena] was crazy busy with calls and patients but still made us feel welcome and appreciated. Nurse Karen even called to follow up and see how he was doing. I would highly recommend them.”

Stephanie C. & "Belle"

“We are so thankful for Dr. [Toby] Rouquette and his staff’s help during the stressful concern for our dog who swallowed our relative’s medication. We appreciate their help with providing Belle the best service and care. Belle is healthy and we are so happy that she is well. Thank you!”

Stephanie S. & "King Louie"

“The vet [Dr. Jung] and attendants [Stephanie] were extremely helpful and even administered the first doses of med in order to show me how to do it on my own. Even provided me with a doggie eye specialist in case King Louie needed it. They called a few days later to check on my beloved King Louie (who is doing fabulous). Wonderful experience.”

Patty J. & "Koda"

“The veterinarian was prompt, concerned, friendly and knowledgeable”

Laura V. & "Sadie"

“She [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very helpful and gave us options on our pet’s treatment plan.”

Jane M. & "Sweet Pea"

“We had to take Sweet Pea to the hospital on a weekend due to seizures. They took care of her immediately and answered any calls about her progress congenially.”

James S. & "Dudley"

“Very pleasant experience.”

Lois F. & "Chloe Rose"

“I brought my little grape-snitching dachshund into the hospital.  When I explained to the receptionist what had happened, she was taken back immediately.  No wait-time for her at all.  Emesis was induced immediately.  Within a few minutes, I was seen first by a technician and then by the doctor.  They explained the dangers of grape ingestion and told me what we needed to do to protect Chloe Rose.

Over the next couple of days, I called to check on her twice a day.  I was always greeted warmly.  My questions were answered.  Not once was I made to feel guilty or stupid or neglectful.

When Chloe Rose was released, I was instructed to get one more test done on her after 24 hours.  But it was fine with AEH for me to take her to her regular vet, which was a great help to me.  I loved the fact that when I called Dr. Brockett’s office to set up that appointment, they already knew what had happened and the treatment that AEH had given her.  Great communication!!

To say “thank you” for saving my little girl is so inadequate, but unfortunately it’s all we have in English.  I will definitely sing your praises to anyone who has a veterinary emergency!!”

Kevin G. & “Daisy”

“Everyone was very helpful and acted quickly on my dog’s behalf! Daisy is doing great!”

Reigh A. & "Ginger"

“I was a total wreck when I brought my dog to the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. Not only did the veterinarian [Dr. Farrington] and her staff [Jaime] treat my dog with the utmost care and concern, they also showed consideration to me for the stress I was under. When I called to check on my dog’s progress, my calls and questions were answered promptly and knowledgeably and I really appreciated that, too. I felt that everyone was concerned for my dog’s welfare and well-being. I feel confident that they will provide the very best of care should the need for their services again arise.”

JoAnna A. & "Britta"

“I came in (unannounced) later in the evening to visit Britta. I was greeted immediately and put into a visiting room without hesitation. I was told I could stay as long as I needed. It was very nice to not feel rushed during my visit and the visiting room is very comfortable with the couch and chair. Nice to not have to sit in a cold uninviting exam room for visitation”

Shannon T. & "Jasmine"

“This place rocked. SUPER clean, no smell and the people were soooo very kind and gentle with my cat. I wish they were a regular vet clinic. Outstanding. Thank you so much. [Dr. Melissa Rouquette was] super sweet and very caring for my sweet Jasmine.”

Sueann P. & "Liza"

“I couldn’t have asked for anything better with regard to the visit and exam.”

Holly B. & "Kendal"

“The vet [Dr. Arbuckle] that treated Kendal was able to determine exactly what was wrong and what to do. This doctor saved Kendal’s life. She gave superior advice for Kendal’s aftercare and even cared to call and check up on her during her recovery. I give this doctor a five out of five star rating. Kendal is happy and healthy now.”

Allison B. & "Chase"

“The vet, Dr. Leigh Farrington, was very friendly and helpful.”

Jackie W. & "Maya"

“Awesome group.”

Lori R. & "Junior"

“If you guys have an employee of the month I would vote Athena. She is always calm, kind, caring and helpful! The refreshments are a wonderful idea! I recommended you to all my furry companion loving friends! Please continue to be the best animal ER in DFW with your knowledge and willingness to help. The fact that my questions get answers whether I’m in the office or on the phone means it all to me.”

Mark M. & "Sheba"

“Dr. Arbuckle was very kind and professional during our visit. I appreciate that her skills gave Sheba a good outcome as she had done for Summer on a previous visit.”


“I was so well taken care of by the staff. Although nothing could be done for my kitty.”


“[Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very sweet and explained everything to us so we would understand. Not all vets make me feel comfortable and she did. She had the best concerns for my little boy.”

Debby M. & “Misty Blue”

“I wouldn’t change a thing! These people are truly caring people. They sent my pet a “get well soon” card! Very touching indeed!” “I would definitely take my pets back when the next emergency should arise!”

Wayne W. & "Jack"

“The staff was very friendly and helpful. They showed concern about the problem with my dog. The entire place was very clean and comfortable.”


“During a very emotional time for us all every staff member was very supportive, answering questions and giving us the time we needed to say good-bye in our own way.”

Randy C. & "Phyllis"

“I really like that your waiting room looks like a living room. It made me feel more relaxed. Doctor Jung was so nice and I can tell she really cares about her patients.”

Winston R. & "Sampson"

“Very polite and comforting.” “Awesome experience.”

Carrie F. & "Sparkles"

“The staff at Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield were extremely compassionate when we had to emergently put our sweet Sparkles to sleep even though they had never met our family before. We were so grateful for the extra time that they allowed us to spend with her before and after the procedure. We never felt rushed. Although it was the hardest decision we’ve had to make for her it was so peaceful. We will be forever grateful sweet people at AEHM who where there with us during our time of sadness.”

Michael S. & “Ahkee”

“Procedure appeared to have been done very well and staff were very helpful in explaining. The experience makes us feel very confident in your professionalism and competence.”

Debra D. & KopyKat

“Dr. Arbuckle was very thorough in her assessment of my kitty and helped me to decide the best course of care in my situation.”


“You were more than kind.. great service.”

Jaclyn B. & "Peanut"

Dr. [Melissa] Rouquette was very helpful and kind. I was very surprised with how friendly the staff was considering it was late at night.”

Tammie G. & "T"

“I would like to sincerely thank Dr Rouquette for his kindness and efforts to help me to make a very difficult decision about our beloved Family member T (AKA Theodor ) . Also all of the staff who were very kind and respectful of my feelings and last moments with T.”

Mary R. & "Angel"

“Thank you for helping us with out with our big baby Angel… and also being very sympathetic about our situation…”


“Technicians were extremely nice and helpful. They do everything in their hands to make one’s pet feel comfortable and at home.”

Liz W. & "Maggie"

“I would like to thank all staff that helped us from the moment we walked in until the time we left. They were all helpful and kind in our time of need with our pet.”


“We are very glad to have you in the area.”

Kathy K. & “Annie”

“It was overall a wonderful experience during a very difficult time with my little dog. I would recommend this emergency hospital to anyone.”

Dave S. & "Salt"

“I was glad you were there to help Salt on a holiday weekend. Great service when we needed you. Easy access and a nice facility.”

Mary W. & "Tiki"

“I would like to thank the staff and doctor for helping my baby thru this matter and for saving her.”


“Loved the veterinarian [Dr. Arbuckle]”


“Dr. Farrington was absolutely amazing and we would recommend her to anyone dealing with a crisis situation with their pet. She was so patient and loving with us and helped us navigate a very hard decision to have to put our sweet Sadie to sleep.”

Corey and Maggie C. & “Mr. Whiskers”

“We want to thank you all for your loving support with Mr. Whiskers. He is still here with us and doing very well. In fact, he is up to his old tricks and keeping us very busy. Thank you all so very much.”


“The veterinarian [Dr. Daniels] was very friendly, professional and thorough.”

Kristen H. & "Izzabelle"

“From my first step in the door to my exit selfie, every single person at the ER was absolutely outstanding. I could not have asked for better care for me and especially Izzabelle. Special thanks to Amy, Casey, Lauren, Karen, and Dr.Farrington. AEHM has a new client for life. Thanks for everything!”


“I would like to thank everyone there. They were very kind and helpful during this hard time for our family.”

Reyna M. & "Chalupa"

“I would just like to thank everyone at this facility for all they did. They were extremely kind & showed a great amount of concern for my fur baby. They did an outstanding job. It was quick, everything was explain in detail & the vet tech [Marcos] came back with new information as he was updated so we didn’t sit around waiting for answers. Our experience was great & I would recommend everyone to come to this facility. Thank you again!”


“I really wish this was not just an emergency place. The puppy was treated with prompt care and love. I wish this was her regular vet! It was great! Everyone was super nice; they attended to us very quickly and answered every question I had.”

Andrea M. & “Pepper”

“I felt very comfortable with Pepper’s experience and he did too.”


“I want to thank all of the staff that took care of my pug, Tank. I was so scared and they were able to calm me down and take care of my beloved puggie. He is doing better now, although he has a few days to go before he can play with his sisters. He doesn’t seem to be in so much pain. Thank all of you again, you are wonderful.”

Sam F. & "Kobe"

“[Dr. Presler was] Very compassionate and concerned. Kobe was very special to us and we appreciated the concern and compassion of all of the staff with whom we had contact.”


“[Dr. Arbuckle] was very professional and explained everything to us.”

Sharon S. & "Chloe"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Daniels] was extremely nice – Chloe was very calm during the visit. Very friendly staff – I would recommend the hospital. Chloe gives it two paws up!”

Cindy T. & "Skeet"

“We received exceptional service and they explained treatment options very well. I would highly recommend Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield.”

Gary G. & "Playful"

“I would like to also THANK the lady [Julie] that help with Playful she told me to give him some boiled chicken and now he is eating a lot of his food. I wish I could remember her name. Tell her THANKS and Playful seems to be doing very GOOD now.”

Amber R. & "Fred"

“Thank you for your compassion and taking time to explain an ear hemotoma.”

James P. & "Blitz," "Kitz," and "Spritz"

“Your staff members were most accommodating. My wife brought in our three Dachshunds following a rude meeting with a Copperhead and was pleased with the quick attention provided. I was allowed to visit later that evening so I could see the injuries and conditions of Blitz, Kitz and Spritz firsthand as I was not present when the attack occurred. I can’t recall the vet’s name (female, blonde, extremely dog friendly) [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] but she was very helpful, bringing food for not only the patients but also our fourth dog that I brought along to visit, Pretzel. (She was grateful for the additional late night snack, trust me). I have since located the offending serpent, flushed out while applying snake repellent, and have dispatched it on to its Creator. I now know about where the dogs were when they met said snake. Again, my thanks for your professional treatment and truly loving attention. Hopefully our three adventurers will remember your treatment longer than they apparently remember to avoid slithering beasts.”


“The staff at Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield were professional, courteous, and caring. It is always difficult to say goodbye to a pet that has been a member of your family for 14 years. They helped us to understand that this was the best and most humane course of action. Thank you for all that you do.”


“Unfortunately, no one ever wants to have an emergency where you have to use an Animal Hospital! But I was VERY pleased with the service and the care of my sweet baby! I would absolutely return if need be!”

Nancy J. & "Bo"

“We also would like to thank all the staff for the caring , compassionate , and professional treatment given to Bo and to us each time we came to see her while staying there and for all the trips being made to continue with treating her immune blood disorder. Thank you so much for calling to check on her everyday. You have helped me in many ways, thank you.”

Danille B. & "Basher"

“I am just glad that AEHM is so close to my house. Everyone was very helpful and took immediate action with Basher. Thank you so much!”

Connor G. & "Rougie"

“Everyone from start to finish was attentive, educated, and treated me and my pup like we were the only two there. Would highly recommend to any one else. I met two Dr’s as I had to come back due to a personal concern the day after my visit and they were equally as friendly, educated, and caring as the other. Will be back.”

Dave M. & "Paca"

“Thanks again for great service.”

Marci C. & "Aldo"

“She [Dr. Jung] and the tech [Cindy] were both very calm and reassuring. It was our first visit to the facility and such a positive experience since we were so upset and scared for our puppy whom was having a reaction to his immunizations given 3-4 hours before.”

Rae-Ann H. & "Piper Cheyenne"

“We have used this animal hospital twice and cannot say enough good things about the staff and the care that was given to our dog Piper. I felt that they addressed our fears about her condition and gave us the information we needed to make a good decision.  We are still on the road to recovery and thanks to all of you!”

Abbye H. & "Maddie"

“I cannot begin to describe my experience and how amazing everyone was! I brought my 1 year old Australian Shepherd mix in when she had a life threatening condition of anaphylaxis. From the time I walked in the door someone was there ready to grab her. I knew as soon as I passed her off it was going to be okay. Once stable, the nurse came to talk to me and ask detailed questions. Despite my nervous and scared rambling she was patient and showed a level of care that made me at ease. Then when the doctor came in a very short time later he wasn’t rushed as most are. You could tell my Maddie was all he was focused on. He repeated himself when I didn’t understand, talked to me, gave me comfort with the next steps, and was upfront about the financials. When I got to pick her up the next day they were just as awesome. They shared every detail of each hour when I asked and they truly were as happy as I was she survived. Two days later my phone rang and they were checking on her. They even called my vet to make sure they got the paperwork of what was done. I have extreme comfort knowing if I ever have another Maddie emergency, I know where to take her…. An emergency vet who cares about my fur baby the same way I do.”

Carmen C. & "Lilly"

“Everything was excellent.”

Jeb B. & "VayVay" and "Annie"

“Everyone is always friendly, no long waits, snacks to keep the kids quiet. Thanks”

Suzzanne G., "Lynus"

“We took our 12 year old Pekingese to the ER because our vet was closed – we were very glad to have immediate attention and were extremely satisfied with the treatment Lynus received. Thanks!”

Brady R. & "Murphy" & "Whistles"

“I have now been to the Animal Emergency Hospital with both of my dog and the veterinarians and staff have been great in attending to my dogs needs and giving a clear explanation of the diagnosis to me. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone.”

Mike & Susy S. & "Schooney"

“Thank you for your staff’s reassuringly calm and professional approach when we brought our Jack Russell in to the hospital after she had received a snake bite and was obviously distressed. 24 hours later, after treatment, we were able to pick her up, and she continues to make steady progress. Heartfelt thanks, Mike & Susy Scott.”

Carolyn N. & "Sonny"

“Thank you Dr. Farrington for taking such thorough care of Sonny. You showed compassion and such professionalism. I thought Sonny was going to die that morning he looked so bad and was so sick. I’m so glad I came to you facility. I would not hesitate for a second to return if need be.”

Shauna B. & "Tucker"

“Very satisfied. I am relocating back to Texas and will continue to bring my pets here when they need a vet. Very courteous and helpful staff. Dr. [Daniels] spent time explaining the prognosis.”


“All questions were answered promptly and professionally, everyone at your ER was very kind to our pet Klaus”

Loren H. & "Benny"

“This was such a wonderful experience. I was worried about my senior dog and the staff here was wonderful treating me with both kindness and respect. I will never hesitate to bring any of my animals here in any kind of emergency. Great job!”

David S. & "Angel"

“We were impressed with how nice everything looked and that there was even drinks and snacks. All the employees were very nice and helpful.”

Charles R. & "Lola"

“Everyone was very nice and knowledgeable. The conversation I had with the vet [Dr. Daniels] concerning Lola was very good, he adjusted his communication to match my level of knowledge and we were able to agree on procedures for Lola very quickly. An excellent place to bring a hurting animal.”

John L. & "Walter"

“We’re impressed by your staff and the sympathy, understanding and kindness they showed at a time when we had to put our beloved dog to rest. We would strongly recommend AEH of Mansfield to anyone who asked for a recommendation.”

Larry M. & "Izzy"

“Pets are like children to lots of people and the veterinarians here treat them with concern and as if they are their own. Very concerned, very sincere and very appreciated.”

Diana J. & "Holly"

“I think this is a great hospital. Everyone is very caring… I feel like Holly had special treatment from the staff – sleeping in laps, letting her out of the cage to walk around when things were slow, talking to her periodically. I REALLY appreciate all of the listening to my comments, answering my many questions, and my every few hours calls to check on them. You guys are GREAT!”

Kathy V. & "Molly"

“Rebecca, Trey, and Dr. Jung helped our dog, Molly, one week ago with a serious eye infection. My son and I felt like we were all in good hands with the kind and capable people taking care of Molly’s eye problem. Even though we don’t like for Molly to have any health problems, we are so thankful that there is such a wonderful place and wonderful people to help us. We felt reassured when we left to come home. We received a call a few days after Molly’s visit just to check on her. Molly then received a get well card, and then we get an email from the emergency clinic. We all feel blessed. Thank you so much to everyone there.”

Julia C. & "Scooby"

“They took great care of my fur baby. Even receive a Get Well postcard! So thoughtful!”

Erin H. & "Skeeter"

“The staff was very helpful and made us feel very comfortable in our time of need.”

Roy P. & "Malachi"

“You guys are fantastic! I was very impressed with both the facilities, the triage nurse, and the vet. Nothing but absolute care! Simply fantastic.”

Yevette C. & "Skyler"

“I was unable to afford the cost to hospitalize my daughter’s 2 month old pit bull for the treatment of parvovirus, and they worked with me providing a home treatment plan and allowing me to bring her back for fluids and medications that was in my budget and it saved her life. Now she is putting weight back on and wrecking havoc in the household and we couldn’t be happier. It would not have been possible without Dr. Daniels and his staff. They were very courteous and concerned about the well being of my daughter’s puppy.”

Bridgit C. & "Spike"

“Fantastic staff. My dog and family were treated very well! The doctor was very helpful.”


“The staff explained procedures and treatment well.”


“The vet [Dr. Jung] was professional and polite.”

Shirley D. & "Cocoa"

“We were handled like royalty and would recommend to anyone who asks us. Thank you”

Donald S. & "Tiffany"

“The entire staff was very caring and compassionate. Exams and explanations were very thorough and were provided in timely fashion. Although I lost my little friend, I would return to this location for any/all of my pet’s needs.”

Donna B. & "Jet"

“Saul and Dr. Daniels were great to Jet and me. Everything was explained and I believe they were very thorough with his treatment.”

Donnie A. & "Spur"

“The staff were very kind, caring and went above and beyond to help Spur. They were very professional and the care was excellent. He was back to his old self within 48 hours. Thank you!”

Andy B. & "Shay"

“Was pleased to be given different options for treatment, along with a detailed estimate for each service.”

John M. & "Sid"

[Dr. Daniels was] “very attentive.”

James D. & "Jax"

“These receptionists [Natasha and Veronica] are always friendly and this time was no different. They treat Jax very well when he has had to come in and just overall a great experience every time I have had to bring him in.”

Emily E. & "Bizzy"

“My dog was bitten by a snake. She was getting very sick. The staff at your office responded quickly to her needs. They kept me informed to what was going on. Everyone took excellent care of Bizzy from the time we walked in the door to the time I happily went to pick her up! She is feeling great now and we are so thankful!”

Danette J. & "Kisses"

“Dr. Daniels examined Kisses promptly and saved her life. We’ll never be able to express how much we appreciate his prompt response!”


“The staff was awesome and were ready with a status every time I called. I would recommend this hospital to other pet owners.”


“We have been very pleased with our dealings with the facility and the staff. Clean, caring environment.”


“They [Drs. Arbuckle, Farrington, and Jung] were very thoughtful and helped get our little dog on her way to recovery. [The hospital is] Very nice and clean. Very professional.”

Jeb B. & "Isis"

“Everybody is always so nice and helpful in our time of need. Thank everyone very much.”

Chris H. & "Jordan"

“Everything was handled as well as possibly could be, despite the very emotional reason for why I had to bring my best friend-dog in that night for what ended up being euthanasia. The front desk staff [Rebecca] was remarkably calm and understanding yet so quick to get me and my dog to see the doctor. The technician [Karen] was just as professional and quick, and the doctor [Daniels] was just what I needed to address the dilemma every pet owner dreads when an old dog’s health deteriorates so rapidly due to a tumorous mass. An awful emotional situation but I would have been an emotional wreck had it not been for your staff.”

Kathy D. & "Daisy"

“I would recommend your facility to anyone that would be looking for emergency care for their animals & have taken the opportunity to tell many family & friends about the great care we’ve received there.”

Sheree D. & "Paris

“[Dr. Griggs was] Very caring and thorough with everything!! We absolutely loved this hospital, from the time we entered until the time our dog got discharged!! Absolutely wonderful care for our dog and for us when we came to visit!! Thank you so much!!!”

Suzanne A. & "JJ"

“I will pay the premium prices of an emergency hospital just to see the Vets at Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. Their service is outstanding!”

Jenny M. & "Fisher"

“Staff is amazing, caring, and understanding. Very patient and calming.”


“Very pleased with hospital.” “Thank you for the care my dog received!”

Gary B. & "Sam"

“Very impressed.”

Kirsti W. & "Mia"

“Dr. Sarah Roberts was very attentive to my needs while Mia was there. Although it resulted in having to put her down, the staff did everything they could to save my little girls life. I would highly recommend the staff to anyone looking for someone honest and of great quality.”

Janet G. & "Thomas"

Loved the vet who took care of my dog [Dr. Arbuckle.] I’ve never seen a vet come in and immediately sit on the floor to be at my dog’s level. Her love of animals was immediately clear. I knew instantly that we were in good hands.

Megan N. & "Ernie"

“Dr. [Toby] Rouquette treated my Ernie when he lost his eye during a wild animal attack two years ago and recently for a leg injury. I can’t say enough about how comfortable he and his entire staff are for our family. You could not ask for a better group of care givers!”

Peggy L. & "Norman"

“The vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very through in her exam and explaining the meds and how to administer them. My dog even gave her a kiss!”

Nancy M. & "Buddy"

“Very understanding and patient to explain and re-explain what was happening as we could NOT process what we were hearing under the circumstances. Thank you so much for taking soooo much time with us.”

Cyndee D. & "Whisper"

“He was so kind, caring, warm and professional. This is my second visit to this ER with this pet and I’m thrilled and reassured that you’re nearby. I wish all vet experiences were so outstanding.”

Michelle M. & "Marco"

“The provider [Dr. Jung] was very informative and considerate to our needs. Great Place, Great Staff!”

Carol G. & "Rudy"

“Dr. Daniels was very thorough and honest with me about my dog’s condition and the various outcomes. I felt very confident in his diagnosis and treatment. [The staff was] Very pleasant. Others I have spoken to about my experience at Animal Hospital of Mansfield collaborate with me and give rave reviews of the facility and staff. Thanks, Dr. Frizzell, for recommending AEHM and thank you AEHM for taking such good care of my dog!!!”

Jamie E. & "Ramey"

“Love the staff and service we’ve received every time we’ve been there (at least once for each of our 3 cats).”

Tammy B. & "Ceasar"

“Very warm, clean, convenient, timely and a very friendly staff!”

Darlene D. & "Brianna"

“Everyone was professional and very friendly. I was relaxed to find such a caring staff and would recommend you to anyone who asked.”

Ann W. & "Rusty" aka "Tubby"

“The hospital was clean and didn’t smell of animals which is always a good sign that there is a ton of cleaning done in that facility. It’s hard to get the smell of dog out of anything. I was very impressed with the openness of the facility and didn’t feel cramped… Amazing place with an amazing crew.”

Laura W. & "June Bug"

“I am so grateful to the entire staff. Everyone was calming, friendly and helpful. My options were laid out for me with no added pressured to pay for a bunch of unnecessary medical tests and/or treatments. I left confident that we had received excellent medical care. I have already recommended Mansfield Animal ER to another friend and will continue to do so. Thank you so much!!”

Rosalie S. & "Rocky"

“I was referred to Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield by my personal vet. The staff was very nice and took great care of my Boxer, Rocky. I was very happy with our experience at their clinic.”

Jessica M. & "Jazz"

“I’ve been to this clinic twice and have always been BLOWN away by the level of professionalism and friendliness of the entire staff. I drive by 2 other pet ER’s just to come to this one. Thank you for creating such a caring environment during what can be a very stressful time with a pet.”

Ruth L. & "Maggie"

“When I first got to the hospital I was greeted by the girl at the desk [Amy] and as soon as I told her who I was she knew from talking to my vet and talking to my son-in-law who we were and everyone treated us like family. Every time they were doing something new they would come & tell us. When I was getting ready to leave, they took us to where Maggie was and showed me the surgery room and the 24/7 tv monitors and where the Drs. office was. I went back the next day to visit and I was taken into the cutest visiting room and Maggie was brought into me and was told I could visit for as long as I wanted. So thank you for being wonderful to me and to my little girl.”

Obryant C. & "Oxford"

“You guys were awesome! Thank you so much for taking care of Oxford.”


“Everyone was very friendly and helpful from the minute I walked in the door until the minute I left. They kept me informed on what was happening and in and out in no time. The vet explained everything thoroughly and explained my options.”

Deborah D. & "Gunner"

“My baby Gunner was in really bad shape when we arrived. Everyone was so kind and compassionate to us during this very difficult time of his loss. Your offer of making a paw print for me was so sweet and I will treasure it always. Thank you for being so helpful and empathetic to us and our beloved Gunner.”


“Thank you so much for working with us. Our 17 year old son had to bring our dog to see you around midnight one night while we were out of town. You were extremely helpful over the phone, taking our credit card information and everything. Another hospital refused to see our dog because our son didn’t have our credit card in his possession. I will highly recommend your hospital to my friends and family.”

Mike M. & "Melissa"

“Best of the several vets sought out to heal Melissa.”

Denise C. & "Cuddles"

“Staff was awesome!”

Vicki B. & “Rebel”

“I was very impressed and for it being a Holiday I felt you were very fair with the cost. Thanks to all”

Haldon K. & "Sammy"

“It was a very pleasant experience”

Crystal P. & "Annie"

“I have never had such a pleasant vet visit. Although I was quite distressed, every aspect of our time there was great. I left feeling much better than when I first walked in with my pup.”

Angela D. & "Leroy"

“Clean facility, over the top friendly and sympathetic staff and technicians. I hope we never have to visit again, but I have already told everyone I know who has a pet that if they ever have an emergency, this is the place to go. Thank you for saving our boy!”

Kristy W. & "Ginger"

“Our visit was to have an ultra sound on my pug, Ginger. I was surprised at how fast they got back with me about the results. Unfortunately Ginger had cancer in her liver and there wasn’t anything we could do, it was a matter of days now. The staff here where very understanding, they let me spend as much time I needed to say my good-byes. I got a sympathy card in the mail and was touch by how compassionate it was. Even though it was under sad circumstances that we visited this clinic I’m still very grateful for the staff that helped this difficult time easier.”

Gerald B. & "Macy"

“Everything was great. They did a great job and I was very pleased with my visit.”

Paul K. & "LaRue"

“The facility has a friendly and healthful environment. We appreciated the snack area in the waiting room. The facility is friendly and inviting from the moment of entry.”

Lori T. & "Magic"

“He [Dr. Griggs] was very informative and patient in explaining everything that concerned my dog. It was appreciated. Everyone was kind!!”

Julie F. & "Beau"

“It was awesome care.”

Brent W. & “Sadie”

“We are very grateful for the treatment we got.”

Johnathan M. & "Sable"

“Was very quick for emergency needs, and very attentive and courteous.”

Jimmy and Linda R. & "Bailey"

“Dr. [Melissa] Rouquette was very professional and very personable. She answered critical questions for us, and spoke with our regular vet. We had great confidence we brought our friend Bailey to the right hospital. We are sure if he could have been saved we would have received the proper care for that. He was very ill, and Dr. [Melissa] made our visit bearable. Thank you for what you did for us and Bailey!”


“Ours was a tough situation and ultimately the prognosis wasn’t great, but the care and concern the staff showed us was exceptional. They actually figured out what was wrong when 2 other vets I had consulted could not. And while my Coco didn’t end up surviving, they at least gave him a chance. For that I am very grateful.”

Christine H.

“They are really helpful and do care about my pet like I do. I can’t say enough thank you to them.”


“The service is top rated!”

DeAnne B. & "Millie"

“The hospital is a welcoming and comfortable environment. The patients and families best interests are truly the focus.”


“[The veterinarian] was really pleasant and understanding! Explained exactly what to expect and when.”


“I arranged to have my pet euthanized with you as I am a local veterinarian and I know vets there, trust them, and refer patients there. I also wanted a comfy room for the procedure.”

Cara H. & "Willie"

“My dog Willie’s life was saved by this clinic and I am VERY grateful. He even got to come home 2 days early. Each time I called to check on him, I was made to feel easier about his being there and everyone was very friendly and told me exactly how he was. Thank you so much!”

Jennifer K. & "Kokomo"

“The staff was very attentive to both Kokomo & I upon arrival. He is so young and small I was worried sick. I didn’t want to leave him overnight, but I knew it was best for him.”

Kim P. & "Bandit"

“This is by far the BEST place to take your pet. Each and every staff member is amazing and so full of compassion. You can feel how much they care and I trust them completely. I hands down recommend to everyone I know. You can completely trust your pet will be in the very best of care. Every member of this staff is caring, devoted, fantastic, incredible, passionate, and empathetic.”

"Lauri I. & "Daisy"

“Hospital staff was great! Very professional and friendly.”

Jennifer C. & "Richard Parker"

“Thank you all so much. Every single person of the staff. Receptionist, attendants, techs, vets. You’re all fabulous! Richard Parker is much better, and I feel confident as to how to observe him and how to move forward. Your hospital was so so clean, which is something I watch for…always! And even offering free beverages and snacks up front…wow! Thank you so very much!”

Rena G. & "Copper"

“It’s nice to know there is a place like this in Mansfield. I will definitely use them again if my dogs have any issues”

Shelley W. & Tigger

“Thank you so much for your care and attention. I was so afraid when I brought my boxer in to the hospital and expected the worse. When I had questions the next day, I called and was told exactly what I needed to know and to not be alarmed. Tigger is fine now and I am very pleased with the care we received from the hospital staff, the technician [Trey] and the vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette]. Thank you!”

Mary C. & "Lucy"

“I was very thankful for Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield, who to took wonderful care of my baby girl Lucy. I just wish they did wellness care.”

Jo S. & "Goliath"

“Technician & veterinarian [Dr. Arbuckle] were both very nice and sincere… It was heart wrenching to see him seizure and rush him in, but your staff made this hard experience a little easier and go smoothly.”

Janine E. & "Violet"

“Everyone I interacted with was friendly, reassuring, and patient. I felt confident my pet was in good hands. I also really appreciate the follow-up call, postcard, and survey.”

Rachel M. & "Peanut"

“Animal Emergency Hospital was absolutely AWESOME!! I’m so glad they were open in our furry friend’s time of need! They were loving, friendly and speedy!”

Lorine B. & "Jolly"

“All of the veterinarians we had contact with were very caring and knowledgeable. They took time to explain everything to us clearly. They made it clear that we could call and check on our hospitalized pet at any time (even in the middle of the night). The excellent care provided by the veterinarians and their staff saved our Jolly’s life.”

Kathy R. & Holly

“I am very thankful to have an emergency animal hospital this close to my home in Midlothian with a competent and caring staff.”

Nancy P. & "PJ"

“Both Dr. Jung and her assistant were beyond courteous, sympathetic, helpful and knowledgeable. Our kitty received superb care. Our minds were put at ease and PJ has totally recovered! We were delighted with the experience and have already recommend the hospital to friends should they need after hours care.”

Dave N. & "Shakespeare"

“Dr. Daniels was honest and caring at the same time. After we made the decision to put our dog to sleep, the doctor explained the procedure and made certain we had time to say good-bye. We were allowed to remain with our beloved pet, knowing in our hearts we were doing the right thing. Dr. Daniels explained what he was doing at every step. We left the facility feeling sad, but grateful for the staff for the way everything was handled. This was our first time to a 24 hour emergency animal facility. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and neighbors.”

Anne B. & "Lillie"

“Would recommend to all! Wonderful place, very pleasant and helpful staff! So glad to know we have a place like this 24/7!”

Carolyn J. & "Kirby"

“Not only was the vet very professional but extremely kind. Our dog was severely injured & could have died without their quick action. Our ERs for humans could take a lesson.”


“Dr. Arbuckle was easy to talk to and answered every question. She seemed to really care for animals and was genuine.”

Elizabeth D. & "Cha Cha"

“My first visit at the hospital with my pet and everyone was wonderful. If I ever had to take my pet back I would definitely do so. Thanks.

Martha B. & “Sugar Belle”

“Everyone was very nice. You have a nice facility.”

Kim R. & "Wedo"

“Thank you for being so caring and kind. I will always recommend this hospital. Our sad time was made easier by your caring Dr.s and staff. Thank you so much!”


“All the team members in your hospital were very nice, friendly and professional. The hospital was clean, and had a comfortable feel to it, for a hospital the atmosphere made you feel welcomed.”

Greg F. & “Whitney”

“I was extremely pleased and impressed with your staff. Very friendly and very compassionate. Appreciated giving all options and telling what was necessary and what was optional, like the x-ray that would have been added expense but not necessarily would have showed anything. Appreciated the follow up call also the next day checking on Whitney. If I am in need in the middle of the night I will be driving to see y’all…Thank you again for your great SERVICE AND CARE!”

Marilyn H. & "Luckie"

“The doctor [Presler] we saw was very polite and knowledgeable. She explained every option that was available to us.”


“The doctor [Jung] we saw was compassionate and caring and very thorough.”

Teresa C. & "Malito"

“You are GREAT!!!”


“Staff and vets were professional, kind, treated us well and helped to make Napoleon’s last days and moments the calmest and easiest it could be. I really appreciate everything that was done to help me out in my time of need. Thank you.”

Tina B. & "Cooper"

“This facility is staffed by the kindest, most compassionate and caring people that I have ever been privileged to be near. The most difficult thing for an animal lover is to see an animal suffer and have to be put to sleep. Having people there who truly care about the animal as well as the owner made the experience less intense. Their explanations, concern, love and grace of their actions was very appreciated.”

Jamie P. & "Bella"

“You all saved my dog’s life. Thank you so much”

Debbie M. & “Ranger"

“[Dr. Jung] helped me to understand the real problem without making me feel ignorant”

Rhonda H. & "Talia"

“There are not enough words to describe how awesome this clinic is.”

Mike K. & "Blanca"

“Very compassionate staff.”

Chuck E. & "Bob"

“The vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was thorough and professional, as well as caring and compassionate.”

Nadine T. & "Babe"

“The care and compassion of the entire staff was almost overwhelming at this difficult time. I will always be grateful for the care and understanding shown to me and my family. I would recommend this clinic to anyone for unbelievable service.”

Toni H. & "Bailey"

“Did not have to wait long. My pet was taken care of and diagnosed quickly. Positive experience!”

Lisa D. & "Lukie"

“The staff was so attentive and caring that I called back and asked if I was able to transfer my dog to this facility for his routine checkups.”

Leroy W. & "Duke"

“The staff was very compassionate and caring throughout the entire process. It made our loss much more manageable knowing that we had true professionals at the time of need for our Duke!”

Christy T. & “Pebbles”

“I was absolutely happy with the hospital. From the snacks and drinks (I just got home from work to discover my pet was ill) so they were much appreciated to the fireplace that kept me calm as my baby was taken back to the friendly staff this animal hospital is top notch. A get well card was even sent to my cat. 🙂 How sweet!”

Liliana C. & "Milo"

“She [Dr. Arbuckle] was very friendly and thorough and since he had to stay for surgery we were kept up to date throughout the day & evening into the next day on his condition by the other veterinarian [Dr. Jung.]”


“Your facility to me is the best around. I would not trust my pets to anyone else. Wish that you weren’t just an ER facility as you all show your love and care for any and all animals. Dr. Farrington was excellent with my two dogs. She was very informative and direct with all instructions. No beating around, just straight out. I loved that and she is an excellent veterinarian. Thanks so much to you all for caring as much as you do.”

Judy S. & "Abbie" and "Chili"

“Great service and patience!”

Lacey W. & "Cali"

“Wonderful treatment, thank you for taking such great care of Cali! And we appreciate the sincere follow up call!”

Kelli C. & "Goldie"

“My dog was bitten by a snake and, as a result, didn’t want anyone to touch or handle her. Even though she was aggressive, the staff remained calm, supportive and caring.”

Naquita W. & "Daxter"

“Jaime, Dr. Roberts, and Dr. Lammers provided excellent service.”

Chelsea M. & "Jemma"

“The vet was very thorough and helpful throughout the entire visit.”

Louis P. & "Sunny"

“Thank you all for your caring and compassionate manner.”


“Everyone was very attentive and nice. They took good care of us. Unfortunately we had to put Rocky to sleep, but the personnel were very kind with us. I got a letter a couple days later after we put Rocky to sleep, saying they were sorry for our loss. I really appreciate that. So, thank you for your work and for caring about our four legs family members.”

Diann H. & "Feety"

“Dr. Arbuckle was awesome! She quickly assessed our situation after reviewing the records we brought with us. She gave me treatment options and allowed me to decide what was best for my precious pet. When my decision was made, she reassured me that she agreed.”

Kristen N. & “Rogue”

“The entire staff was very thoughtful and helpful at a stressful time. I pray I never need emergency assistance with my beloved pets again, but if I do, I know where to go!”


“The visit was perfect and we felt very comfortable.”

David B. & "Sister Dog"

“I really appreciated the personal contact with updates and recommended treatments I received from Dr. Daniels and the staff. Although I never want to have to call on your services again, I want you to know how much I appreciate the personal concern and care we received from every single staff person on every single visit we made to the hospital. And thank you for sending us pictures of our “child” while she was with you!”

Pam H. & "Abby"

“I was so glad that the emergency hospital was there and open on a Sunday night. They treated us and our dog with great care and compassion.”

Robin E. & "Henry"

“Our visit to your hospital during the middle of the night gave us much comfort and our stay was timely with great information where we could follow up the next day with our own vet. Thanks for being there when we needed help.”

Emily L. & "Sadie"

“We have been to this pet hospital twice for our dog and have had very pleasant experiences both times. The lobby is very pleasant and they offer snacks and movies while waiting. The staff is very caring and attentive.”

Edith G. & “Emylou”

“Vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] and staff were very caring.”

Karen P. & "Dolly"

“Always a pleasant place even though my pet is ill.”

Julie A. & "Teddy"

“I am very very happy with your facility! My dog Teddy and I were greeted immediately upon our arrival, and taken into an examination room. The vet tech [Saul] was very sweet and helpful, and the vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was great and was very thorough in her examination and explanations. She was very careful and truly cared about Teddy. I will definitely go back again if the need ever arises, but I hope it doesn’t, if you know what I mean! =D”

Samantha A. & "Speed Racer"

“The staff was very kind, empathetic, and responsive to us every time we visited the facility.”


“This was my second visit with my Yorkie and last time was much more serious. I feel strongly that they handle the type of emergency on a very timely manner and prioritize well.”

Laura H. & "Maverick"

“Our unexpected visit to the hospital turned out to be a nice experience. The people in the reception area were very friendly and accommodating. The Vet was very informative. Everyone was very attentive to my puppy as well as all to all of the animal visitors that night. I will most definitely recommend them to my family and friends.”


“Everyone was attentive, thorough, and quick. They addressed our concerns professionally and eased our worries.”

Jo B. & "Gus"

“Just knowing there is a place for emergencies on a weekend and late at night, took a lot of stress away.”

Merilee R. & "Dusty"

“My brother and I are BEYOND impressed with the care our dog received. Your follow-up calls and get well card truly touched our hearts. I have made sure to tell all my friends how great you have been. I have your clinic (and our primary vet’s name) all over my Facebook page.”

Wendi M. & "Libby"

“They were angels. I couldn’t have put my baby girls life in better hands. I’m eternally grateful!”

Christy T. & “Pebbles”

“The veterinarian [Dr. Arbuckle] was extremely nice and attentive. She answered all my questions and took care of my precious cat.”

Mary Y. & “Rosie”

“I am glad you are there when I cannot get [my regular vet]”


“Very nice facility, friendly helpful staff”

Ginger H. & "Petey"

“This is such a great clinic ! Definately an amazing place! They are not out to nickle and dime you to death! Great staff even followed up with a phone call! ❤️”

Rhozine T. & "Bella"

“I am grateful for all the detail, thoughtfulness, and concern.”

Dr. David & Sharon W. & “Pooh Bear”

“We’re so happy you are close by and offer such quality care in our area. Thank you so much.”


“Everyone was helpful.”

Casandra M. & “Gidget”

“Excellent care. Quick and effective! My foster baby is doing great!”

Julia T. & "Dutchess"

“I loved the facility. I drove 100 miles for Dutchess’ emergency. If any of my dogs ever has an emergency I will drive it again in a heartbeat. Thank you very much for the care you gave my furbaby.”

Brandy R. & "Whistles"

“Whistles was in a lot of pain when he came in. The staff was wonderful took and took great care of him. It has now been 1 week since his visit and you would never know anything had been wrong.”

Michael S. & "Hennessy"

“Ancillary staff went out of their way to interact with our dog and allay his (AND our) anxieties. “Talking dog” with an apprehensive canine is a highly underrated skill, and is to be applauded. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this firm to a fellow pet-owner in need of emergency care for their animal. I’m just sorry that their services are for emergencies only.”

Traci H. & "Bota"

“I really appreciate the fast actions everyone took to make my dog better.”

Viktoria M. & "Bonnie"

“I’d like to thank Dr. Arbuckle for her professional and compassionate way of dealing with our puppy’s condition. She made a very difficult situation more or less understandable.”

Vicki W. & "Angel"

“The facility was pristine and welcoming. The office staff was friendly and helpful”


“[Dr. Jung was] Very helpful, understanding, and respectful of your time. Our family appreciated the follow up call checking on our pet.”

Ashley J. & "Bella"

“Everyone was very kind!”


“We were very pleased and touched by the treatment given to our dog after being hit by a truck. We were not pressured into making a decision concerning his outcome.”

Mari H. & "Kutuh"

“I’m just very thankful for what you did for my baby. He’s still in the recovery process but he’s doing SO much better & almost back to his beautiful cranky self! Lol! Everyone was very sweet & compassionate towards us & my baby. Thank you again!”

Ruth H. & “Tucker”

“Everyone was fantastic. I highly recommend this clinic! Great job!”

Kelsey P. & "Lovin' Spoonful"

“I have never been so impressed with staff and service in ANYTHING! The minute I brought Love Bug into the lobby, the staff took him right off to get his vitals while I told them what was going on with him. They calmed my nerves, they were totally okay with the fact that I was crying like a child who dropped their ice cream cone, they answered every question patiently, even if I asked the same question twice. And the whole place felt more like an oasis than a veterinary office. The amount of refreshments blew my mind! I’ve been in hospitals that didn’t offer that much and such wonderful quality. The exam rooms were pristine and the pictures on the walls were adorable! I hate that my Love Bug was ill, but knowing that he was in the hands of these loving, caring people made his absence at home easier. And calling to check in on him and sending a postcard after he left, it just pushed it over the top. Thank you so, so much!”

Wanda R. & "Meribelle"

“Of course, losing my Meribelle is very difficult for me. She has been a very loyal precious companion for over ten years. I felt the staff there went the extra mile in every way to make it as easy as possible. I now understand the suffering I was witnessing and am so thankful she doesn\’t have to suffer anymore.

Thank you for your courteous, compassionate professional caring.”

Stephen M. & "Sweetie"

“The entire staff was very compassionate, and treated our dog like she was a member of THEIR family. Thanks!”


“He [Dr. Daniels] was great and made it as easy as possible. Everyone was wonderful during this awful time.”

Chuck S. & "Dirk"

“Bringing Dirk in to be put down was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I had so many good memories of Dirk, from him being with me at A&M to traveling cross country multiple times to the countless moves and relocations we went through. I never thought I’d be able to love an animal as much as I loved Dirk. I could see signs of him slowing down over the past few months, and when the vestibular symptoms returned after a year I thought my wife and I should start preparing for the worst. When I woke up the morning I brought Dirk into see you I knew he was ready to go. I couldn’t stand to see him in that shape, knowing he was suffering. I came to you because we love our vet in South, TX (East Bernard) where we are from, but of course there was no way I could get there in time to help Dirk. I know you don’t know me, my wife, or Dirk, but you are a classy bunch and as a grown man crying in your office, I still felt respected. We laid Dirk to rest under an oak tree at my parents in Eagle Lake which is about 4 hours south since I couldn’t bear to bury him at our rental in Burleson where we won’t be for very long. God Bless, Chuck Stephens.”


“She [Dr. Arbuckle] made me feel comfortable while discussing difficult decisions”

Judy R. & "Sadie"

“All the vets we dealt with were very competent and explained everything very well. Our Sadie was so sick and everyone we had contact with were very concerned and understood our feelings.”


“I am thankful that there is a 24 hour emergency clinic in our area. Everyone did an outstanding job.”

Aimee N. & "Trinity"

“This was the second time we have had to use this facility. The care, staff and facility are AMAZING.”

Pam R. & "Harley"

“Great vets! So obvious they cared about my little guy!!! I’ve had two emergencies with my little Pomeranian, Harley – both on a Sunday. You took such great care of him at a fair price. I will always use you for any emergency my pets may have!”

Elizabeth T. & "Frannie"

“Your staff is amazing. It is a great feeling knowing they are doing everything to help your pet and for me I felt comfortable when I left your facilities!”


“We’ve had to visit the hospital one other time and saw Dr. Jung. We couldn’t have asked for more from her or the staff. Keep up the good work!”

Kay C. & "Mindy"

This was a very painful time for us, losing our pet. However, the staff at the hospital was so compassionate and helpful. They made it as easy as possible for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this hospital again nor hesitate to recommend to a friend.

Scott P. & "Daisy"

“Our beloved Daisy, our 13 year old angel in the disguise of a Bassett Hound, became very ill, late on Sunday night. We called the hospital, the phone was answered immediately, upon our arrival at the hospital, we were also met immediately and treatment started. Daisy ultimately passed away due to her extreme sickness but the staff and Dr. [Arbuckle] were so professional and courteous it made a horrible situation for us somewhat better. I highly recommend the Animal Emergency Hospital in Mansfield.”


“Thank you for taking such great care of Kyna. Everyone that came into contact with her treated her as if she was their own pet. Made us feel more at ease with having treatment done.”

Mary Y. & "Wendy"

“You made me feel very safe leaving my Wendy with you.”


“Thank you for your honesty and kindness. God bless all of you.”


“Excellent service, extremely caring personnel.”


“I cannot thank you enough for saving my furbaby, Tinkerbell. I feel that without your efforts to help her she would not be with me now.”

Samantha P. & "Abby"

“I received a call at work from my mother saying my dog had been hurt. I got to the hospital just as the veterinarian [Dr. Arbuckle] was coming out to speak with my mom. She explained everything that needed to be done and gave us an honest opinion about what she would do if it were her dog. I REALLY appreciated this! She was warm, friendly and reassuring.”

Mary N. & “Twiggy”

“The Dr. Rouquettes communicate clearly, demonstrate genuine care and concern for my babies, and importantly – listen to me. I am so happy we found them and grateful my precious Twiggy is under their care as we prepare to battle end-of-life issues.”

Mary Lou J. & "Feliz"

“We were just traveling through Arlington when Feliz got sick. We were so blessed to have her treated at your hospital.”

April B. & "Ranger"

“The hospital was so clean and spotless like brand new! They even go so far to give free drinks and snacks. Everyone was so thoughtful and caring with such calmness which is quite rare nowadays. My panic subsided and our beautiful dog was able to come home w/in 48hrs! Thanks again!”

Nancy R. & "Chewie"

“Awesome, treated my Chewie like family. Wish I could use them for my full time vet. Would recommend them to everyone!!!”

Alex S. & "Jack"

“That was the best vet visit I have ever had with Jack!!! They were amazing!!! Jack is a terror and they had him calm and purring!!! It was mind blowing! The staff is amazing! The facilities are great!!! I hope I never have to return for my kitty’s sake but I would happily trust them again with my pets!!! Dr Cody Daniels was great!!!”

Laura B. & "Botz"

“Karen was our tech that evening and she too was wonderful, friendly and informative. All around the visit was a very pleasant experience. Thank you one and all.”


“Very grateful for the care I received here and even went back to [my regular vet] to thank them for the referral. I couldn’t be happier and Emmie is thriving today!”

Kim L. & "Cabo"

“The entire staff was unbelievable during Cabo’s stay. The Doctors were readily available to speak with us and kept us feel informed on Cabo’s progress as well as the financial situation associated with his care. The only surprise was how well Cabo did. I am sure it is because he received the BEST care at Mansfield 24 Hour Emergency Hospital.”


“Everyone was very professional and friendly. We appreciated their concern for our Dayzee.”

Stephanie A. & "Gizzy Gizmo"

“I was pleased with the veterinarian [Dr. Jung]. She was pleasant and explained things well.”

Michelle G. & "Halo"

“The staff was awesome with my baby Halo, and they were very caring with me. I will be using them again, even Halo agrees.”

Elizabeth G. & "Della"

“The vet [Dr. Daniels] was very thorough and it was apparent he liked animals my little dog acted like he was her best friend. She was really comfortable with him and she had never seen him before. The staff here is always friendly and do their best to take care of the patient and their parent.”

Kathy H. & "Tramp"

“Tom and I appreciate the follow up phone call as well as the get well card. The attention to detail has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate all you do for Tramp and Willow.”

Michelle M. & "Oreo"

“Everyone was great! I would recommend this hospital to any pet owner who would want the utmost care for their furry friend.”

Kerry W. & "Buster" and "Maddie"

“Unfortunately we’ve had to make three emergency visits in the last four years. Each time the staff was very calm (we weren’t), caring and took control of the situations. While we don’t like to make emergency visits, if we don’t I’m glad it’s at AEHM.”


[Dr. Roberts was] “Very friendly and helpful”

Terri M. & "Grey Poupon"

“I was 100% satisfied with our visit, the staff were caring and very helpful. I hope I don’t have to use the services again since this was an afterhours injury to my pet!”

Karen F. & "Zek"

“Everyone was kind, helpful and showed true understanding of my feelings and very sympathetic. Wonderful people and facility”


“Love it. Friendly, clean, knowledgeable staff. Free drinks and snacks in the waiting room. Very reasonable prices. Would highly recommend and will go again.”

Michelle P. & "Oscar"

“Very compassionate people to deal with.”


“I was very grateful and impressed with the care given to Ghost and to our family during a difficult experience. Although Ghost did not end up pulling through, I felt he received the best care possible and that the veterinarian [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very compassionate and straight-forward about our treatment options and his prognosis.”

Denise A. & "Kobe"

“He [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was very professional and very, very compassionate.”

Stephen B. & "Petey"

“All of the staff were very courteous and kept me informed of all the procedures that were being followed. They did their best to make me feel at ease, which I really appreciated.”

Jenny H. & "Sadie"

“I was very impressed with the clinic! Employees were so kind and supportive in a very stressful time.”

Janiece T. & "Mr. Beasley"

“I came in with a hurt & scared puppy & left with perked up puppy who was feeling much better. I went in scared for my puppy & nervous about the cost but I left knowing exactly what was going on with him & peace of mind at reasonable cost.”

Ginger B. & "Zeus"

“[Dr. Toby Rouquette was] Very professional, down to earth, and answered my questions as if my pets were his pets.”

Vicki W. & "Angel"

“The tech [Saul] and Dr. [Daniels] were wonderful. They were extremely gentle and caring. They explained my pet’s problem and treatment very well.”


“In my one and only visit here everything was handled very well. Staff, technicians, doctor [Farrington] were all very kind and informative. I am especially thankful for the compassion shown for my pet, and the rest of my family.”


“This was my first opportunity to visit the Animal hospital in Mansfield and I must mention it was in the middle of the night. I currently handle a working dog and service an entire county. It’s important that our service K9’s are in top shape for the rigorous jobs ahead. The staff/veterinarian [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was top notch and had my working dog back on the streets in a few days! Thank you for all your help, God bless.”

Sandra Z. & "Sampson"

“I found myself faced with a devastating decision when I discovered my 10 year old Great Pyrenees had developed a complete right hind paralysis overnight. He had been showing signs of disinterest in eating and drinking over the prior week and we were concerned that he was coming to the end of his time. Our local vet recommended that we take him to the 24 hour animal hospital, as they were better equipped to evaluate his condition and offer treatment or humanely euthanize. I can’t say enough positive and kind words for this the Mansfield 24 hour vet care. They were so compassionate and so professional. The facility was beautiful and had a comfort of being “at home.” The staff was attentive, informative, helpful, comforting and I felt like they knew and understood the anguish I was experiencing and they helped to ease the burden and the difficulty in the decision. They explained everything and attended to every detail to make the end of life decision as painless as possible to my dear Sampson. I was able to be by his side and was comforted to see the calm and peaceful way he was able to slip from his misery. The facility thought of everything necessary to make this most difficult moment tolerable. They even offered to keep his remains so that we could make arrangements for his burial, which required a couple of days to arrange. I have never experienced such an outstanding veterinary organization in the 40 years of sharing my life with cherished pets.”

Susie and Dan B. & "Skeeter"

“Dr Arbuckle was very professional and compassionate. She explained everything very well. She, and the whole staff gave us great comfort in dealing with our serious situation & we owe a HUGE debt of gratitude for saving our furbabies life.”

Teri H. & "Inky"

“Amy is awesome. She is a pro and so kind. The male vet tech [Casey] was so helpful and thoughtful getting Inky ready for her transition. I asked him for a bowl of water for Inky and he was quick and understanding. It meant a great deal. I also want to thank you for the pictures sent by cell phone. Although they do not show Inky in a “good light” and feeling well, I am thankful to have them. You all spoiled me during a horrible time and I am sure Inky felt the same way. Thank you for the superb care of both of us.”

Jennifer L. & "Titan"

“Everything and everyone was great as usual! Unfortunately, we have had to visit you guys more often than we would like but I’m glad to know you are there if we need you. Thank you again for being there for us whenever we need you!”

Hillary M. & "Jerry"

“All your vets and staff are wonderful! Everyone is very caring.”

Steve and Sandra J. & "Brittany"

“Glad to have so many qualified people under one roof 24-7 to handle the copperhead snake bite for our Brittany.”


“The staff was friendly and caring. I appreciated the kid friendly waiting area. Amy even changed the TV to cartoons so my daughter was happy.”


“My dog was breathing very fast and the vet explained everything well and they did a great job getting her all fixed up! Everyone there is awesome! I pre-paid and got quite a lot back the next day b/c they didn’t have to do as much medical treatments as they thought they were going to have to.”

Carrie B. & "Bagel"

“I have never met or dealt with a vet [Dr. Roberts] that had so much compassion not only for Bagel but out family as well. My 3 daughters were with me during this difficult visit and all of them were impressed as well.”


“The staff was fantastic and friendly, and the facility was extremely clean and didn’t smell like your run of the mill vet office.”


“It was a tough time for me, but the staff was very helpful and compassionate. Thank you.”

Brandee S. & "Dora"

“Dr. Jung was wonderful! I am so glad we brought our puppy to you guys. We are very happy with everything.”

Jennifer P. & "Harper"

“I came in last Wednesday with what I thought was going to be a routine visit and a dog who had eaten something he shouldn’t have. Unfortunately that was not the case and I ended up having to put my dog down that evening. I don’t know everyone’s name who was there that night, but I would like thank them all for being so kind and attentive to my family. Dr. Daniels was fantastic and the actual procedure was so humane and he was so respectful and kind. There was a tech there that night who took my daughter to play puzzles- thank you for helping. I was not expecting to have my Wednesday end up the way it did, but the entire team not only took care of Harper, but also my daughter and myself. Thank you.”

Chuck B. & "Prince"

“[Dr. Toby Rouquette] answered all my questions thoroughly; carefully explained the options and ramifications of each before we made the decision to end his misery humanely. Top-notch in every aspect.”

Nancy C. & "Elle"

“We came twice over the Memorial Day weekend and each time we were treated very well. It was a very difficult time for us and without the help we received from Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield it would have even been worse. They were kind and giving and we appreciate all they did for us. Thank goodness they were there for us on a holiday weekend. They eased the pain we were going through and we found the answers we needed to take care of our sweet precious little dog.”

Brenda G. & "Ollie"

“Very satisfied; attended to very fast”

Lisa M. & "Wesley"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Daniels] was very helpful and explained everything in detail that was wrong with my pet. He gave me different options that I could choose from and helped me make the right decision.”

Frank M. & "Gunny"

“One of the most clean, professional, thorough, and caring clinics we have ever been to. We can never thank you enough for being there when we needed you.”

Lois W. & "Mollee"

“Unlike other emergency clinics, they kept the exam thorough but did not order unnecessary tests to inflate the bill.”

Lisa H. & "Tootsie"

“I just want to thank everyone for all you did in trying to save my Tootsie girl. I am thankful for your kindness and passion for what you do daily. I can’t express enough how I appreciate everyone being so comforting and nice each and every time I called. I miss Tootsie greatly but I know you did everything possible to keep her here with me and God had other plans. Thank you again.”

Rebecca T. & "Penny"

“The vet [Dr. Daniels] was extremely helpful and attentive to Penny’s situation.”

Jewel P. & "Angel"

“The staff was so amazing and helpful. They cared so much about my dog and I appreciate it very much.”

Allan and Suzan W., "Bud"

“We would like to thank Dr. Sarah Arbuckle, Karen and staff. They were not only informative but compassionate when our family decided to put our beloved furbaby Bud to sleep. It was a very heart breaking decision. The staff was very kind to place us in a separate room with a sofa so that we could spend last few moments with Bud. Instead of moving Bud to another room the staff performed the procedure with Bud in my arms. He went peacefully in my arms. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you all again.”

Phyllis B. & "Julius"

“My vet in Arlington had recommended that I go to the Animal Emergency Hospital because my cat had a very large mass on his kidney. Dr. Toby Rouquette explained the procedure they would do and how it would be done. He really put my mind at ease and his professional demeanor put my mind at rest. I felt my cat was in good hands.”

Lisa M. & "Wiggles"

“It was clean and professional and they were able to see Wiggles almost immediately! [Dr. Daniels was] Very thorough and friendly.”


“Most comforting. I knew that I’d left Ginger in the best of care. Although the outcome wasn’t what we wanted, I know that everything possible to save her life was done. The doctor [Daniels] that was on the night shift that night was wonderful and helped me through the grieving process. I was grateful for all that was done. I would definitely use this facility in the future if the occasion came up, for any of our other animals. I’ve already told quite a few people about my experience, and advised them that this is the place to go.”


“This ER was not the closest to our home but it was our first choice because of our vet’s recommendation. Only the BEST for our poodle Chloe!”


“Everyone at your clinic treated us with compassion, and showed a caring attitude.”

Linda L. & "Tooters"

“Tooters had been seen as an emergengency a couple of months ago because he was so sick. The technicians and doctor were very thorough and kind at that time doing everything that they could for my baby even though he was very old and has numerous illnesses. When I visited last week, it was time to let him go. The staff couldn’t have been more kind and understanding they saw how distraught I was and handled everything very smoothly but with care. They let me spend as much time as I needed with him before the procedure. I would highly recommend Mansfield Animal Emergency Hospital to anyone I know. “

David D. & "Levi"

“Dr. Daniels was very gentle to our puppy and very knowledgeable with his diagnostics. They were all courteous, friendly, and caring the moment we walked thru the door. The whole staff was great.”

Abraham R. & "Demon"

“Very professional. Happy to have it there.”


“I very much appreciate that the vet [Dr. Daniels] only recommended tests that needed to confirm the UTI diagnosis and didn’t request other test such as blood tests. Nora was back to her normal self the next day after treatment. Thank you for the care of my kitty!”

Michelle B. & "Cooper"

“Thank you for taking such good care of our dear family member.”


“Your staff is great!”

Kelli H. & "Sarge"

“Dr Jung was excellent! She was patient and could tell we were upset and did what she could to help us.”

Gerald G. & "Belle"

“Dr. Roberts was incredible. She was so very kind and explained everything clearly. We greatly appreciate the way she handled the entire sad ordeal.”

Michael C. & "Beau"

“Very impressed.”

Cindy T. & "Henry"

“Henry received excellent diagnosis, treatment and care while at Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield for his complete urinary block. He is back to his normal, playful self. Thank you!”

Jan C. & "Cookie"

“We were so pleased with our visit to your hospital, from the moment that we walked through the doors until we left. The facility was clean, and even had a nice fresh scent. The employees were very nice, helpful and competent. Upon leaving my husband and I discussed how pleased we were with both the facility and the level of care. Our only disappointment was when we learned that you only treated emergencies, because we were ready to transfer both of our pets to your clinic for any/all of their veterinary needs.”

Shenan T. & "Harley" & "Sammy"

“They have always taken great care with all of my dogs that I have brought there.”

Cindi T. & "Oliver"

“This is our second visit and the physician remembered my pet. She was very concerned and explained all options and the pros and cons of each. I love this hospital they are very nice and for an emergency hospital their rates are more reasonable than other similar clinics in the area.”

Karen B. & "DeeDee"

“Dr. Daniels was the nicest doctor, animal or human, that I have dealt with in a long time. He was very thorough and made sure I was informed every step of the way. Dr. Jung was very helpful as well.”

Maria R. & "Gracie"

“You all saved our Gracie! You all knew exactly what to treat her with and within 48 hours she was back 100! Thank you.”

Shannon A. & "Kensi"

“I’ve been in the veterinary field for nine years. Based on other’s experiences, I refer clients to the Mansfield ER over other hospitals, but until recently I had never had cause to use them myself. I will now use my own experience to encourage clients to choose this wonderful facility in emergency cases. I have already sent a friend there for treatment. There is no better and understanding ER staff in the area!”

Larry M. & "Izzy"

“[Dr. Farrington was] very professional, very caring, felt very comfortable talking to, seemed like family”

Jeanine B. & "Duke"

“Casey, Dr. Lammers assistant, as well as Misty were both awesome. Very caring and great at answering questions. Wish such a major surgery, it meant a lot to be able to call any time of day or nite with questions or concerns.”

Jacqueline T. & "Mozart"

“Dr. Toby Rouquette and the rest of the staff did their best to help our beloved dog overcome his illness and took great care of him until the end. They were all wonderful! We will definitely refer them to our friends and family.”

Kathy R. & "Holly

“Dr. Arbuckle was very compassionate and easy to talk with. She never made me feel rushed. She was very reassuring”

Krenna T. & "Tucker"

“We appreciate the sweet compassion shown to our family in having to put our sweet Tucker down!!! We recommend this animal hospital to anyone in need of great care for your pet!!!”

Cheryl W. & "Henri"

“Very pleased. Would definitely recommend”


“Vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was very knowledgeable in total care and treatment. Facility was one of the best I have ever seen.”

Sherwood P. & "Karter"

“[Dr. Jung] Very easy to talk to! Great place!”

Donetta and Larry L. & “Schautzie”

“It was a very good experience. A phone call, a card, and now this questionnaire. The hospital is very efficient and I have already recommended it to friends.” “Very caring personnel”

Andrea H. & "Sophie"

“He [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was friendly and helpful. He made me feel at ease with the treatment plan that I chose for my little girl. He did not make me feel guilty for not going with the significantly more expensive plan.”

Gina F. & "Ellie"

We received excellent care for our precious dog. She had to be put down, and Dr. Melissa Rouquette was wonderful. She was so compassionate and caring. They brought a comforter in for our German Shepherd to lay down on while we said our good byes. Dr. Rouquette also got down on the floor with us as she put Ellie down. It meant so much that they tried to make Ellie as comfortable as possible her last minutes of life. When I went back a week later to pick up her ashes, the receptionist was amazing as well. I got teary eyed and started to cry, and she came around the counter and comforted me. We received a beautiful cedar box containing Ellie’s ashes and her paw print. The box also had her name engraved on a metal plate. As horrible as the situation was, I am so thankful that we chose to go to this animal hospital because of the awesome care we received.

Crystal W. & "Magic"

“I absolutely loved both the vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] and vet tech [Jessica] and receptionists [Dawn and Lindsey] as well. They were awesome!”

Debra F. & "Lilo"

“Everything was wonderful and they were so welcoming to my entire family! Our LILO is such an important part of our family that all 5 of us went! It didn’t bother them at all!”

Penny S. & "Wookie"

“Animal Emergency Hospital has the best and top-notch Veterinarian’s and staff. Not only did they take excellent care of my dog but they took excellent care of me as well. All of the staff treated my dog as if he were family and made me feel comfortable as well. They treated my dog as an individual and not just a number.”

Charlotte F. & “Samson”

“We found the staff to be very caring, compassionate and sensitive to our needs. Every detail was seen to.”

Annette O. & "Sparky Alarcon"

“The vet [Dr. Presler] that took care of my Sparky was very nice and did great on his eye operation. Everyone was very respectful and caring, we were not treated differently because of our race.”

Pam R. & "Fonzie"

“She [Dr. Arbuckle] was very helpful & eased my mind about the final decision.”

Larry and Emily G., & "Oliver"

“Words cannot express the appreciation we have for everyone who helped us when we brought Oliver in. The compassion that each of you had for us was such a comfort. Our heartfelt thank you. You were all so wonderful. AND, I already have recommended you to everyone I have spoken with about Oliver!!! P.S. Taking care of the checkout prior to seeing Oliver was such a good idea. It made it a little easier to just be able to leave. Thank you.”

Dawn W. & “Bell”

“Best Place. Glad you’re here in Mansfield”

Deborah W. & "Obi"

“Everyone was absolutely AMAZING!!!”

Michelle P. & “Kuma”

“Stacy and the Dr. [Sarah Arbuckle] were both very kind and professional, thorough and patient with us and our puppy which made the experience a pleasant one”

Elaine N. & "Angus"

“We very much appreciate all of the care and compassion that was provided to Angus during such a heartbreaking time”

Dee K. & "Miley"

“I cannot say enough nice things about the staff and care we received from Mansfield Animal ER. From entering the waiting room, to finally leaving without our fur baby, the staff was very professional and considerate of our feelings. I would highly recommend Mansfield Animal ER. Thank you Dr. Daniels and staff for the empathetic attention you showed not only to Miley, but our family as well.”

John W. & "Bridget"

“Dr. Farrington and Gloria were both very attentive to us and to Bridget. Dr. Farrington was very thorough and went out of her way to discuss with us Bridget’s illness, test results, and treatment. A very nice facility and staff.”

Vickie H. & "Gabbie"

“Sincere and compassionate staff!!”

Chelsea M. & "Sloan"

“Everyone I came into contact with during our visit was very friendly and compassionate. I was blown away by how great of an experience it was!”

Maria R. & "Storm"

“Your office was highly recommended by every vet office I called around Duncanville area . At first I thought it would be too far, but it wasn’t and it was worth it. You were all amazing and so helpful and y’all were just great . Thank you so much!!!”

Rosy A. & "Milo"

“Overall great experience! Thank you for being open late to make sure my puppy was ok!”

Pam C. & "Chewie"

“If we ever need after hours care (and I’m sure we will,) we will definitely be back and I will recommend them to our other pet owning friends.”

John H. & "Fritz"

“Thank you for the wonderful care and love you showed Fritz while he was in your care.”

Cody B. & "Ranger"

“I have been twice with Ranger. I have been so impressed. I felt at ease and felt they had a true sense of compassion for my dog and me. Ranger got the care he needed and seems to be feeling better each day. The people that have helped have been genuinely kind. Thank you”

Kerri K. & "Hunter"

“[Dr. Toby Rouquette paid] Excellent attention to detail and answered all questions I had”

Imogene B. & "Harley"

“Very nice staff and cared for our little dog so carefully.”

Joanne R. & "Misty"

“I can not say enough how wonderful your technician [Amy] was from my initial phone call through the process of putting my 12 year old Misty down. I plan on using this hospital in the future and will recommend this hospital to everyone I know. “

Angela D. & "Hank" & "Crissy"

“Everyone was helpful and attentive. Everything was explained clearly and in a timely manner. I will absolutely recommend your facility.”

Shenan T. & "Harley" and "Sammy"

“Everything was just great”

Lance S. & "KO"

“I arrived with my kitty KO to the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield by referral from my vet after KO was struggling with his breathing. A week prior he was diagnosed with Histoplasmosis. Due to the severity of his condition and the lack of concrete procedures for curing him, the Doctor [Toby Rouquette] recommended it may be time to put KO down. It was the first time I thought someone was giving me realistic advice that was in the best interest of me and most importantly, KO. With the uncertainty of treatment, it appeared that KO would probably not benefit from continued help. I appreciate the Doctor and staff for their support during this difficult time; the care they showed KO in his last minutes will never be forgotten.”

Marcy S. & "Conan"

“The kindness, compassion and dignity that was shown to us and our beloved dog Conan was phenomenal. There are no words to express how grateful we are except a big Thank You.”

Carolyn C. & "Beau Jangles"

“This is a first class 24 hour emergency clinic. My little Yorkie would not be here if it were not for the staff here. This is my third emergency with my dog over the last two years. Thank goodness they are here with trained vets and staff.”

Trenton C. & "Neron"

“While our pet was in a very serious condition and we were very stressed we were very pleased with the service we received. The condition of our pet was explained and three treatment options were provided, which gave us the ability to choose the extent we were will to go to save our pet. We chose option 2 and results were very successful. All of the employees were very helpful and exhibited genuine concern for our pet. We were so appreciative of their kindness and patience as we decided the course of action for our pet.”

Michelle G. & "Romeo"

“Casey was amazing. He was so nice to us and genuinely cared about our situation. Even though we lost Romeo that day he was great through it all.”

Tamara C. & "Casanova"

“In April, Dr. Farrington and staff helped us let our 18 year old cat pass with peace in a hugely caring manner. One of the techs offered to make a plaster cast of his paw print for us which we cherish more than words can express. On June 27th, Dr. Toby Rouquette and nurse Shannon gave our young kitten Viktor who was diagnosed with Pan Leukapenia every effort to try to save his life. Their compassion was greatly appreciated. On July 7, Dr. Daniels and nurse Shannon again gave great care and compassion to Casanova who came down with the same wicked virus. Your doctors and staff are always the best even when the outcome is not what is hoped for. I always recommend this hospital to anyone with pets because of the caring and compassion of the doctors and staff.”

Charles H. & "Penny"

“Kindness and compassion for our animal and our loss. Follow up with us was more than expected but appreciated very much. Will use this facility in the future should we get another dog.”


“I really appreciate how everyone at the hospital helped us with a trying situation by making sure we were comfortable while there and also making sure we left knowing all of our options.”


“First class facility. Would not hesitate to return again if necessary”

Robert R. & "Luke"

[Dr. Daniels was] “Great at explaining the situation. Made me feel at home. Will come back.”

Rita D. & "Misty"

“We were just amazed about the treatment and love our sick little girl got. This hospital is wonderful.”

Tamara E. & "Black Dog" and "Nelly"

“It was very comforting to know that they care about your pets (children) as much as you do. Dr. Daniels took the time to explain everything to us in a way that was easy to understand and what we needed to do. From the moment you walk in the door you feel like you are at home which immediately helped to calm us down with a very stressful situation.”

Rhonda T. & "Sadie"

“The staff were all so thoughtful and compassionate with Sadie during her traumatic experience and I feel they took excellent care of her despite her condition. I wish more human medical staff were so concerned with their patients.”


“Dr Arbuckle was very nice and empathetic.”

Carolyn N. & "Sonny"

“Amy, at the front desk, took care of us immediately and in a very caring way. Then the Vet Assistant [Jaime] was also thorough and reassuring. I knew my dog Sonny and I were in good hands. p.s. Sonny loved his Get Well card. Thanks you all”


[Dr. Daniels was] “very friendly and they took care of my dog with excellent care.”

Jane G. & "Star"

“Very impressed, very nice facility, very nice staff.”

Jack S. & "Raven"

Raven was able to spend an additional week with us. Thanks for the extra time we were able to spend with her. She is the best dog we have ever had, and I am sure that she will be hard to replace with all of the great features she had.

Jessica J. & "Charlotte"

“The doctors explained everything thoroughly and listened to us–that is big. A lot of doctors shush you before you can speak. I felt very at ease with the staff. Very nice clinic. They provided drinks and snacks– very nice when you are going to be there a while and are nervous about your pet.”

Sherri B. & “Marley”

“Staff was all very friendly, attentive and informative. Thank you so much!”

Jason D. & "Rosie"

“Thank you guys for the email and letter regarding my loss. I miss Rosie every day and wish she was still here. I knew something was wrong with her and that she was sick. When I took her in, I had no idea that I would have to make the decision to let her go. I hope I made the right decision after viewing her examination results. I didn’t want her to be in pain any longer. Thank you for examining Rosie and helping me make a tough decision. I appreciate how she was treated, like the sweet dog she was, and how you helped her be comfortable until it was her time to go. That meant a lot to me. Please share my comments with the veterinarian and staff that handled Rosie. Thank you for everything you guys do. I couldn’t do your job.”

Kristen W. & "Bojangles"

“Everyone I spoke to was very professional, courteous, and helpful. Shannon was wonderful with Bojangles. You can tell she really loves what she does!”

Jena P. & "Lilly"

“We are so glad you are in Mansfield. I had seen your facility but never thought we would be needing it at 9 on a Friday night! The staff was very friendly and called the next day to check on Lilly. They are an asset to Mansfield.”

Umer H. & "Sasha"

“Great Staff!!! Excellent personalities. Everyone made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend this hospital to everyone looking for urgent care for their pets.”

Dee M. & "Bella"

“The vet [Dr. Arbuckle] explained everything in great detail and I felt very comfortable leaving Bella in their care.”

Jennifer F. & "Sassy"

“I am extremely grateful to everyone at AEHM. Everyone treated my family with so much care. As awful as the incident was with Sassy, you made our experience easy. I will never forget the amazing people that I met there, and I thank you for saving my Sassy.”

Kristie F. & "Rufus"

“The staff was absolutely wonderful and I am 100% confident that they did everything they could to save our dog. I was very comforted by them and will definitely go there again if the need arises. I could tell that they really did care about us and our dogs well being. We cannot even begin to verbalize how much we appreciate them and what they do.”

Dawn K. & "Jake"

“Everyone was very professional and it’s obvious they are well versed in treating not only the animals, but also their very worried owners. Thank you.”

Sue O. & "Duchess"

“Thanks to all staff. A great experience, wish you were closer.”

Eleanor B. & "Molly"

“I was able to get In quickly and my puppy was given great care. I was relieved because it was late at night, I was able to get help quickly. The vet was very friendly and knowledgeable.”

Ralph F. & "Oscar"

“Everyone was very helpful”

Andrew H. & "Jax"

“Great atmosphere and they really do try to make you comfortable as possible while you are waiting on your pet. “


“The entire staff was pleasant and professional.”

Elizabeth G. & "George"

“The staff is friendly and compassionate. I feel like my precious George was treated compassionately. I had the treatment options explained so that I could make the best decision”


“Thank you for being there. The people I met that early in the morning were very courteous and made my pet and me feel very comfortable and were informative. They spoke in lay terms that I could understand and what to expect when I went home. Very nice place. I will always use them for my pets’ emergency needs. I have already told several friends of your emergency clinic and responses were favorable to use them.”


“The vet [Dr. Arbuckle] & assistant [Gloria] did a very good job of taking care of Reba & addressing our concerns. We were very pleased with our trip to your pet hospital.” – Eddy and Doris Raymond, “Reba”

Cera H. & "Sadie"

“Everyone there was very helpful and really nice! I have already recommended y’all to all my friends!”

Jeff S. & "Kissy"

“This was our second visit to the hospital. Both trips have been for dogs that are nearing the end. All of the staff has been caring and considerate and accommodating each visit. This is really helpful and appreciated under such difficult circumstances. Dr. Daniels was extremely caring, thorough, yet professional. We were very pleased and really couldn’t ask for more.”

Rhonda N. & "Bosco"

“The staff was very efficient and nice. Was only given two other emergency choices. This was not one and other facilities should know of this one. It’s closer than most think and whole lot better.”

Connie F. & "Snickers"

“The hospital is very neat and clean and the waiting area is very comfortable and relaxing. The staff were very nice and supportive of my needs. A beautiful and comfortable facility.”

Mark J. & "Lucid"

“Staff was awesome!”

Gerald G. & "Belle"

“Everyone at the hospital was sympathetic and helpful. You have a very outstanding facility and staff.”

Sherri W. & "Lexi"

“Very clean and professional facility. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and compassionate. I hope our Lexi doesn’t need emergency services any time in the future but I am glad to know she will be taken care of at this hospital.”

Cara W. & "Holly"

Thank you for all you did for my Holly. The assistance and service we received at your hospital was prompt and thorough. I felt confident in your care and treatment of my baby. I believe that we received an exceptional and quick response from all the staff involved from the beginning to the end of our visit. I was particularly pleased by the urgency with which you responded to our emergency and the thorough explanation we received concerning Holly’s condition. Thank you for all you did.

Donna W. & "Zeus"

“Very nice people. Very clean office.”


It was a good experience. It was nice to have the vet and tech understand that we just couldn’t spend thousands of dollars on our dog. They helped us find affordable treatment options and were understanding when we had to put Roscoe down.

Christy D. & "Charly"

“We are very thankful that you were there for Charly and us. He was loved very much and you made a very hard decision bearable. Thank you so much.”

Trish F. & "Abbi"

“The staff were very compassionate and really seemed to care about the animals.”

Sammye C. & "Sophie"

“As I was rushing to get Sophie in, the tech opened the door for me and Sophie was taken immediately to be examined. She was treated just as important as a human patient would be. I was upset when I had to leave her there for the night but the kindness of a simple hug by the tech was comforting and I knew Sophie was in good hands. I can’t say enough good things about this hospital. Sophie is alive and well and with me today because of all of you. I also wanted to say thank you all for the love and care you gave Sophie, even carrying her around when she was barking at be enclosed in her kennel once she was feeling better. She’s just a little spoiled.”

Thomas R. & "Rocky"

“[Dr. Melissa Rouquette was] Friendly and compassionate. I am glad there were there when we needed them. Thank you!”

Kelly R. & "Rowdy"

“The hospital was super clean and smelled really nice. I almost couldn’t believe I was in an animal hospital. The front desk people [Amy and Rebecca] were extremely friendly and attentive.”

Cindy W. & "Lacy"

“Cody [Dr. Daniels] was very helpful & honest with us on making a very difficult decision. Although we are still mourning the loss of our cat, I appreciate the kindness of all the staff members at the hospital.”

Sara R. & "Finley"

“Everyone was very helpful and nice. Each time I came in the staff was wonderful. They were welcoming and answered all questions and concerns with compassion and understanding. I always felt comfortable calling for an update or dropping by to visit my puppy.”


“Everyone was fantastic! Thank you for such great care”


“The veterinarian [Dr. Arbuckle] was polite, courteous and to the point.”

Jeff H. & "Katie"

“Veterinarian [Dr. Lammers] was compassionate and understanding with our dog Katie. He seemed to genuinely care that we were concerned about our dog’s health. The entire staff was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I left my dog for surgery with no apprehension.”


“Everyone was extremely kind.”

Sandra P. & "Ruby"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Arbuckle] was amazing and so was the other members of the hospital!”


“The staff was very attentive to both my emotional needs as well as my pet’s physical well being. They were very caring.”

Marylyn K. & "Murphy"

“Thank you for listening to me regarding Murphy’s history of GI problems and not pushing for a bunch of tests. The Metronidazole was exactly what he needed. He’s back to his normal, feisty self!”


“Everyone was compassionate!”

Lynda & Gary H. & “Mork”

“We cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciated the friendly, caring attitudes exhibited by every person we came in contact with at the hospital. We especially appreciated how we were encouraged to call at any time to check on Mork’s in-hospital recovery progress; and again encouraged to call with any concerns or questions during Mork’s in-home recovery.”

Jennifer C. & "Zoe"

“We received excellent care for Zoe.”

Dana V. & "Gracie"

“I was visiting Mansfield from out of town and stopped in at the clinic when my dog injured her leg. Everyone on staff was kind, helpful, and very competent. They listened to my concerns given my pet’s overall health history at the time of her injury AND given the fact that we were out of town and due to travel back to Austin shortly. They gave me a solid diagnosis on her injury (torn ACL), medications that were respectful of her other health issues, and good guidance about what I should do in the interim before and after I returned home and could follow-up with my regular vet and a surgeon-specialist. It truly put my mind at ease to have such competent and thoughtful people attending to my pet (and me!).”

Marsha and Don F. & "Sophia"

“They were GREAT and very knowledgeable requiring Sophia.”


“Dr. Melissa Rouquette was very thorough in explaining the circumstances and helped us better understand Smokeys illness. She was very kind and gentle with him and she did a very good job.”

Marcy M. & "Cocoa"

“Our visit to the hospital was very traumatic following a dog attack. The staff was very helpful, quickly taking care of Cocoa and then seeing to our physical needs too. We all arrived at the hospital bloody and scared. Thank you for being open and ready when we needed you the most. We could not have waited until our regular vet opened in the morning.”

Kimberly S. & "Cassie"

They were extremely caring & thorough with our Springer Spaniel of 10 years. Treated her like their own pet!

Chris P. & "Layla"

“Have been here twice and we are seen very quickly, which helps when you have a pet that is in pain and can’t tell you why. Being seen immediately helps calm us down instead of thinking the worst.”

Sharon B. & "LuLu"

“Thanks for being there! This was my second time to use this E.R. My other dog Rose had a c-section there in the middle of the night. She had 3 puppies due to the quick response in the E.R. Puppies and mom are doing great! Many thanks!”

Whitney G. & "Stella"

“This was my first visit to this clinic and I was thoroughly impressed! The staff was from helpful and attentive from the first phone call until check out.”

Kelsey B. & "Shooter"

“We have had great experiences both times we’ve been to Mansfield Animal ER and love having such a great place nearby for when emergencies come up. Thank you!”

Larry M., & "Izzy"

“The hospital could not have been any better. The personnel were great and called to check on pet after leaving. During her time there, we could called in anytime and always received friendly responses and updates for our girl. Beautiful hospital with caring people—who could ask for more?”


“Very nice atmosphere for you and your pets”

Jamie M. & "Jade"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] made my experience much easier with her explanations and kindness. All of the staff made me feel comfortable and helped the experience be much easier.”


“Very pleased overall. Vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was great! 🙂 Made us feel safe and confident that Forest was going to be okay.”

Kathy H. & "Bandit"

“All of the people who work at this clinic are always kind and compassionate. I have know Dr. Toby Rouquette and his wife Melissa for many years and they are the best. I drive from Arlington to see them and would not hesitate to refer them and have to my friends and family.”

Hannah C. & "Shadow Cat"

“Excellent, as usual.”

Rebecca R. & "Biscuit"

“This is our second time to visit the clinic and we are always impressed with the promptness and attention displayed to our dogs. I would rather come see them than our regular vet. Truly thankful they are nearby. It’s never easy taking your pet to a 24 hour clinic not knowing what to expect, but Mansfield exceeds our expectations! Thank you!”

Jennifer C. & "Zoe"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was very good with Zoe and completely explained things to us.”

Sandra C. & "Mitzi"

“This was such a wonderful experience. Everyone was great and efficient they took great care of our baby girl”

John P. & "Hoss"

“Thanks so much. Hoss is now doing great.”

Carole W. & "Chloe"

“The office and exam rooms were spotless. The staff so kind and professional.”

Monkie F. & “Chunk”

“Thank you so much for the love and care you have Chunk and me for our brief stay.”

Damorrow W. & "Bella"

I was very pleased with the staff and the facility overall and I felt that Bella was in good, caring hands. We are very happy to have her at home with us again.

Steve W. & "Chief"

“Very good visit in all categories”

Francisco C. & "Lassie"

“I had a pleasant experience. Staff was great!!!”

Lacy E. & "Cowboy"

“Very happy with everything here. Very awesome vet and staff.”

Carmela L. & "Leia"

“The hospital staff was very helpful about calming my kitten Leia and me. I was really worried. They were also very helpful with explaining what I should do very carefully. Thank you.”

Stephanie P. & "Dixie"

“Thank you for your love and care with our beloved Dixie.”


“We had a wonderful experience, considering why we were there. Very sweet receptionist and Dr. [Sarah Arbuckle]”


“She [Dr. Eddings] was knowledgeable, attentive, and helpful. Great hospital!”

Elizabeth C. & "Lillie Ruth"

“Your compassionate care is greatly appreciated!”

Gail S. & "Blossom"

“My dog was dying when I arrived at your clinic. Within three hours, she almost looked like her old self. I was extremely impressed with her doctor [Melissa Rouquette], who was knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate.”

Michael L. & "Brooklynn"

“This is a fantastic hospital. I had two animal emergencies with in a 3 week time frame. The atmosphere is great and the workers are very nice and understanding. They really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome in what can be an upsetting circumstance.”

Jason K. & "Nitro"

“The vet was very professional and attentive to the needs of Nitro! I will recommend them to a friend.”


“I appreciated [Dr. Arbuckle’s] concern and help.”


“The vet [Dr. Jung] was very helpful and appeared genuinely concerned about my pets recovery.”

Laurie B. & "Peeper"

“It makes me feel good knowing there is always a place open no matter what time a pet needs help.”

Laura R. & "Nadia"

“Our second time at the facility and it again exceeded expectations. Very professional and caring during the loss of our pet.”


“Thankful that my Toby received immediate treatment for a snake bite.”


“Considering the situation – visiting family from out of town and injury occurring on a Saturday afternoon; it was comforting to find your facility. I had a very positive experience working with your staff; front desk, veterinarian, and vet tech. The facility and care received is top-notch. I’ve already recommended you to friends and family that live in the Duncanville/Cedar Hill/Midlothian area. Thanks for being there when needed and keep up the good work.”

Shawn S. & "Tybe"

“I am so impressed. I have told so many people about this place. I hope to never have a need for u guys again, but if I do have a pet emergency, I will certainly be back. Love your caring staff!!!”


“I am very grateful for everything that Dr. Sarah [Arbuckle] and the staff did to help us. The kindness and thoughtfulness and their willingness to help us means so much to us and will not be forgotten.”


“The lobby was very “homey”. I thought it was very nice how the couch faced the fireplace, the TV was large enough to be seen but not loud and obtrusive and I thought the snack area was very nice. Must admit, that was a surprise! Re the above questions, I did not see the exam room, nor did I witness the vet examination. I just really wanted them to get started working on her and get her pain medication.”

Regina D. & "Marshall"

“We are so blessed to have your facility in our midst.”

Susan L. & "Bear"

“I am very happy with my service at the hospital”

Dawn O. & "

“Dr. Toby [Rouquette] and Dr. Roberts were very caring and helpful with helping find Sierra’s medical problem. If it wasn’t for Dr. Toby another one of my dogs, Brooklyn, wouldn’t be alive today. I am forever grateful for that.”

Rhonda W. & "Jags"

“I like Dr. Daniels. He is thorough, practical, and sees the pet and the owner. He helped me to know the right procedure and details on a more extensive process in case we later needed to readdress the issue. I have heard all sorts of stories about veterinary emergency clinics but this one was everything needed from a good place to park to everyone one inside striving to take care of my Jags and us.”

Bea M. & "Minnie"

“I was very pleased”

Lawrence J. & "Ellie"

“Everyone was wonderful”

Scott M. & "Charsi"

“The Dr. [Farrington] was wonderful. I could feel the compassion and caring for my animal.”

Jennifer D. & "Tiger"

“[Dr. Jung has] Great bedside manner”

Lisa M. & "Buddy"

“Everyone is so wonderful… Best place to go.”

Dawn F. & "Tinkerbelle"

“The vet [Dr. Farrington] was extremely nice and worked with me to give my baby the best care. Everyone was very nice on what was a horrible weekend for me.”

Sara G. & "Cha Cha"

“I brought my dog, Cha Cha, to be put down after ingesting rat poison because I believed it was too late to save her. The receptionist named Rebecca, however, told me that they were going to try their best to save her. She gave me faith and someone to hand over the responsibility over to. I never felt so relieved in my life and I have her and the other vets to thank for saving my dear Cha Cha.”

Roland T. & “Skyy”

“I was very happy and impressed with everything to do with the hospital AND staff!”

Sandy and Mike K. & “J.K.”

“Much more of a personal, humane experience than I expected at our time of loss.”

Jing M. & "Toby"

“Best Animal Hospital ever! Their doctors and staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. My dog Toby had a kidney failure and my vet said there were nothing they can do to save him, but I didn’t give up on my dog and Animal Emergency Hospital Of Mansfield was my last hope. Guess what! They saved him! It was like a miracle! Our family are so appreciate the love and hard work that you guys gave to my baby dog. Thank you so much!”


“The waiting area was really nice, free beverages and snacks available, very clean. Vet Techs were great!”

Beth C. & "Belle"

“[Dr. Daniels was] Very attentive to detail, understood concerns about the cost. EXTREMELY sensitive to us losing a family member. What a surprise to get a card from the staff in the mail. We can’t thank you enough for helping us on the loss of Belle :(“


“I was very pleased with the hospital and personnel. I also appreciated the follow-up call later to check on Maverick’s progress.”

Marilyn H. & "Luckie"

“Visiting AEHM was a very pleasant experience. The facility was very clean and the personnel was very nice and professional. They were all very nice and explained things to us every step of the way. They made sure we understood what our options were. I would take my pet to them again if needed.”

Bonnie H. & "T-Rex"

“The people at the clinic were wonderful. They were compassionate, caring and helpful with the treatment of our border collie who was having terrible cluster seizures.”

Teresa C. & "Sadie"

“I was very satisfied with the veterinarian [Dr. Daniels] and the team at Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield.”

John C. & “Molly”

“Stressful time on a Thanksgiving Day issue for Molly. The clinic did a great job diagnosing and treating Molly. Follow up was timely that same day. Concern was shown and pricing reasonable for a Holiday emergency.”


“Even though we had never been to this hospital before, we were treated like we had been coming here for 20 years. Thank you Elyssa, Jessica, and Dr. Presler for your compassion. We had been watching the health and comfort of our 17 year-old pup decline over the past month. The one day that it he took a nose-dive, we needed a haven late in the evening. Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield was there for us. The staff treated us with respect and caring as we bid farewell to our precious companion. We have already recommended the Hospital to friends who live in the greater Fort Worth area. Thank you for your kindness at such a difficult time.”

Carol A. & "Scooter"

“First-class emergency hospital. Will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Thank you for caring for Scooter.”

Curley C. & “Patches"

“It’s great to have a place to take your pet in an emergency and get professional treatment. Our regular Vet recommends this hospital on his door in case of emergencies.”


“I was so very sad to lose my sweet dog, but I want your team to know that I was completely blown away by the way you took such good care of him and kept me up to date on what was going on as his health changed throughout the wee hours of the morning. I can’t imagine anyone else taking any better care of us than you did, and I hope you know how much I appreciate you guys. Thank you!”

Barry K. & "Mollie"

“They were very good for our baby. Very concerned. They explained everything I needed to know. Thanks for taking care of our babies.”

Pam W. & “Lexie”

“I was so pleased with my experience the other night. Thank you so much great care.”

Brittney M. & "Leo"

“Such a wonderful place! We were so scared for our dog and worried about what was going to happen but everyone there helped us feel so much better.”

Janis F. & "Chloe"

“I was in such a tense and fearful situation with my Chloe being so sick and the veterinarian [Dr. Farrington] and staff were so kind and helpful to reduce my anxiety. I was so impressed at all their attempts to assist me and Chloe.”

Lee J. & "Bob"

“Thank you for saving my dog on Christmas day.”


“I only wish this could be my normal vet!!! Glad to have this facility available to us when needed!! Thank you!”

Linda L. & "Tooters"

The Dr [Daniels] was extremely compassionate and understanding. I was very scared when I came in. Tooters seems to be doing better at this time. I am very happy.


“I was very pleased with the experience at your facility. In addition to professional and efficient services the atmosphere of your facility is very calming and welcoming. You’ve done an outstanding job with the whole package.”

Wendy J. & "Ozzi"

“Service was extremely quick.”


“This is the first visit to the emergency vet in Mansfield. We usually go to Arlington. We found your hospital to clean, modern and efficient. Our dog received excellent care and attention. We will certainly be returning to your hospital!!!”

Rodney M. & "Doc"

“The significant difference between this hospital and others is they suggest a treatment plan, but will defer to your wishes.”

Sandra and Roger M. & "Molly"

“Very pleasant experience. Should we need medical treatment for Molly, or any of our other pets in the future, we would not hesitate to use your facility.”

Suzanne W. & "Bonnie"

“I am very very happy with the car my dog received. I know she was well cared for. She was in your facility for 12 days after getting hit by a car.”

Janis H. & "Percy"

“I was very happy that we came to your clinic for a second opinion. Should have come there first. Percy was given great care, and my daughter and I were treated very well. The staff and doctors are always wonderful, and the friendly waiting room, with snacks and drinks and comfortable chairs, and TV, always make the wait easier. I would highly recommend visiting the clinic for ANY pet emergency.”


“They were very understanding of our worries and concerns for our Pepper and tried to make any decision making we had as easy as possible. She is doing good, back to her old self.”

Jo F. & "Macho"

“The hospital did a wonderful job, we couldn’t have asked for a better staff.”

Mateo P. & "Simba"

“He [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was very professional and explained what our options were for my cat and which one was the best. Service is great. Whenever I get another cat, this is the place I’m going to take it to.”

Pam B. & "Ty"

“I appreciate their empathy and support during this time that I had to put my pet to sleep. I would recommend to anyone to this hospital. Fast, Friendly, Caring and Encouraging.”

Marci C. & "Aldo"

“The facility is beautiful! State of the art (better than most of my doctors!) Everyone was so professional, calm and so nice and welcoming. Very much appreciated.”

Beth H. & "Coco"

“If I am ever in need of any type of emergency veterinarian care I will definitely go to the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield.”

Paula W. & "Dutchess"

“The Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield was so helpful, kind, loving compassionate as well as professional and efficient. They showed love and care to our dog and were sympathetic in her passing. I would highly recommend it and the staff to anyone needing care for their beloved pet.”

Aaron A. & "Smokey"

“My visit to AEHM was fabulous. They took great care of my cat during surgery and followed up with complete care instructions. I would absolutely go back in a heartbeat.”


“We were on our way back from San Antonio when our sweet Redford passed away. The veterinarian [Dr. Roberts] was so sweet on the phone breaking the news. They had him ready for us to see when we arrived and gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye. Thank you for taking such good care of our loved one.”

Amy B. & "Huckle"

“The vet [Dr. Farrington] was so thoughtful and gentle as we laid our precious cat to rest. I sat on the couch and held my fur baby. She actually knelt down and took care of freeing my pet from her suffering. She was most understanding and supportive of me at an excruciating time.”

Mike C. & "Maggie"

“[Dr. Roberts was] “Very compassionate and kind. Great people. I would definitely recommend.”

Sandra C. & "Mitzi"

“I would highly recommend then the facility and the staff are wonderful”

John T. & “Goliath”

“When I entered the clinic, the technician did not ask for my credit card or information. He felt my dog’s abdomen and took him back for x-rays. The
vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] explained the severity of the injury. She made my decision easy to let my dog go with comfort and dignity. It was a hard night
and my life has not been the same since but they made me feel comfortable and never rushed me and showed absolute compassion.”

William T. & "Mr. Little Man"

“Best Animal ER I’ve seen since the Vet Teaching Hospital at Oklahoma State University”

Jim H. & "Annie"

“Very impressed all the way around.”

Jeannie R. & "Beans"

“Very impressed. She [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] explained everything and gave me options. Did not try to tell me that he needed a lot of tests & procedures! I felt very comfortable with the Diagnosis & Treatment plan. Wish there was a well clinic there! Will use again if one of my guys need more than routine care!”

Nancy L. & "Greyhound"

“We were greeted as soon as we walked in and immediately shown to a private room. There was a strong sense of urgency felt toward our needs and we appreciated the 1:1 time as well as the follow up.”

Jaclyn B. & "Peanut"

“The hospital was very clean and welcoming. My cat who is usually agitated during vet visits was comfortable and relaxed.”

Emily P. & "Optimus"

“The veterinarians were fabulous! They kept great communication with us and clearly explained his condition. I truly felt that they grieved with us during the hard times and celebrated every success!”


“Clean, friendly, caring, treat the people and animals with utmost importance.”

Sandy H. & "Paris

“I was very pleased and will return without hesitation, although I hope I won’t need to”


“Dr. Daniels seemed genuinely caring and concerned about Corky. He seemed to go out of his way to be sure the diagnosis and that Corky did not have another more serious illness. I appreciated his calling us at home after Corky was discharged to confirm the results of the last tests.”

Janie H. & "Tobias"

“We have been clients of your hospital on several occasions. Service is always excellent. Compassion and understanding of staff is equally superb. We are very fortunate to have your doctors and facility available.”

Omar R. & “Talia”

“The doctor [Dr. Toby Rouquette] and staff were very attentive to our needs and the needs of our pet. Even though we needed to make a very hard decision, the approach and caring attitude of the doctor made it easier to deal with the heartbreak. Thank you so much.”-

Ovidio R. & "Kindle"

“The vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very empathetic and professional”

Jennifer D. & "Ingrid"

“I would like to thank Dr. Farrington and her staff on the care in which you gave Ingrid. It wasn’t the outcome that I wanted to hear, but throughout the exam and all the questions I had she was very patient and loving to us. Ingrid went peacefully and I will miss her immensely. Thank you for the care that she received while she was there.”

Nancy B. & “Dixie”

“The doctor [Dr. Toby Rouquette] we worked with was excellent, explained everything and very nice.”

Connie P. & "Allie Bear"

“He [Dr. Daniels] was compassionate and understood that all I needed was to make sure Allie was as comfortable as she could be till morning. I appreciated not being pressured into expensive diagnostics. Everyone was very kind.” – Connie Pugh, “Allie Bear”


“Calm, warm, caring. Wonderful staff. Awesome.”


“I brought Annie in and she is old and was having some kind of episode. Your staff did an excellent job all the way around and even allowed us time to say “goodbye” for our son who was on his way back to school.”

Donna H. & "Tank"

“AEHM is probably THE most professional and compassionate Veterinary clinic we have ever been involved with in 25+ years of caring for our animals.”

Mary Ann R. & "Mingus"

“Everyone at the AEHM was so kind. The facility was very nice and clean. They were able to see us immediately. We felt like, under the circumstances, it was as smooth as it could have been. Thank you for taking care of us and our girl in the manner that you did.”

Tina H. & "Kodi"

“Unbelievable! We have always dreaded the moment we might need emergency pet services because of such awful service at another local pet ER. After having surgery on a Friday afternoon our lab needed to spend the night with you while he was recovering. It was warm and friendly like our regular vet’s office. I called twice during the middle of the night to check on Kodi and the people who answered my call were so friendly and attentive. They got right back to me with updates about how Kodi was doing and encouraged me to call as often as I wanted. We were able to have a peaceful night after a traumatic pet event because your office is so caring and attentive! I loved that we were able to go in the back and see him settled in before we left him for the night.”

Dustin B. & “Brewer”

“Was a bit apprehensive in taking my dog to the hospital because I knew it would be more expensive (understandably so) than a normal vet visit. I left very impressed with the entire experience. Just the overall pleasant vibe, even at a late night hour, was greatly appreciated and noticed.”

Janice M. & "BJ"

“It was a distressing time and I found the staff and Doctor [Roberts] helpful and compassionate.”

Beth J. & "Hailey"

“While this was our first visit to the hospital, we felt like we have known the staff for awhile by the way we were treated. The facility is very welcoming from the moment you set foot in the door. Never did we feel rushed into making a decision nor were we worried when we left Hailey in their care while she received treatment. We highly recommend this hospital. We have shared with our family members and friends our experience and how we were completely satisfied with the care they provided Hailey.”

Veronica L. & "Maverick"

“Dr. Arbuckle was very helpful, and did all that she could to take care of My Big Maverick. I knew he was in good hands, and is now resting peacefully. I do feel that they did everything they could to try to save him, but in the end he was just too sick.”

DeAnne B. & "Millie"

“The staff was extremely professional and compassionate. Top notch care was received.”


“You have excellent veterinarians. When I brought Scrappy everyone gave us excellent service, the team was very attentive to our needs and should genuine concern about getting Scrappy better. I am so thankful for what they did to make sure he pulled through”


“Everything was great! The people here are so nice, caring & helpful.”

Jamie D. & "Cricket"

“All the vets were exceptional, caring and made sure we understood all options available. Cricket was in there for 4 days and when she left it was like,” OK if I must come home.” We took here directly to the surgeon’s office & there was no fear or anxiety. She went with the tech… not normal behavior. Even though she was somewhat sedated, there were no signs of problems. (Except when she got home with her sister).”

JB j. & "Lola"

“Thank you for taking great care of Lola the Pug when we were in a desperate place. I will always be grateful.”

Melissa C. & "Rosie"

Because Rosie was so sick, we made the initial visit, then a follow-up visit a few days later. We saw two Vets, Dr. Arbuckle and Dr. Farrington. Both Vets were knowledgeable, kind, and even got on the floor with Rosie and me to explain diagnostic and treatment suggestions. I ~*HIGHLY*~ recommend this Animal Hospital!!! It is well worth the drive and the little extra it costs for an exam!!! I have already been telling my friends and family about how wonderful of an experience it has been to bring my sick Rosie here!!! 😀


“The vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] and the tech [Jenny] were both very friendly and caring. Quick, too… We got excellent care with hardly any wait!”

Brian and Donna H. & "Tank"

“Drs [Toby] Rouquette and Farrington are both extremely professional. They treat our “Big Girl” with the utmost care and respect, and with God’s help have put her on the road to recovery.”

Jennifer S. & "Maia"

“The doctor [Dr. Toby Rouquette] immediately made us feel like our dog’s well-being was priority, and he was very clear and made us feel as at ease as we could be given the serious nature of our dog’s condition. When I had to leave our dog there for surgery, I was confident that she was being left in good hands.”

Susan C. & "Bo Jangles"

“I must say that the whole experience was a very kind, compassionate, tender experience for me and my “little man”. Everything was first class and professional… with the exceptional interest/caring/understanding/knowledge that comes from people who are trained/educated in the medical treatment of animals, but also being their care givers who take them in just like it was their own family. They are gifted that way. They did everything and over & above to help Bo Jangles to make it… He did rally once, but the disease was too much. I got to bring him home, to continue more treatments, but it was not meant to be. Bo Jangles got to go to Rainbow Bridge, gently, and no more suffering, it is true that someday we will play again. My greatest admiration and respect for the Mansfield Emergency Animal Hospital—-my friends forever.”


“We lost a family member, but the staff made his passing and our heartbreak more bearable. Thank you for your compassion and the time taken with Major and my wife and I. Thank you.”

Joe E. & "Sugar"

“Saul was very helpful and pleasant… and the Dr. [Sarah Arbuckle]”

Brian and Donna H. & "Tank"

“Drs [Toby] Rouquette and Farrington are both extremely professional. They treat our “Big Girl” with the utmost care and respect, and with God’s help have put her on the road to recovery.”

Nancy L. & "Greyhound"

“The staff treated us with kindness and compassion during a very difficult time.”

Linda O. & "Bella"

“I always appreciate the prompt attentive care I receive at this facility. I know I can count on them when I really need them!”

Michael B. & "Beauchamp"

“Dr. Daniels explained the results of the testing performed and the possible causes of the dog’s severe illness. I felt that he was very realistic about the situation and the probable outcome. He presented the facts and let me make the right decision.”

Lisa M. & "Duke"

“Outstanding doctors and staff. Cannot thank you enough for taking such excellent care of our pet.”

Suzanne A. & "Love"

“I loved this place for such an unpleasant visit. The personnel was knowledgeable and prompt but most importantly kind.”


“I very much appreciate the doctor’s and staff’s kindness and understanding.”

Sherry K. & "Lil Bit"

“This is the second time I have had to take one of my pets for emergency treatment at this facility. I cannot begin to say how pleased I have been with Dr. Arbuckle. On our first visit, we had to put our pet down. It was extremely hard and Dr. Arbuckle and her staff were very caring and thorough. On this visit, Lil Bit’s condition was reminiscent of Scout’s on the previous visit. Dr. Arbuckle was very good at reassuring me that Lil Bit’s condition was not as severe. I was very impressed with Debbie [Pena] on the follow-up phone call also. She was very knowledgeable of Lil Bit’s case. It is very comforting to know that when I can’t go to my regular vet, I can get good care at the facility.”

Katie M. & "Little Girl Cat"

“I can’t thank you enough for being there for me and my pets when we need you!”

Lois S. & "Mia"

“I appreciate having a 24 hour vet near me for emergencies. The staff was very accommodating and friendly.”

Debra M. & "Lusee"

“We have had to go to your hospital twice. We would not have our sweet Lusee if not for the wonderful staff. Thank you so much for the care you have given to her and our family”

Brenda M. & "Bailey"

Thank you for saving my baby!!

Michele R. & "Jekyll"

“The staff is wonderful. So kind to the fur parents and our fur babies. Thank you!”

Barbara O. & "Heidi"

“When we were in dire need for our pet to be taken care of so she would no longer hurt they were there and very kind.”

Sandra Z. & "Reno"

“I have used this hospital on a few occasions with different pets. The service is extraordinary. I wish all veterinarians were of this high caliber, but I am grateful that this emergency staffed hospital is available when needed.”

Adrienn M. & "Oscar"

“Very clean lobby, wonderful staff, and super friendly doctor. They will be my choice for any future needs. I will also definitely recommend them to my friends and family.”

Hal H. & "Dusty"

“Everyone at the clinic Exceeded ALL of my expectation!”

Georgena H. & "Abby"

“He [Dr. Daniels] was very friendly and explained everything to our satisfaction. [The hospital is] Very comforting when you walk in. Didn’t smell like a dog potty spot.”

Jana B. & "Shelby"

“I appreciate all you did for Shelby!! I was very upset about her accident and you all made me feel at ease. Thank you!”

Sandra C. & "Rosie"

“He [Dr. Daniels] was highly recommended by my vet.”

Deidre M. & “Shop”

“I’m so glad you are located in Mansfield and available 24hrs daily…seems like every time a pet gets sick it is on a holiday or weekend… Everyone was very helpful and caring while my pet was there.”

Greg S. & "Holi"

“Fantastic service, would highly recommend.”

Kathy B. & "Smokey"

“I have been there a few times and been extremely happy with the treatment I and my fur babies have received. I have referred friends several times and they thanked me for the referral. I love you guys!”


“Thank you for helping us through a difficult time. Your kindness was greatly appreciated.”

Marilyn A. & "Domino"

“Even though our visit was not an emergency, the vet spent a lot of time with Domino”

Pat D. & "Maggie Mae"

“The staff was very friendly, empathetic and performed their jobs quickly and efficiently.”

Anonymous & "Blue"

“Super service. Very impressed with all the staff.”

Susan B. & "Duchess"

“Dr. Jung was wonderful, as were all the staff we interacted with. Very compassionate and attentive.”

Rebecca R. & "Gus"

“I had concerns taking Gus to a 24 hour clinic and not our normal vet, but was more than pleased with the service and outcome of our visit. Very grateful for all of those that were there that night! Gus is much better!!!”

Maria M. & "Precious"

“Everything was great! Wouldn’t change a thing about my visit. They took really great care of my 17 year old cat.”

Whittney H. & "Bella"

“We have only owned our dog for 6 weeks and I had no idea 24/7 pet hospitals even existed! I was thoroughly impressed with the services at your hospital.”

Betsy B. & "Posey"

“Dr. Farrington and the veterinarian technician [Shannon] were very accommodating and patient.”

Herschel C. & "Ashley"

We were very impressed with the veterinarian [Dr. Arbuckle]!

Cindy T. & "Oliver"

“When I called to check on Oliver the vet very quickly answered my call. I felt like she truly cared about him. I have never had such a great interaction with an emergency hospital. Thanks to both vets that helped me.”

Gary G. & "Doc"

“[Dr. Daniels was] friendly and was sincerely concerned about Doc’s broken elbow. Everyone was very friendly, hospitable & helpful.”

Javier V. & "Ruby"

“Dr. Lammers took the time to fully explain Ruby’s medical condition and diagnose the best future options to correct the situation. I was impressed that it was not a rush job, more than I can say when I see my primary care physician.”

Carmelita G. & "Shelby"

“The staff was very sympathetic and understanding. We never felt pressured in making our difficult decision right away.”

RoseMari B. & "Rascal"

“At a time of fear and concern, this clinic was supportive, respectful, and informative. I knew that Rascal would be cared for and loved until I could bring her home. We are so very grateful!”

Ashley S. & "Blaze"

“Thank you guys so much for saving Blaze! I didn’t think he was going to make and thanks to your superb care he pulled through and will be in our lives for many many years to come!”

Karen L. & "Keeper"

[Dr. Toby Rouquette was] “Very nice and professional”


“All staff was amazingly compassionate as well as professional. Dr. Jung was so kind and caring with my baby in her final moments and even the technician, Stacey, was attentive to our needs and made us all feel comfortable. Felt very honestly that these people truly care about their patients and not just a profit. Very clean and cozy. No feelings of being rushed and very welcoming reception staff [Natasha].”

Andrew H. & "Jax"

This is the third time we have needed to bring a pet here and every time has been absolutely fantastic. Staff is beyond friendly and takes the time to explain all treatment options. The staff shows genuine concern for every animal and human that come through the door.

Michelle L. & "Cocoa"

“The staff was very caring and took very good care of my baby.”

Lisa H. & "Sam"

“My Sam was over 15 years old and had many health problems. The veterinarian [Dr. Arbuckle] helped ease my mind that we were doing the right thing to make her comfortable and that she had a good life.”


“Thank you for taking care of our Saydee. The staff were so compassionate and generous during our sad time. Dr. Jung was really amazing and compassionate!”

Irasema G. & "Dumbo"

“They are the best!!!”

Jamie B. & "Chops"

“The only thing scarier than finding a copperhead snake in my back yard is the fact that my baby, Chops, found him first! Dr. Arbuckle, Shannon, and the staff took amazing care of my poochie and we are so grateful! Today, Chops is back to his normal behavior. Thanks for taking care of Chops and his distraught owner!”

Tina P. & "Tony Romo"

“Dr Arbuckle was so friendly and compassionate along with the entire staff. I was in tears when I arrived when I left I knew that I had taken Tony were it would be cared for with love.”


“I was very pleased with the care and concern for our pet. She was to stay for 24hrs for treatment. The following morning we were called to see if we could come and try to get her to eat, which we did and we finally got her to eat a little. I’m glad that somebody was concerned enough to let us know she wasn’t eating, so we could have the opportunity to help her get well.”

Cindy R. & “Scooter”

“I was very pleased with the compassion that was shown to Scooter in her time of need. She is back to her happy self thanks to the prompt attention she was given.”

Christine W. & "Jake"

“Everyone was pleasant and compassionate.”

Shelley H. & "Dexter"

“Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield is FANTASTIC!!!! They make you feel right at home. They show concern and compassion for your pet as if they were their own. We own 4 labs so we go to the vet often and the emergency room more than the normal pet owner. We are new in town, and I would travel HOURS (if the emergency permitted) to go to this facility over any other. They were professional, personal, and fantastic! They let our regular vet know about the emergency, which called to check on Dexter twice. The Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield called twice and sent a get well post card. Above and beyond emergency care!”

Peggy K. & "Poppy"

“All the vets here are amazing.”

Jessica W. & "Annie"

“With just a ring of the doorbell early that morning, the young man’s response [Casey] was compassion. He urgently helped me bring Annie in to the hospital. We knew she was sick and her time with us was limited, but she stayed with us for a few months longer than expected. But I knew that would be her last day. Since Annie’s vet wouldn’t open for a few hours, they referred us here. Everyone I met was genuinely concerned for Annie and for me. No second guessing or trying to make me do things that wouldn’t have helped. Thank you for helping me through a difficult time and for taking care of my precious baby girl.”

Jana S. & "Max"

“I have taken Max at least twice for treatment, brought my niece with her dog who was in bad condition with an emergency, and I believe my mothers little dog. I highly recommend (and have) Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield and feel confident in the care and treatment our sweet pups have received when they need emergency care. If we lived closer, or if any of our pets develop a chronic condition, would definitely use Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield for primary veterinarian care.”


“Exceptionally knowledgeable and professional staff at all levels.”

Joan M. & "Max"

“The response and care provided for our sweet kitty, Max, was above and beyond! So caring, communicative and an extremely knowledgeable staff. Max had the very best care possible! Thank you!!

Shannon A. & "Kensi"

“The doctor [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was patient and thorough in her assessment and open about the chances for success.”

Jennifer H. & "Tweak"

“The staff was so helpful and put me at ease with my dog. I was upset that she wasn’t feeling good but so happy that they were attentive to her needs. If needs arise with Tweak or my other dog Margarita I will bring them to this ER. Thank you again!”

Debra M. & "Scooter"

“Thanks to Dr Jung for such immediate and compassionate care of my beloved pet Scooter.”


“The staff was friendly and professional, the facility was clean and welcoming… Really a great experience. They even followed up with us the next day. This is how to treat customers. Well done!”

Susan G. & "Phin"

“Always great and courteous. I trust them with my pet. They make you feel at home.”

Jennifer S. & "Sookie"

“I took Sookie in to see the vet on a Sunday afternoon when I was worried about her breathing. Not only was she greeted with love at the door but was treated kindly throughout the entire process through checking her out, performing x-rays and drawing blood. I appreciate everything that the technicians [Gloria] and veterinarian [Dr. Toby Rouquette] did for Sookie to make her comfortable.”

Barbara B. & "Kizzie Kae"

“So glad they are open 24 hours and on weekends. Our little Kizzie Kae had a seizure and her regular vet said that the next time she had one to get her to your clinic. Very pleased with the overall experience. Everyone was kind, courteous and helpful. We didn’t have to wait long for her to be seen. I would recommend this clinic to anyone in Ellis county that has a pet emergency after hours and on weekends!”

Scott P. & "Scout"

“These people are great with animals. Scout was very at ease with the technician and the doctor, and she’s usually very shy around strangers.”

Terry N. & "Fiona"

“The overall service provided by the Dr. [Melissa Rouquette] and the staff was outstanding. Their level of care during a very difficult time was truly appreciated. They were kind, understanding, and empathetic. They provided detailed information and follow-up that made you feel very comfortable with all of the decisions you were making along the way. Thank you to all of you who were involved in the care of Fiona, our miracle dog thanks to you!”


“I was very pleased with the care received. I would use the clinic again if an emergency arises. Thank you.”


“We received bad news that our dog had a tumor and it was the hardest thing to hear but everyone was so kind to us and they were very informative. I felt my dog was in good hands with them when they took him back for an ultrasound.”

Anthony J. & "Thor"

“Dr. Roberts explained everything in detail and answered my questions. The receptionist [Amy] and the technician [Casey] were very friendly and eased my pain during the difficult time. The whole staff was wonderful!”

Angela K. & "Nitro"

“I appreciate [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] explaining to me why my little kitten was so ill and was very sweet while I stood there crying while I was wrapping my mind around the fact I had to put her down.”


“Everyone seemed to take the extra time, patience and caring for everyone who came in. During those difficult times for pet owners, that warmth and caring makes it just a bit easier.”

Rene S. & "Nicholas"

“All of the staff was very nice and caring. They even sent me a picture of my puppy showing he was feeling better.”

Joan S. & "Dudley"

“Augie & I feel that the care Dudley received not only saved his life but allowed him to return to his normal self. We can’t say enough about the loving care he received from all the staff at the Animal Emergency of Mansfield. We would like to say thanks again for all you did for Dudley.”

Jennifer E. & "Trixie"

“The doctor [Daniels] was very thorough and eased our minds. I appreciate that he did not try to do every diagnostic exam in an effort to increase the expense. Trixie felt better the next day. Thanks!”

Mendy G. & "Macy"

“Everyone was very nice and comforting. I was able to be with my precious cat through the entire procedure, and I had time with her to say goodbye. Very professional and comforting staff.”

Jewel and Tom R. & "Princess"

“Our Chihuahua was attacked by our neighbors Lab late in the evening. She was in a very bad state with bite marks and blood oozing out of her body. My friend referred us to you and had nothing but praises about the wonderful care you took with her dog when the same dog attacked hers 🙁 Your staff was so caring and everything was explained to us about what needed to be done to help her recover. I am so thankful that there are places like your where a pet can go in a crisis situation. Thank you so much for fixing my family member. My children and I are forever grateful…”

Kathy V. & "Luke"

The vets treated my dachshund’s pancreatitis in a patient and caring manner. They were calm, empathetic and informative. It made me feel much better about leaving him in the hospital when a vet tech said she loved him “to pieces” as she picked him up. Highly recommend.

Peggy N. & "Capri"

“Everyone was very supportive and caring when I was so upset and worried”

Brenda H. & "Ginger"

[Dr. Toby Rouquette was] “very helpful.” “They are very thorough and professional.”

Scott and Ginger H. & "Buddy"

“We had to make a very sad decision with our 13 year old buddy. The Dr. [Toby Rouquette] made sure to assure us we were making the right choice for our beloved boy”

Linda P. & "Riley"

“I would not hesitate to take any pet here in the future.”


“I felt very confident with the veterinarian [Dr. Daniels] and was very pleased with the way he handled the situation.”

Monica A. & "Honey"

“Everyone working at the AEHM hospital is very professional, kind and gentle and are genuinely concerned about their patients and the parents too!”

LaDonna N. & "Barbie"

“Very pleasant to work with concerning Barbie. Made my daughter and I feel very much at ease leaving Barbie for the night, No worries.”

Christina N. & "Dakota"

“This is the second time we have been at the hospital and every time we have been more than pleased!!!”

Judy R. & "Sadie"

“Thank you so much for the card you sent after Sadie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We really appreciated the thought.”


“Just want to say thank you to everyone and especially to Stephanie. You were all very kind and caring, thanks again!”


“Thanks for the help. You all were kind and professional.”

Steve H. & "Butters"

“Thank you for the prompt handling of Butters. Highly recommend anyone needing emergency help to contact you. Butters is doing great. Thanks again.”

Vicki B. & "Indy"

“I was working as part of puppy rescue and ended up with 4 critically ill 5 week old pups. Although all pups were lost your personnel were excellent.”

Holly M. & "Paisley Piper"

Everyone that I came in contact with was WONDERFUL and I feel like I can say with 100% assurance that they saved her life. It was so comforting to hear how much the staff loved Piper when I would call to check on her! Made this Momma feel better about being away from her sick baby!


“My visit involved a sick beagle with hemolytic anemia. My home vet was ordering additional tests, but Barnabus began to deteriorate early that morning. As I walked him into your center at 1:00 am, he crashed and I was immediately asked about resuscitation; which I declined. Dr. Jung, Sara and Jocelyn were all incredibly hospitable and more than kind during this difficult experience. This was actually the first time I had to visit a 24 hour hospital, and Barnabus was my first pet to die. I could not have been more blessed to have had these experiences amongst your caring staff. I will most certainly recommend your facility to others. Thank you.”

Wayne J. & "Tea-Cake"

“I know my Tea-Cake was very ill when she arrived at the 24 hour animal hospital. I feel personally that she received first class diagnostics followed by first class medical care. Tea-Cake is back to her old self playing, running, eating, and enjoying her sister. Thanks guys for providing her with quality care.”

Colleen K. & "Teddy Bear"

“The veterinarians who treated Teddy saved his life. I cannot express how thankful and grateful for them. The entire Animal ER of Mansfield staff are wonderful to work with! Thank you all for providing the best care/treatment for Teddy. Thank you for constantly keeping us informed of his progress and for following up with us; it shows the staff truly cares about the pets they treat on a daily basis.”

RaChelle R. & "Kai"

“Very professional, compassionate and modern facility and staff.”

Mac W. & "Max"

“My visit to the clinic was an extremely difficult day. We had to put down our family member of 13 years. Each member of the staff was extremely kind. I was impressed with the amount of follow up just to check on my family following this unfortunate visit. Thank you all for being so kind and professional. When we come around to getting another pet, we will definitely have you all take care of his or her needs.”

Karen T. & "Babes"

“Clean, friendly, and compassionate facility. Definitely will use again (if we have to!!! 🙂 )”

Scott M. & "Charsi"

“Dr. Farrington and the rest of the staff were very kind, considerate and compassionate. It was a very hard time, but they certainly helped.”

Thomas C. & "Maggie" and "Babette"

“If you need a vet in an emergency – Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield is a great choice.”

Rodney M. &am; "KuJo"

“The team at Animal Emergency were all very sweet and understanding with us. The Vet [Dr. Arbuckle] explained to us exactly the procedure that was going to be done. They let us have all the time we needed with KuJo after they put him to sleep.”

Michael S. & "Moose"

“They were Awesome!!! Explained everything in detail. Everyone was so compassionate and caring. Encouraged us to come see our pet at any time during his stay. I would bring any of our pets there.”


“Dr. Daniels was great; he called us to let us know the extent of the damage when our dog was attacked and gave us options of different treatment plans. He was very nice.”


“Dusty was injured during the recent tornado and I brought him to your hospital. He had head trauma. You treated him and us very kindly, cared for him and he is doing great again! Thank you!”

Sherri W. & "Roxy"

“Everyone was very professional and friendly. Glad to have a facility such as this for our pet emergencies.”

Umer H. & "Shadow"

“Excellent staff, excellent service. Informative practitioners.”

Dianna C. &amp "Sadie"

“The Doctor [Toby Rouquette] and staff were extremely kind and showed sensitivity toward our trauma and loss of our dog.”

Jessica W. & "Sadie Sue"

“Everyone was so kind. I will go back for all my vet emergencies.”


“It was pleasant and I would recommend this facility to anybody who needed an animal hospital.”


“It is extremely comforting to know there is place you can take your pet during the hours the vet clinics are not open. It is a godsend.”

Emily B. & "Angel"

“The vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] that we spoke with was very friendly and helpful.”

Sara V. & "Lizzie"

“The animal hospital was clean and comfortable. All staff were friendly, caring & professional. They helped us during a very difficult time and were truly sympathetic.”

Karen C. & "Lula Belle"

“I was amazed at how kind the tech, Casey and the Vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] were when we were in such a hard situation! They were both so kind, patient and really took time to explain what was going on with our 8 year old Bulldog, who we love dearly! They listened fully, as well. I’m sure I was rambling through my tears and they were so kind!”

Donna W. & "Espn"

“Dr. Roberts was very attentive and supportive and knew how much I loved Espn and would do anything to keep him with us. Despite all Dr Roberts and staff did, it just wasn’t meant to be. Had to do what was best for Espn and let him go which broke my heart. Espn was a very special family member!”

Ely L. & "Scooter"

[Dr. Daniels was] “Very kind.” “Nice pet hospital.”

Angela D. & "Leroy"

“I was able to speak directly to two different vets during Leroy’s stay. I never felt like I was bothering them and they never seemed to be in a hurry to get off the phone. I had the utmost confidence in the vets who took care of Leroy. We weren’t sure if Leroy was even going to pull through, but the doctors did EVERYTHING and more to make sure all the bases were covered. Thankfully, our boy is at home and healthy again. THANK YOU!”

Amy B. & "Huckle"

“The technician, Amy, was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! I believe she truly has a wonderful ministry and is sweetly equipped to work within it! She truly listened to EVERY detail as I bawled and told her my precious memories/story of Huckle’s life. She was sincere and genuine. She was patient with me and gave me all the time I needed to let go. She honored my request to have a print of my cat’s paw. A few days later I received the most meaningful note of sympathy. She included in her note almost EVERY thing I shared with her in the exam room!!! I just couldn’t believe she remembered all those special details about the life of my beloved cat!!! It was such a personal note that I was taken back and wondered if she had somehow recorded my words!!! In this day and age, most people don’t carefully listen AND remember what is being told to them! Amy did and because of that, I have such respect for her. I WILL FROM NOW ON ALWAYS TAKE MY REMAINING PETS TO THIS CLINIC!!! I am whole heartedly touched by this clinics compassion, reassurance of my decision that was excruciating to me and so very patient with me. I am in debt to them. I thank them for all they did. They will always be a part of my cherished last memories of with my fur baby.”

Lisa H. & "Sam"

“Having just moved to the area, I wasn’t sure where to get care for my elderly dog. The hospital staff was amazing. The receptionist [Stacy] greeted us and helped us right away to an exam room. The veterinarian [Dr. Arbuckle] was extremely helpful and did not push unnecessary testing for my dog.”


“The staff were very compassionate to our new puppy and worked with a sense of urgency. They made us feel at ease and helped us understand what was causing our puppy’s pain.”

Pam C. & "Chewie"

“I was pleasantly surprised by the clinic. We brought in our dog, who was in crisis. The technicians were very calm and thorough and also conscious of the costs related to the care our dog needed.”

Lori Z. & "Oscar"

“Wonderful experience”

Jeb B. & "Annie"

“You have a great group of people”

Shelley S. & "Zsa Zsa"

“Having to put my cat to sleep was a very painful experience. I sincerely appreciate everyone at the Animal Emergency Hospital as they made the situation the best that it could be. The staff were so kind and sensitive about the matter and the condolence card they promptly mailed was a very personal and thoughtful touch.”


“[Dr. Toby Rouquette was] very kind and understanding. It was most appreciated at this very difficult time (to euthanize our pet.)”

Allyn N. & "Titus"

“Dr. Daniels was professional and helpful. He was working to stabilize my pet until tests the next day.”

Holly B. & "Kendal"

“Not only did the Animal Emergency Hospital provide a thorough analysis of what was wrong with my beloved dog, they were able to recommend only the critical procedures needed to save my pet within my budget. No surprises and they saved a member of our family! Excellent service and wonderful environment. I highly recommend their services if your pet is in critical condition.”

Ernest and Joan H. & "Ripley"

“Our rescued 1 1/2 year old mixed Retriever/Lab- Ripley was hit by a vehicle. She stayed in the ER for 3 days and then we picked her up and took her home. We initially spoke with Dr. Jung – she was thorough, and she gave us hope. On the 3rd day, we spoke to Dr. Roberts and we decided to pick Ripley up to see if we could get her to eat at home in her ‘home’ environment. Since then, we have coaxed her to eat and she is now eating enough to sustain her. Dr. Daniels was also involved in Ripley’s care. We also want to commend each and every technician involved with Ripley’s care. Everyone we met there seemed to have a vested interest in Ripley’s recovery. Everyone was super nice, consoling and professional. They are all experts at caring for injured animals. In our opinion, we were fortunate to have such caring medical professionals nearby to which we could entrust Ripley’s care. Ripley would not be here today without Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield staffs’ care and skill. We are keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed that Ripley will regain 100% of her health – it will be a long process. We have so much respect and admiration for everyone at ER of Mansfield – the pros that gave us and Ripley a chance to be whole again.”


“The staff were all wonderful. When I arrived, my dog was in respiratory distress, and my border collie came with for support (she insisted, and knew something was not right). The tech did not hesitate to put my border collie on a leash and bring her in, while another tech carried my sick dog in. They were fast to treat my sick dog, and brought me and my little Katie back, and a tech even lifted Katie up so she could see her big sis.”

Weldon F. & "Pepper"

“The staff was very very understanding of the problem my pet had and very helpful in a hard direction I had to go. Thank you all for your help at a bad time.”

Vera S. & "Tyson"

“Extremely satisfied! Traveled from Haslet to Mansfield at 2am instead of going closer to home. The only reason was because I heard so many good things about this place!”

Greg F. & "Zoe"

“The staff at AEHM are so amazing. Their compassion and caring is second to none. We have taken our three dogs there for various emergencies and I would recommend AEHM to anyone. Two of our dogs were critically ill and the staff made us feel like we were with family. We really appreciate the attention. Love the fireplace! Thank you.”

Brenda S. & "Reo"

“It was my first visit to the hospital and everyone was so friendly and showed great concern. I was very pleased and happy that Reo is doing great. He is back to himself and running around like nothing happened.”


“Just completely satisfied. [Dr. Sarah Arbuckle] was able to take care of my needs as well as my dog.”

Cynthia P. & "Bruzz"

“All staff are great. Very nice office and in a safe area.”

Linda C. & "Nautica"

“Everyone was great to work with and kept me up to date on what was going on.”

Tammy V. & "Hattie"

“I can’t say enough nice things about [Dr. Toby Rouquette] – he was super compassionate and explained everything very well.”

Chiara S. & "Sable"

“I had never been a vet hospital that didn’t make us feel that if we didn’t choose the most expensive method, that our pet would not be taken care of or that everything wouldn’t be done possible with financial limitations. In the past, it’s been the feeling that we are having to choose and we are bad people because of it. We love our pets and everyone treated us as if they understood that. Makes a huge difference when you are trying to make decisions about your pet’s health care long term.”

Diana J. & "Holly"

“Holly has seen both Drs. Rouquette and Dr. Farrington. All have explained everything thoroughly and answered any questions I had. Holly was in great hands.”

Jay O. & "Bonnie"

“Very nice staff and comfortable rooms. Was not treated like a clinical situation. It was a difficult time made bearable.”

Theresa K & "Piper"

“I have been to Mansfield Animal ER before with my other pets and I have always been satisfied with their care, and the care I have personally received from the Veterinarians there. Understandable, when people bring their pets there, they are distraught and the vets have a gentle and caring nature, as well as knowledgeable.”

Mary M. & "Spanky"

“The vet [Dr. Jung] was terrific. Gave honesty and sincere concern. Treated me like family. Thank you so much.”

Misty F. & "Bomber"

“Thank you so much for the time you spent with me and Bomber. You guys are so awesome. You were so compassionate and helpful. I love that you had snacks and drinks available b/c I was there for hours and had nothing. You guys thought of everything! I will definitely recommend you to anyone else that might need you. Clean, compassionate, kind-hearted.”

Erin J. & "Nellie"

“Thank you so much for being “real” and not prescribing a lot of nonsense and taking advantage of the situation. I will definitely be back when an emergency occurs!”

Tamara E. & "Black Dog" and "Nelly"

“Every pet owner in Mansfield should have their number handy for those unexpected incidents that may occur with your pets. Knowing that you will get prompt courteous attention when call or make a trip to the hospital gives you a piece of mind.”

Theresa B. & "Daisy Mae"

“Dr. Roberts was truly compassionate, as were all of the staff, and helped me to better understand the severity of the situation. Her communication style was very clear and direct and yet allowed us to remain in control of the decision-making. A tough balance to achieve, especially during life/death decisions. The atmosphere of this hospital is warm and inviting and provides a home-like setting for the families.”

Joyce P. & "Juice"

“Everyone involved in Juice’s diagnosis, treatment and care were extremely caring and professional. It was a great team to work with and I would highly recommend this facility.”

Eddie V. & "Charlie"

“Great job by the vet [Dr. Daniels]. Glad there’s a 24hr animal hospital close to us.”

Susan R. & “Cason”

“Excellent & timely service. Will definitely use in the future.”

Roger L. & "Copper"

“We felt Dr. [Melissa] Rouquette was very caring and did a very excellent job with Copper through his surgery.”

Joe F. & "Tiger II"

“Outstanding Service. Outstanding Visit”


“[Dr. Melissa Rouquette was] Very patient and pleasant. Best place to take your pet!”

Jessica W. & "Roxie"

“I received EXCEPTIONAL service! I’ve been to other Animal ERs before and I was skeptical about it being a good experience. However, from the receptionist to the veterinarian, all seemed as concerned about my dog Roxie as I was. Plus, the cost was reasonable and to top it all off I received a very nice follow up postcard in the mail stating that they hoped Roxie was feeling better. Never have I received that from an animal clinic. Thanks!”

Gail M. & "Jackson"

“Everyone was so helpful and kind. My pet was in good hands!”


“Our dog was attacked by another dog and although his injuries were relatively minor, we were greeted at the door and treated with kindness and concern. The entire process was explained from beginning to end and we were in and out pretty quickly–but it never felt rushed. I only wish our regular vet ran an office this efficiently! The hospital was clean and comfortable, and while I hope we never have an emergency, this would definitely be my ER of choice no matter where we were!”

Teddy M. & "Ivy"

“Everyone was kind and thoughtful and made the process of putting our dog down less traumatic.”

Cindy G. & "Micah"

“Everyone was helpful and showed care and compassion as well as professionalism with my pet’s situation”

Charlie B. & “Pepper”

“In & out in a hurry, excellent service, we are going to recommend you to our friends!!”

Vicki M. & "Bella"

“I appreciate you being there on a Sunday when my pet needed the help!”

Beth B. & "Sammie"

“Sammie’s Veterinarian [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very knowledgeable, friendly and attentive during his visit.”

Rodney M. & "KuJo"

“Very nice and clean. When we arrived to pick up KuJo remains they lady [Dawn] at the front desk was very sweet.”

Melissa M. & "Millie"

“Rebecca at the front was so friendly even though we were distraught trying to get our dog to the facility and we were a little rude. Our apologies but she was still so nice and helpful to us”

Andrea M. & “Pepper”

“Great communication. That is a plus when you are worried about one of your kids.”

Sherry M. & "Cass"

“Just appreciate the helpfulness and care. Cass seems to be back to his normal self.”

Melody B. & "Mortimer"

“This was my 3rd time at the Center, and each time we have gone, everyone is always very professional and friendly. I would not take Mortimer any place else in the event of an Emergency.”

Julie A. & "Teddy"

“I will always bring my pets to this hospital, because the staff are nice and they don’t gouge you price wise, like a couple of others I’ve been to. I also love it that they send your pet a get well card!”

Susan C. & "Tara"

“Very concerned and nice employees.”


“Very impressed with the clinic and the staff was very helpful.”

Mary O. & "Luna"

“Dr. (T.) Rouquette was terrific, plan of care very sensible. We found all the staff caring, concerned, and efficient.”


“The vet [Dr. Daniels] was very professional and explained the test results in depth. He also explained the different outcomes if we decided not to treat or to proceed with surgery. We are thankful we took his advice and proceeded with surgery because had we waited, our dog probably wouldn’t have survived. I would recommend your hospital to anyone needing urgent care for their pets.”

Sue E. & "Bella"

“It’s a very nice clinic, and I will certainly use it again should the need arise.”

Angie E. & "ZuZu Godiva"

“I was nervous about the cause of the visit, and I tend to talk too much when I’m nervous! Everyone tolerated my ramblings well, and made me feel at ease. Dr. Jung was awesome, and very ‘to the point’ with communications.” – Angie Eubank, “ZuZu Godiva”

Roger L. & "Copper"

“We have been to a lot of animal emergency hospitals over the years, but none quite like this one. No stones left unturned. High fives to all.”

Allie H. & "Sadie"

[Dr. Melissa Rouquette was] “Very helpful and understanding of my financial situation! Sought out ways to take care of my puppy in a cost effective manner! Great doctors!”

Meagan P. & "Whip"

“Our experience was wonderful. Considering the circumstances that bring you to an animal ER, we couldn’t be more pleased with the overall care and attention provided to our pet. She’s recovering wonderfully and we would recommend Mansfield Animal ER to friend and family – already have! Thank you for the excellent care.”

Donna W. & "Lolli"

“Everyone at the hospital was great. Wish I could bring my dogs there for everything. The doctor [Daniels] explained the treatment plans, and really helped me understand and feel better about the situation. Very personable guy.”

Nancy S. & "Sachi"

“Great hospital. Great Teamwork. They saved her life.”

Jennifer R. & "Bonnie"

“Everyone was very sweet. Thank you to everyone that helped our sweet Bonnie. I know that you treated her with care. You made a hard decision easier on us and her. And thank you for the sweet paw print, sweet note, and promptness with her ashes. She is greatly missed by all of us, but her memory will last forever.”

Karen W. & "Oreo"

“I would highly recommend Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. From the first contact on the telephone, to the final hug as we left after having made the very difficult decision to put our dog down, the personnel were so kind and loving towards us and our dog!”

Chiara S. & "Sable"

“Everyone was very pleasant and took the time to consider what would be best for our pet, as well as what we could afford to do currently to help our pet.”

Tiffany G. & "Rinnie"

“I was scared to death about my Rinnie’s health, but as soon as I walked in the door, my stress level went down. I’m so thankful to know ya’ll are there to take care of her when I need someone in the middle of the night.”

Tom O. & "Sampson"

“[Dr. Jung was] Excellent under the circumstances. Straight answers, no unneeded tests.”

Gabe and Michele F. & "Maximus"

“Our veterinarian recommended us to this pet hospital…..Great Recommendation!!”

Robert M. & "Lily"

“She [Dr. Jung] was a great comfort and empathetic while still moving the end of life process forward for Lily with grace and dignity… Thank you.”

Gail S. & "Little Man"

“I have never been disappointed with the kindness, concern, and level of care provided.”

Jennifer G. & "Melo"

“This was my first time to visit. The staff was super and very friendly. I will definitely take my pet back.”

Anthony H. & "Kyle"

“[Dr. Jung was] Very professional and friendly, definitely explained everything well. Thank you making the difficult decision of putting Kyle to sleep a little more bearable through everyone’s sincere support.”

Laura B. & "Botz"

“Dr. Daniels was very patient and answered all my questions. He was very informative as this diagnosis too. Very friendly… professional and explained everything in complete detail.”

Abigail D. & "Dakota"

“The vet and tech who helped us were very nice. This was our first puppy and they were very compassionate and kind in her treatment.”

Alan S. & "Tuffy"

“Second time emergency visit and just as impressed this time as I was last. You guys are amazing and very much appreciated.”


“The Dr [Roberts] was very kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. She handled the urgency of caring for an acute condition but still listened to me explain without making me feel like she was rushing me through it.”

Michele R. & "Noah"

“This was my first visit and the entire staff was very nice and the facility was incredibly clean.”

Melinda M. & "Clyde"

“When my veterinarian referred me the Mansfield Animal Emergency Hospital, I was not excited to take my cat, Clyde. Several years ago I had a terrible experience at [another emergency hospital], but I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the Mansfield Animal Emergency Hospital. It is the cleanest and most modern facility I’ve ever been in – not only is it very warm, inviting and calm, but the equipment is up-to-date and the staff has everything necessary to deal with emergencies of all kinds. If my personal veterinarian refers me again, or an emergency arises when her office is closed, I will not hesitate to return to the Mansfield Animal Emergency Hospital. Conveniently located right off 287, open 24/7. Tell your family and friends.”


“When I later had to bring my other dog Erika, everyone provided excellent service and the vet [Dr. Daniels] wasn’t just about making money by suggesting medication but suggested we just observe her at home and see if she improved – which he was right. I was thankful that I didn’t have to spend unnecessary money. Also, when I brought Erika in the staff that helped Scrappy remembered me and asked how he was doing and wanted to see him, which was very touching and made me feel that they really care about welfare of our babies. Thank you very much”


“The doctor [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was terrific! He was thorough, kind, easy to talk to and presented all options for treatment carefully. He treated us and our Joey with the utmost care.”


“Everyone was polite and supportive.”

James S. & "Dudley"

“Excellent care.”


[The hospital is] “very clean.”

Tommiie A. & "Max"

“We were treated very nicely and this is our second time to use this hospital and find it always so nice to come to as we are treated with such care and concern. Thank you.”

Lucretia M. & "Lucky"

“We received wonderful care and support from all of the Staff and choose your facility because you are a Mansfield Area Chamber of Commerce member. We like to support our Chamber members whenever we need your type of service.”

Linda M. & "Pearl" and "Ozzy"

“The rates are also extremely affordable and fair. The staff and service is excellent. Thank you for keeping the costs down as much as you can. It’s worth it for peace of mind and the health of our pets. I’ll highly recommend this clinic.”

Randy N. & "Scooter"

“The vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was awesome! Gentle and thorough with our puppy! Couldn’t have left happier!”

Sandra H. & "Maxi"

As my baby had been injured by another dog attack, I was quite distraught in my arrival. The EH of Mansfield immediately took stock, reassured me and met my needs with a private room and immediate feedback on my precious baby’s situation. I could not have asked for a better response in such a moment for us. Thank you!

Rhonda M. & "Sophie"

“Loved the staff & the vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette]”

Kim G. & "Tytus"

“A wonderful place! The Drs and staff were awesome! We are so glad we brought our baby Tytus here. He received excellent care. Thank you to everyone!!!”

Teri H. & "Inky"

“I appreciate the responsiveness, respect, and care shown to Inky and me. I especially appreciate communication to me that nothing more medically could be done. I felt the vets did not want Inky to suffer any longer than necessary and that was extremely important to me also. They gave me a 24 hour window of time for improvement and stuck to it. I also loved the personal note from Dr. Farrington with the sympathy card. It means a lot. Dr. Farrington was very compassionate during Inky’s transition to the rainbow bridge.”

Debra F. & "Lilo"

“The entire staff was exceptional! I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone who needs great care”

Megan N. & "Manny"

“You guys are the best and we are all lucky to have your facility 24hrs a day. It’s good to know where you need to go if something happens.”

Samantha P. & "Abby"

“Everyone I came into contact with was very friendly and informative. They let me know how my dog was doing and where the doctors were at in the procedures. They also gave us a time for when her surgery should be finished. When we called to check on her, the man who I was put through to [Casey] was super nice!!! I felt a LOT better leaving my dog after seeing how everyone interacted with each other and the animals.”

Tracy M & Blessing

“Highly recommend you! So, thankful you were open for our emergency.”


“Everyone was so helpful and attentive to our needs and the needs of our pet. Everything was explained to us in simple terms and nothing was forced onto us to make any decisions. We were able to ask questions and call at any time to check on our baby. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone looking for somewhere to take their pet.”

Jeny M. & "Zeke"

“[Dr. Roberts was] Very kind and compassionate. Gave me as much time as I needed to say goodbye to my Zeke. Everyone was very professional, yet kind and caring.”

Karen L. & "Keeper"

“Pleasant place”

Thomas C. & "Maggie" and "Babette"

“Both our girls had lacerations on a holiday weekend and they were cared for promptly and home the same day.”

RaChelle R. & "Kai"

“Excellent facility! Above average support staff!”

Juanita F. & "Trixie"

“I would go out of my way to visit this clinic if time permits. Thank you for making a very hard time a little easier to deal with.”

Stephanie W. & "Roo"

Thank you for taking such great care of Roo!

Maria A. & "Sophie"

“Everyone was awesome and my Sophie (Boxer) seemed to feel better almost immediately. I have always used [another hospital] for emergencies, but have NEVER been satisfied. I have finally found the right pet emergency hospital! Thank you.”

Janie H. & "Muddie"

“We called ahead and were received with kindness. The staff was very considerate and understanding. The arrangements for caring for my dear one’s remains were handled with respect and concern. We recommend your hospital to all our friends and family with fur children. Thank you for being there and providing consistently excellent care and service.”

Gloria V. & "Abby"

“Very pleased with the way they were attentive to my pet. Wish I could find a vet with same ethics, concern, etc as the one at this hospital.”

Trish A. & "Daisy Mae"

“At 2:30 in the morning, Dr [Jung] was very compassionate and not only put my puppy at ease but me as well. Everyone that came into the exam room genuinely cared about my puppy and had such a softness in their voice when talking to her. Put us at ease.”

Eileen C. & “Molly”

“Thank you for taking wonderful care of Molly.”

Karen B. & "Autumn"

[Dr. Toby Rouquette] “was very good about explaining what was going on with my dog and answered any questions I had.”


“We had an emergency situation on a holiday weekend with our yorkie and we have lost two dogs over the holidays so is already somewhat of a stressful time. We felt the staff handled the situation very quickly and although they let us know it was very serious they also seemed confident in the diagnosis and the treatment and I’m happy to say we still have our baby. We made several visits to see our pet in the 20 hours he spent there and every time the staff was very welcoming and never once made us feel we were intruding. We know in these cases they can only do what they can do but do feel they did everything necessary from the minute we walked in the door until we took our puppy home. We also dealt with several staff members and had a positive experience with all of them!”

Shirley P. & “Atilla”

“She was very pleasant and concerned about Atilla.”

Lisa L. & "George"

Thank y’all for not ever giving up on my BABY. He is a fighter!!!!! And Dr. Roberts thank you for the patience with me to want to keep trying to pull him thru this… and for the AWESOME techs… I LOVE y’all. Misty, Shannon, Jocelyn, Marneigh, Katie, Karen. I’m so SORRY if I missed anyone by name…. y’all all work so hard as a TEAM AND THAT’S WHAT MAKES Y’ALL SOO AWESOME… my Georgey was there for 6 days and went under to have the tubes put in 4-5 times. You all stayed in close contact and showed him lots of love, and then sent me the pic from the personnel cell phone.<3<3. I was so shocked of that but so excited HAPPY at the same time. The day after we went home Karen calls us last and starts crying before I do this time – but I could relate cause usually it was the other way around. These people go ABOVE AND BEYOND what sooooo many other vets would do. THANK YOU THANK YOU. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.”

Brenda L. & "Tarah"

“We were visiting the Mansfield area and were extremely pleased to find an ER vet that would see our dachshund. The vet tech [Misty] that met us at the front counter was friendly and very knowledgeable when dealing with Tarah. Dr. Jung put our mind at ease and prescribed meds that relieved the pain. We find it very reassuring that great emergency vet care is available when visiting in the future. Thanks Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield for a job well done!”

Karen F. & “Shiro”

“The tests and treatment plan for our cat, Shiro were explained clearly. We felt we were able to make educated decisions that were best for him. We felt no additional pressure which was a huge relief during a stressful time. Thanks to prompt and proper care Shiro is feeling much better. Thank you!”


“Everyone at the Hospital was very friendly and kind. I felt very confident in their care of my little Lhasa Apso and would recommend this Hospital to everyone.”

Sheila M. & "Cinnamon"

“I was very impressed and very pleased with the entire staff and the quick response and level of care given my sweet little mini schnauzer Cinnamon. We thought we were going to lose her but the Vet and Technicians were quick to react to what she needed. I am so thankful and so very grateful for your team.”

Jennifer G. & “Frisky”

“Everyone at the clinic was amazing. I loved the thorough explanation, and I was pleasantly surprised about how affordable the treatment was. The care we received was comprehensive and everyone there had great bedside manner. I am so happy to know that the clinic is near in case we ever need it again.”

Donnie S. & "Buddy"

“The lobby area is very nice and I loved the snack bar and TV.”

Joe F. & "Tiger II"

“As always, a very good experience. [Dr. Toby Rouquette was] Very concerned and thorough with his examination and explanation of the procedure. Staff is very friendly and very caring.”


“The Emergency Hospital was absolutely fabulous, from the initial phone call I made to inquire about hours and location, to the time I walked out with my Dixie B, stitches, meds, and food. Dixie was well taken care of, she didn’t seem to have any pain, and was happy to see us, of course. Doctor Roberts and her team were informative, communicative and caring throughout. And the facility is first class. It was clean, bright, and family friendly.”

Bari H. & "Michaela"

“My precious Michaela was truly my best friend. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for the kind and gentle care you gave my baby, and for the kindness and patience you showed me as I struggled to deal with my loss. I will always be grateful.”

Ginger B. & "Beryl"

“The staff was very sweet and understanding. We really appreciate the kindness of everyone involved. This was a hard day for us and your understanding helped us tremendously.”


Just wanted to thank everyone there for their kindness. This was my first visit and even though it unfortunately led to a heartbreaking decision we had to make for our Hershey, we were very comforted by how the Dr [Toby Rouquette] and Technician [Casey] treated us and Hershey. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Peggy C. & “Tess”

“The staff was fantastic, professional and with just the right amount of care for my poor little doggie (Tess). Thanks for treating her so good.”

Stefanie B. & "Wabbajack"

“We very much appreciate the attentiveness and care that Wabbajack received. Everything was explained very well and we felt as though Wabs was in great hands the entire time. Though it may seem small, the soda and coffee available in the lobby was a huge blessing in the wee hours of the morning after we’d been up late worrying to death over our little buddy. It really helped us feel as though you guys were taking care of us as well as Wabbajack.”

Sondra R. & "Maddox"

“We were facing the very difficult decision to put our diabetic cat to sleep. The staff at this hospital treated us and our animal with utmost sensitivity and caring. Follow up communique after our pet’s demise was very kind and consoling. Thank you very much for being there for us in a very difficult time.””


[Dr. Arbuckle was] “Very nice and attentive.”

Angela P. & "Bear"

“I would like to thank Dr. Daniels so very much for his kind and compassionate care of our beloved dog, Bear, during very difficult circumstances. Also, I would like to thank Rebecca for her heartfelt concern and offering a shoulder to cry on.”


“An unpleasant experience made pleasant by the very caring staff. Was seen promptly and my pet was given the best of care.”

Susan G. & “Cinnamon”

“Excellent response and care… I would recommend to anyone who has a pet!”

Brandelyn H. & "Oscar"

“The Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield is a wonderful facility. They are very thorough and the staff is always kind and professional. Well worth our drive from Waxahachie.”

Ana B. & "Mama"

“Everyone there was so kind and helpful. Very heartfelt caring people there.”

Diana O. & "Marilyn Monroe"

“Everyone was very professional and friendly. I felt my dog received excellent care.”


“Very helpful”

Gary G. & "Playful"

“I want to thank you very much, Playful seems to be a lot better now he’s eating and up and about, again THANKS so much.”

Carol C. & "Butter"

“Thank you so much for the care you gave Butter. We were able to some much needed rest knowing she was being taken care of! You guys are great!!!!”

Carrie L. & “Samson”

“Loved the place and the staff. Can’t say enough great things about it. HIGHLY recommend!!”

Becky H. & "Goldie"

“He [Dr. Daniels] was wonderful, kept me calm and listened to me about all my concerns. Your staff was wonderful, very polite and they got Goldie right back.”

Janet G. & "Thomas"

“Great facility and wonderful people. I hope to never need emergency care again, but if I do, I know exactly where to go. Thanks for everything!”

Bonnie H. & "Prada"

[Dr. Sarah Arbuckle is a] “Wonderful lady!”

Sandy T. & "Amber"

“All the docs that treated Amber were unbelievably caring! I was impressed by the team work! The entire staff seemed to be concerned for our well being.”


“She [Dr. Presler] was so kind and gentle about the procedure, made you feel like family. You people are the best.”

Charles S. & "Speedi"

“In a truly trying time for our family, the staff was always compassionate and helpful. The loss of our “son” was traumatic, but the hospital and staff made that loss bearable. Truly a wonderful place and a great necessity for the animal loving community.”

Tara V. & "Cali"

“She [Dr. Arbuckle] was great with Cali and made me feel comfortable. Her diagnosis and treatment were spot on. Everyone there was very nice and helpful. We were able to get in right away with no wait.”

Judy B. & "Homer"

“The hospital has a fantastic staff – everyone is always so friendly & helpful! Homer had surgery at VNCT – we were so impressed with the emergency hospital that we won’t go anywhere else now.”

Sammy V. & "Duke"

“These people are so kind and caring. They made a very difficult time easier to accept.”

Toney J. & "Aussie"

Ya’ll were very caring about the loss of my best friend, thank you!

April D. & "Ace"

“Ace was our foster dog that we actually hospice fostered. He had a stage 4 heart murmur and was in congestive heart failure. He was on 3 cardiac meds twice a day and he would have his good days and bad days. Well, on a Sunday morning, he was having his worst day. Even with his regular meds and a little extra he could not slow his breathing down. He was working so hard to breathe. We called the rescue and decided to bring him to the emergency hospital. We knew we didn’t want to have him suffer anymore. He was taken right back to be assessed and we were taken into a room to wait. We spoke with the VERY nice doctor [Farrington] that was there and discussed options for Ace. We knew that it was time to let him go and not let him suffer anymore. We were taken to a larger room and got to pet him and stay with him for awhile and then he was given a sedative and put to sleep. It was a horrible Sunday but the staff who did not know us or Ace were wonderful! Thanks for making a bad situation tolerable and compassionate.”


“I want to thank the staff for being so kind to us we had to put our baby down and they could not have been more kind. They gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye and we never felt rushed and for that I am forever greatfull!!!”


“Everyone was very attentive and kind. We were kept constantly informed about our pet’s progress. Thank you for working so hard to help my sweet little dog who was so ill.”


“This was my first visit to Mansfield Animal ER and I was very pleased. Everyone there was very helpful, kind and compassionate. The doctors and staff were very knowledgeable and the wait time was not as lengthy as you would expect at an animal ER hospital.”

Linda B. & "Malena"

“[Dr. Daniels was] Very nice and concerned, great follow-up.”

Wesley and Deanna F. & "Rocky"

I was so afraid my dog Rocky was going to Die, your fast and prompt attention was GREAT, my baby is doing very well now. Again Thank You Wesley & Deanna F. And thank you for being a 24 hour vet. God Bless y’all…”

Steve H. & "Punkin"

“I told them I was on a fixed income and if this could be done with a minimum of labs, etc., it would be appreciated. They took their best educated guess and hit it perfectly. I was afraid the cost would be way too high, because it was a 24 Hour Clinic. I was pleasantly surprised. Great staff, I’ll be back…”

Chelsea M. & "Jemma"

“The entire staff was very helpful and friendly.”

Michelle T. & "Syd"

“Dr. Presler and staff made one of the worst days for me the best possible experience. I was truly impressed.”

Melissa K. & "Cooper"

“I was very impressed with the vet [Dr. Arbuckle]’s knowledge & concern for my pet. I would highly recommend this hospital.”

Barbara K. & "Punkin"

“The vet [Dr. Arbuckle] and staff are excellent and compassionate. Thank you all for your kindness, and the lovely card I received. God bless you all.”

Marie G. & "Bear"

Thank you for being so helpful during our difficult visit. We lost our sweet dog, Bear who meant so much to our family. The staff and Dr. [Daniels] really helped and made the situation as easy as possible. Thank you so much for all you did for our family.

Elizabeth C. & "Lillie Ruth"

“Excellent care!”

Becky S. & "Buster"

“Thank you. Y’all did a wonderful job saving Buster’s life. He is doing so good. He is back to his vivacious, active self. We are so happy with your services and have recommended you to everyone we know. “

Joni I. & "Molly"

“I have recommended several of my friends to go there in an emergency”


“If it didn’t say animal hospital I would have thought I walked in to a human hospital, which is exactly how I feel it should be. Great job!”


“She [Dr. Jung] explained everything to us and I really appreciated it. Good job!!! Staff very friendly and excellent service.”

Dee Ann R. & "Zorro"

“Very clean and professional. They bathed my little Zorro before I picked him up the next morning. These professionals don’t look at pet care as “just a job”, everyone is patient and didn’t mind me calling twice a day to give updates and ask questions about Zorro’s recovery. They understood and didn’t act like “it is just a dog, get over it”. They were very kind when Zorro was at his worst and very happy when he turned the corner to recovery.”

Jackie W. & "Buddy"

“I would like to Thank each and everyone one of you for being so kind and considerate to us. You all made a VERY difficult time, easier on us! THANK YOU”

Linda B. & "Lucky"

I would just like to thank everyone for the wonderful care. I tell everyone how wonderful the young women are that work at the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield.”

Cathy E. & "Libby"

“While our visit ended with the passing of our beloved dog, the experience with your facility was amazing. The staff was caring and concerned which speaks volumes since it was literally the only time we’d been there”

Shelley H. & "Dexter"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was wonderful! She made us feel comfortable, explained EVERYTHING step by step, and made great recommendations. I would definitely go see her again!”


“The tech [Tabatha] that helped me was extremely compassionate. She delivered accurate information and made a difficult decision much easier.”


“A good experience in a very stressful situation.”

Grisselda H. & "Zeus"

“Love the whole staff. Love the fact that if anything happens I know I  can rely on this hospital for any type of situation that comes my way.”

Janie H. & "Tobias"

“Dr. Daniels was very thorough and professional. I took Tobias to a Veterinary Ophthalmologist for follow up and she was very complimentary of the treatment he prescribed. This emergency clinic is my go-to location for emergencies with our fur children.”

Mike E. & "Zoe"

“We had used the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield last year and expected the same high quality, friendliness, and competence we experienced at that visit. We were not disappointed. The staff has always been comforting at a time that is difficult to deal with. We felt Zoe received excellent care and we were given accurate information. Ironically, Zoe’s annual checkup was scheduled with our family vet 3 days after our visit to the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. Our family vet examined Zoe again and diagnosed the same issue. He has always been complimentary when he speaks of the staff at the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield and has recommended them to other patients as have we. Thank you for your continued excellence. As always, Job Well Done.”

Debra M. & "Chico"

“This is an amazing place to take your pet loved ones, I have already recommended several of my friends and family members. Very warm and friendly, professional, nice homey atmosphere and above all excellent Veterinarians and staff!!”

Lori D. & "Surry"

“I just wanted to say thank you. We came to the office in the middle of the night because we knew it was time for our kitty, Surry, to cross the rainbow bridge. The staff was amazingly kind and understanding when my husband and I were completely distraught. They gave us all the time we needed and made the process personal. I appreciate it very much.”


Very professional, understanding and kind to my pet as well as to me.

Jessica Y. & "Boomer"

“Appreciate the care and excellent coordination with primary vet office.”

Melody P. & "Koda Bear"

“Everyone was so kind and understanding on one of the hardest days of my life.”

Ricky R. & "Mingo"

“Everyone there is professional and understanding. They seem to really care.”

Whitney G. & "Trevor"

“Although it was not an ideal visit, the staff tended to us and our dog’s needs with compassion and understanding.”

Corey and Maggie C. & “Mr. Whiskers”

“Your kindness and compassion was so very much appreciated during this crisis with our pet.”

Keli O. & "Niko"

“I was so impressed with Dr. Farrington. She was so kind and very thorough in her explanation. I could not have asked for better treatment.”


“When it is time to have a pet leave this world, your clinic handles things in the best possible way. I chose to come to your clinic instead of my regular vet because it is usually so hectic at the regular vet and waiting in the lobby is not what I want to do at that time. I called ahead and you had everything ready in a nice private room. Thank you for that!!!”

Merle G. & "Chyna"

“We were so happy with this facility. These people were great.”

Christine W. & "Jake"

“She [Dr. Eddings] was very knowledgeable and thorough with her diagnosis”

Paul B. & "Shiner"

“They did a fantastic job taking care of our family dog Shiner! Great Vet and very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Thank you!”

Linda O. & "Phoenix"

“Very compassionate and attentive care, really love the staff! I can always count on them for good care!”

Roy P. & "Malachi"

“The price may seem a little steep for the initial exam, but you have to remember, this is a 24 hour operation. The facilities are clean, bright, and modern. It is obvious from the first minute you walk in that their first and foremost concern is for your pet.”

Mike M. & "Chloe"

“I was expecting a far more expensive visit (which I didn’t get) and was not expecting the follow up phone call a couple days later. I have four pets and will bring them here if they need treatment again.”


“We were there to euthanize our dog. Everyone was attentive, efficient with the administrative requirements of our visit (i.e., paperwork), and very empathetic. The vet, and the staff, made a difficult moment as easy they possibly could. And for that, I am thankful.”

Lauri T. & "Anna Belle"

“Comfortable, beautiful facility, and wonderful people.”

Tammy V. & "Hattie"

“The two women [Bonni and Rebecca] that assisted were also very compassionate and kind; they made a difficult experience easier for me.”

Colt C. & "Copper"

“I was expecting a long stay at the vet based off of previous experiences with other vet offices, however you guys were very quick and didn’t waste any time taking care of my pup and me. I also noticed how quick you were with other people as well. I will definitely come back if my pet is in need.”


“All of the personnel were extremely sensitive, caring, and understanding of our situation and handled the last moments of Itsy’s life in a respectful, professional, and dignified manner.”

Nancy R. & "Chewie"

[Dr. Arbuckle was] “Very informative, sweet, caring, professional.”

Kaiya K. & "Buddy"

“Karen, Athena, and Dr. Jung are the staff members I interacted with and they were all so reassuring and comforting. Buddy was a lot sicker than I thought and had to be hospitalized, which scared me! They completely understood my feelings. Karen asked if it would make me feel better to see the bed where Buddy would be staying and if I could put him in there myself. She told me I could call and check on him all night as many times as I wanted. She was true to her word. After having unexpectedly lost a beloved pet several years ago, leaving the animal hospital without Buddy was a horrible feeling, but Karen and Athena both reassured me that it would all be well. And we got to bring Buddy home the next evening and, although he is still on special food for a while, he’s almost as good as new! Thank you for saving our sweet little fur baby, Buddy!”

Steve E. & "Aggie"

“Everybody was kind and professional and seemed genuinely concerned about my dog Aggie. I really appreciate that they are there when we need them. I like my regular vet but he keeps bankers hours and is never there when I need him. Aggie is doing much better, thank you!”

Bernie T. & "Samson"

“All of our interactions with the vets were informative, concise, and professional.”


“He [Dr. Daniels] was very concerned and realistic about what we needed to do. I am so grateful that your clinic was open when we needed emergency service so that Buffy did not suffer all night until our vet opened. Thank you for the sweet sympathy card. Your concern meant a lot to us.”


“The entire staff are pleasant and genuinely concerned about the health and comfort of Spike.”

Julie T. & "Pebbles"

“I would strongly recommend your hospital to all those needing emergency care for their loved pets!”


“I appreciate everyone for being so kind, patient and understanding as I said my goodbyes. I appreciate the doctor [Daniels] who treated Missy & was honest with me about her condition. I also really appreciate the compassion from the doctor [Presler] who had to euthanize Missy. This was a very hard time for me but I do appreciate and thank you for your services.”

Teresa O. &amp "Buster"

“What a wonderful place! My dog was in severe pain due to periodontal disease. He had been given meds previously through another vet but they were not strong enough. They gave him a stronger antibiotic and pain meds. He was feeling much better within 12 hours. I’m so thankful I took him when I did. Everyone was extremely nice and compassionate. Would definitely recommend this clinic. Thank you all for taking care of Buster!”

Suzy M. & "Emilee"

“Thank you for being so compassionate during this visit. Everything went so smoothly and it really made this difficult time easier on us. I know my little Emilee did not have to suffer any longer than she already had. Thank you!”

Jennifer F. & "Maddie"

“All of the staff were very kind, supportive and gave me the personal time I needed.”

Jenni W. & "Wrigley"

“We are so thankful to have a 24 hour clinic in Mansfield! Our boxer was sick, trembling and lethargic and we were able to get him a shot to settle his stomach and he was back to normal the next day.”

Herschel C. & "Ashley"

We were very impressed with the hospital and all the support we got while we were there.

Lana P. & "Dinah"

“I could not have asked for a more caring environment. I arrived very scared about my Dinah. I left feeling she had been treated very competently and secure in the knowledge of how to care for her during her recovery.”


“Thanks for being very patient & caring with us as we wrestled with many questions during the loss of our sweet kitty.”


“Great vet [Dr. Presler]. Was very good with our Dogue de Bordeaux. Knew about our breed – unusual to find.”

Ron Z. & "Priscilla"

[Dr. Toby Rouquette was] “Very caring”


“I am very pleased with the prompt treatment of Samson. He is much better.”

Steven E. & "Dippy"

“Very good experience, Dippy’s doing great”

Penny S.

“Excellent vet and staff. Highly recommend in emergencies. Would use them again.”

Heather E. & "Corky"

This was the second time I had to bring my cat over the week-end for an emergency. The tech [Shannon] was very kind and caring. She was very gentle with my baby.

Jeanette B. & "Buddy"

“We were very happy with both veterinarians [Dr. Daniels and Dr. Arbuckle] that worked with Buddy. Their expertise and information given to us made us feel very good about the care Buddy got.”

Marsha K. & "Charlie"

“The entire staff was very friendly and their concern and compassion for Charlie was clear to see. I highly recommend Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield for the care and safety of your pet.”

Adrienne F. & "Blake"

“I was quite impressed with the hospital’s cleanliness and friendly staff, including the doctor [Roberts]. Friendly even to the point of having refreshments for clients. I would highly recommend this hospital to those who are in need of services over and above those offered by the general vet. I really like that the staff follows up more than once and are very cordial in inviting your calls if further questions need to be answered.”

Johnathan M & "Sable"

“Inexpensive for emergency care. Clean lobby and rooms. Great staff, helped right as I walked in, very friendly. Called next day checking on how my dog was doing. Great experience overall.”


“Casey was our technician and was humbly conscientious of our struggle.”

Michelle H. & "Lucky"

“Very professional. Having used the same vet clinic/hospital for over 12 years it’s a bit scary going somewhere, especially if you may have to put your animal down. Dr. Daniels was so kind and professional and made us feel right at home and made our decision so much easier. I can’t thank him enough.”

Kendra R. & "Laila"

“The vet [Dr. Daniels] was absolutely amazing and was a joy to be around. My dog absolutely loved him!”


“[Dr. Toby Rouquette was a] Very, very nice man. He explained what was going to be done and came to my car when I was leaving after picking up my dog and talked to me again letting me know how well she had done in surgery and answered a few questions I had. Everyone there was so nice and seemed to understand my distress. Considering the circumstances, this was one of the best I have ever had at a clinic.”

Carolyn C. & "Beau Jangles"

“Dr. Arbuckle went above and beyond what was expected. She was outstanding with her care and service. Casey the tech developed a close connection and my little dog and he just loved him. Thank goodness there is a center like yours to take pets to during late night hours.”

Andy B. & "Shay"

“[Dr. Toby Rouqette was] very personable and listened intently to my questions.”

Dan L. & "Prissy"

“Could not have asked for better care. The staff from the minute we arrived until we left and after has been great. My wife and I are both in customer service and y’all are everything that is good customer service.”


“Very pleased with the care that Shelby received”

Ryan P. & "Monroe"

“I would like to commend the entire staff that helped us. Our visit was exceptional. I will recommend you guys to all my friends and family that have pets and live in the area. Thank you for your service.”

Nikki S. & "Oakley"

“[Dr. Jung] Explained everything very well and was kind and gentle with Oakley. [The hospital was] Very clean and they were very friendly”

Courtney H. & "Sophie"

“The staff took such good care of my sweet Boston Terrier. They were comforting and kind to my mother and kids and myself. We were treated with kindness and compassion as we made the difficult decision to let our beloved Sophie go. I was able to sit comfortably and hold her as she went to sleep for the last time with Dr. Roberts explaining what she was doing and what was going to happen. I am at peace with my decision. Many thanks to the wonderful staff for taking care of everything. My family and I will forever be grateful.”

Brenda B. & "Chispa

“Excellent service!”

Travis P. & "Rex"

“Thank you so much. As difficult as the evening was to endure, the staff made the night as easy as they could. Excellent bedside manner and they gave me and Rex as much time as we needed to say goodbye. Thanks you again.”


“The staff was very friendly and professional.”

Karen L & "Chica"

“Very nice clinic and the vet spent a lot of time with me answering questions and explaining what could be wrong with Chica. My dog was 100% better the next day! I would definitely come here again.”

Renee R. & "Oreo"

“Everyone was friendly and very professional. They were awesome – while I was stressing over the situation they were able to quickly help figure out what was wrong and get everything fixed!”

Ardys A. & "Moonbeam"

“With four dogs, I’ve had plenty of emergencies on holidays, but my experience in Mansfield on Thanksgiving Day resulted in finding the most pleasant and professional emergency clinic I’ve ever been to. I was very impressed with Dr. Farrington, who took time attending to my dog and making him feel better, and explaining his condition and treatment options to me. She and the other staff were very warm and personable. AND, the bill was surprisingly reasonable compared to the $200 for walking through the front door I’d encountered at other emergency clinics. Emergency clinics have always been a scary last resort to me, but here, and unlike my experiences at other E. clinics, I felt that my dog received excellent and compassionate care by a very competent and experienced veterinarian, Dr. Farrington. I am very grateful that she was there to help us and I will not hesitate to go there again if another emergency arises.”

Rachel K. & "Yinger"

“The whole staff was extremely supportive and helpful during a very difficult time letting go of our long time furry family member.”

Shada G. & “Abbey Lu”

“The entire team, from start to finish, was wonderful. The gentleman that brought us back [Trey] was very in tune with the fact that we were so upset. We were there to put our baby to rest and he wasted no time getting us back to the room. I was very pleased that he took Abbey away to put the IV in so we didn’t have to see her struggle, as we have been down that road many times. The Vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] that came in was absolutely wonderful. She had very kind eyes and made us feel as if she was dealing with “her” baby. She explained what she was going to do before she did it very calmly and comfortingly. The other vet.tech [Stacy] that came in afterward was also very kind. I was so pleased with the whole visit that I would recommend this clinic to anyone. I’m only sorry I didn’t get their names. Thank you all so very much for all your generosity. Also, the paw print plate was one of the most amazing things to offer to your patients. I can’t thank you enough for that. It may seem like such a simple thing to do but it has made our hearts glow with joy to see her little paw once again… and forever :)”

Beth S. & "CJ"

“I was very pleased with the promptness to which we were shown to an exam room. The tech was very pleasant and explained the procedure to be followed. She was also very kind to our pet cat.”

Linda G. & “Jake”

“This was my first visit to your facility and it did not disappoint. From the receptionist to Dr. Arbuckle, everyone was so helpful and professional. The facility is beautiful and the care was second to none. Thank you for taking care of Jake.”

Donna W. & "Lolli"

“A few days after I had brought my dog home, I called with a couple questions. The questions were answered and other suggestions offered too. The tech remembered my dog and seemed interested in her recovery. Liked the get well card.”

Barbara K. & "Jett"


Peggy K. & "Poppy"

“Dr. Toby Rouquette, was amazing to work with. My poor dog was in so much pain and Dr Rouquette and the staff answered all of our questions (even the silly ones). The best part is that in less than 24 hours Poppy is so much better and well on her way to being pain free. Did I mention that I called them twice after our appointment to ask questions. They were kind and helpful each time and never made me feel silly.”

Karen C. & "Lula Belle"

“Everyone there really cared about our entire family. My husband and 5 year old daughter sat out front and the receptionist [Amy] was super attentive with them, as well. THANK YOU!!”

Randy M. & "Sammie"

“My go to place for all my dogs.”

Terri B. & "Beemer"

“Everyone provided outstanding service! The doctors were very knowledgeable and took great care of Beemer. I would recommend this hospital to all of my family and friends”

Susan T. & "Mia"

[Dr. Toby Rouquette was] “Excellent!”

Don T. & "Jazz"

“Ladies at front desk are excellent. Thank you.”

Sharon D. & “Glory”

“Thank you for caring. Your staff helped me through a very difficult time and I will not forget their compassion and tenderness with my pet.”

Carolyn B. & "Diesel"

“I really appreciated the concern for Diesel and his honesty about his condition. Sometimes when you have a dog the size of Diesel people are not as interested in dealing with them as they are a smaller dog. I have already recommended you to two people.”

Phyllis H. & "Lexi"

“The receptionist [Alana], technician [Jessica], and doctor [Melissa Rouquette] were all very nice and comforting.”

Bob M. & "Alaynia"

[Dr. Daniels was] “Very nice and informative.”

Mary B. & "Hadley"

“[Dr. Melissa Rouquette was] Very informative and understanding. I was very pleased.”

Glenn W. & "Maggie"

“Our first personal contact, Jaime, was prompt in greeting us in the lobby and then, showing us to an exam room. She was very courteous, professional, and thoughtful. Case in point, that this was the first time, at any animal hospital, that a throw or blanket was placed for any of our pets to lay upon. Dr. Arbuckle was gracious and answered all of our questions. Our thanks to the warm manner that was shown at a difficult and emotional time.”

Rejena B. & "Dax"

“Very clean, friendly, professional & comfortable environment.”

David L. & “Dutchy”

“Aside from the need to be there, everything about our experience with this animal hospital was excellent.”

Melissa T. & "Casey"

“Always attentive and they are so pleasant! Beautiful waiting room with snacks!!! The fees are VERY reasonable. I will never go back to [another emergency hospital] again!”

Lee H. & "Razzle"

“Was completely satisfied! I have told family and friends about this place. I was put at ease and I didn’t feel “gouged” when I paid the bill.”

Connie L. & "Dawn"

“The staff was understanding , kind and very thoughtful of my needs. They understood my emergency and handled everything in a very professional manner. This clinic is a great clinic if your pet is in need of emergency care.”

Kaiya K. & "Buddy"

“Dr. Jung is wonderful! She was thorough and caring and got Buddy well again! His illness was somewhat mysterious and we didn’t know what was wrong with him until his blood work came back, but she was able to figure out the diagnosis and proper treatment and he’s doing great now!”

Tammy K. & "Fred"

“The doctor [Daniels] did a great job of explaining options and giving me first hand examples and information about snake bites that helped me make my treatment decisions. Everyone was very comforting and expressed concern, which makes you feel better when you are dealing with an emergency.”

Cyndee D. & "Baldur"

“Baldur is my daughter’s dog, but she was very ill when he collapsed and I rushed him in. The intensive care he needed to begin to recover was provided with the highest level of medical intervention. Prices of each step were openly provided at each step. Hugs by both doctors and staff were offered to him often, and pictures of him were sent to us by text message. He came home after a week of intensive care, and he has been continuing to improve at home with all the support we need from the vet and staff. We love Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. They work with our home vet as needed, and have provided wonder care for other pets we have too. I’m so thankful.”

Balinda A. & "Max"

“This was my second trip from Duncanville with a pet emergency on a weekend. With each pet’s situation, I was extremely impressed with your facility, the entire staff, your thoroughness and your compassion. I recommend AEHM to anyone. Thank you!”

Viola S. & "Kitty"

“I really liked the staff, and felt comfortable leaving my kitten’s health and welfare in their hands.”

Tonja T. & "Snuggles"

“I would like to thank the staff and attending physician [Dr. Daniels] who examined my Snuggles. My dog was hit by a car that evening and upon my arrival they immediately took him to the back to be examined. I never had to wait or wonder what was going on. They kept me updated on his condition and all procedures. Before leaving the hospital Snuggles doctor made sure he had addressed all my questions, and not once did he seem irritated or rushed. That spoke volumes. Although it was a little further from my house I would not hesitate to return. It was worth the drive. Thank you for providing the best care for my pet. I received a follow up phone call the next day regarding my dog’s condition, and I really appreciated that. The staff showed genuine concern for my pet and I would definitely refer patients to this hospital.”

Michelle S. & "Sydney"

“Even due to the upsetting nature of our visit, the staff was very understanding and compassionate. I appreciate the care that was given by all staff from the people at the front desk to Dr. Daniels who was looking over my sweet Sydney. I can not express how much I appreciate every single person working that night. Thank you so much.”


“The staff at Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield was very sympathetic to our situation. Everyone that we came in contact with that day seemed to be very genuine. My husband and I had to make a very difficult decision about our baby girl, Bambi. The veterinarian [Dr. Toby Rouquette] and his assistant [Loren] were very pleasant and let us take all the time we wanted to love and spend our last moments with our baby. We never felt rushed or like they needed us to get out of the exam room. In a way, they made the entire situation a little easier to handle. We even received an “our sympathy” card a couple days later in the mail signed by the entire staff. That was a very sweet and touching thought. We miss our baby girl every single day but we are grateful that the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield was there to help us.”

Sandra C. & "Rosie"

“They responded to my immediate need.”

Beth C. & "Belle"

“Even though we had to put our precious Belle to sleep, EVERYONE was so thoughtful to our grief. The room was cozy with all the quilts and we were given as much time as we needed. Outstanding service.”

Trisha G. & Lula

“They were amazing to myself and my sweet cat. I would recommend this place to anyone. I had to put my cat down after 17 years of love and the people at the clinic were very compassionate and patient with me. Thanks so much for all you do.”

Marti G. & "Puck"

“Dr. Arbuckle was patient with Puck and treated him like she would one of her own. The tech [Marneigh] who helped me navigate the teeth and claws of a very unhappy cat was marvelous. She requested me to see if Puck would calm down and get into the carrier for the trip home. He didn’t calm down and needed some persuasion in the form of “knock-out” gas but she explained everything to me and stayed right with me and answered all the questions I had. The three of us finally got Puck ready for the trip home. I want to say thank you to each and every person I came into contact with at the hospital. All went above and beyond any expectations I might have had. Each made sure I was comfortable, informed and calm. Calm was important since I was worried sick. Thank You!”

Danielle B. & "Heidi"

“Everyone was so nice and polite and sympathetic. I’m sure there are quite a few pets that you guys see that are just too sick or injured to pull through but I felt like everyone there was genuinely concerned and sympathetic to what we as owners were going through.”

Peggy W. & "Markus"

“Everyone is so friendly and really care about your pet. Best experience for a stressful situation. Saved my kitty’s life! So grateful to everyone!”


“Very easy to communicate with and professional. Gentle and caring with Salsa.”

Camille M. & "Harlie-Lynn"

[Dr. Jung was] “Very caring and understanding of the situation”

Monica B. & "Sadie"

“Sadie started doing better within an hour or two after leaving the clinic. I received a follow up phone call to see how she was doing and when I called my vet the next morning he already had a copy of the report. That is awesome!!! It feels good to know others care about your pets as much as you do!”

Deborah T. & "Charlie"

“Very good service. The Dr. that was with us was one of the most compassionate people I have ever met!”


“Everyone was very caring and understanding.”

Becky W. & “Oliver”

“Very compassionate and professional”

Jeff G. & "Brandy"

“This was my first visit to the hospital. It was obviously a stressful situation that everyone who worked there made much easier. Friendly, professional, thorough… My first visit to the hospital could not have gone better. I hope to never have to go back, but if I do, I will not hesitate because of the service provided on this visit.”

Joyce D. & "Molly

“Very professional and caring for my pet. “

Mary M. & "Gabee"

“We had to have our sweet Gabee put down. Your staff was kind and showed great compassion and concern. Thank you for helping us say goodbye to our little dog as painless as possible.”

Heather C. & "Samson"

“I was very impressed by the office staff, technicians and vets. They addressed the issue with my dog very quickly and I was on my way home within the hour. I would definitely recommend them to others!”

Rejena B. & "Dax"

“Very clean, friendly, professional & comfortable environment.”

Diana D. & "Tootsie"

“All personnel were friendly, helpful and respectful. Was very happy with how we as well as Tootsie was treated.”

Dawn W. & “Bell”

“Awesone! Everyone was so caring and sweet. Took care of my Bell so well.”

Priscilla S. & "Baileigh"

“Everyone was amazing! Our baby had gotten hit by a car, and everyone was very compassionate and eager to help us get Baileigh taken care of and help to keep us calm.”

Gary G. & "Doc"

“Fantastic customer service and medical treatment. They treat Doc like he is their dog. He knows this is a safe place and seems to know that this place and these people have saved his life.”

Ann W. & "Rusty" aka "Tubby"

The doctor [Arbuckle] was very understanding to how bad my fur baby was feeling. She made the visit very pleasant and I would tell everyone I know to go there if they have an emergency.

Sheri H. & "Gaspur"

“Great service”


“I am a volunteer at Arlington Animal shelter and often have fosters. Therefore, unfortunately have had many emergency vet visits. Even though traumatic for our senior Loosie girl and us, it was the best experience ever. We will never go anywhere else.”

Michelle B. & "Cooper"

“We were very happy with the attention Cooper received while we were there. The staff was attentive and helped relieve the stress we felt after Cooper’s ordeal. Receiving the get well card for Cooper a few days later was an extra special touch that was appreciated.”

Stephanie M. & "Henry"

“Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield’s staff and veterinarians were a tremendous help to us! Our dog Henry woke up on a Sunday morning and was very ill. We knew he needed to be seen right away. The clinic was a blessing to us as he was able to be seen that day. Thank you to the entire staff!!!”

Linda G. & "Jake"

“This was also our second time to be assisted by Trey. He was so helpful and patient with my sick dog and explained everything very clearly. He even assisted us out to the car. I am so grateful to have him and Dr. Arbuckle here to help us in an emergency. Thank you very much for these two wonderful people in particular.”

James B. & "Horus"

“It was excellent. We even received a phone call a few days later to ensure Horus was doing ok AND a nice card in the mail basically stating that they hoped he was doing well.”

Dana M. & "Sadie"

“The Vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was incredibly thorough and showed great concern for our dog. I would definitely recommend this clinic.”

Ann C. & "Charlie"

“Never have I been more pleased with an animal clinic and staff.”

Lisa P. & "Chipper"

“I was very pleased with the care my pet received from a veterinarian that we had not previously used. Her concern and attentiveness helped make a difficult decision more manageable. The entire staff was considerate, patient and caring. We are not regular patients of this facility but were treated as if we were.”

Viki C. & "Mia"

“Another wonderful experience at Animal Emergency Hospital. Thorough, professional, and caring. I recommend you to anyone who asks, and some who don’t. My brother, the veterinarian, prefers I use your ER and I am happy to do so even under the always stressful situation of an ill or injured pet.”

Kim K. & "Abbey"

“Thank you for being open and available to help my Abbey!”


“The vet [Dr. Daniels] and other staff [Stephanie] spent time with us, and we never felt rushed or pushed to do anything. This was our second visit to this hospital. Both times the staff was so kind and considerate, and went out of their way to help us.”

Peggy M. & "Maybelline"

“Thank you for all your staff did to try to help Maybeline.”

Dawn B. & "Tiny"

“The veterinarians at this animal hospital are knowledgeable and compassionate.”

Roxanna H. & "Charlie"

“Thank you for diagnosing Charlie and presenting us with the results with kindness and caring. We had a difficult decision to make but you made us feel comfortable and not pressured.”


“This was the best experience I have ever had with anything to do with my pets. Very helpful and polite people working here and very clean, just a wonderful place. Thank you for taking great care of my fur babies.”

Lynda H. & "Sweetie"

“Dr. Farrington was friendly and attentive to my questions and description of Sweetie’s injury. She made me feel like I was talking to a friend.”

Mary N. & "Twiggy"

“Everyone – the front desk staff, the vet techs, and Drs. Rouquette – always treat us and our furkids with the utmost respect and concern. It is critical to have doctors who are dependable, trustworthy, and professional especially when dealing with critical care and end-of-life issues with our beloved pets. We could not be more pleased with the way they have provided exceptional, extraordinary care and attention during one of the most difficult times in our lives.”

Carla J. & "Katie"

“Dr Toby is wonderful. Very professional and knowledgeable. So good with the dogs I’ve brought in. As usual, very professional and caring. Everyone there truly loves what they do and it shows. The facility itself is amazing and comfortable.”

Michael G. & "Sadie"

The entire experience was phenomenal and the care given exceptional. All the staff and doctors [Daniels and Roberts] were kind, compassionate, and informative. I truly appreciate all they did to help our dog.

Lisa R. & "Bo"

“Very compassionate group.”


“What a great experience! Everything was perfect.”

Barbara K. & "Maggie"

“[Dr. Jung was] “Very helpful. Our time there put all our fears to rest.”

Doug B. & "Kizzy"

[Dr. Jung was] “Very helpful!”

Dorothy B. & "Duchess"

“I felt comfortable leaving my pet in their care!”

Tara W. & "Pepper"

“Thank you for taking such great care of our sweet girl, Pepper. From the moment we brought her in, we knew she was in good hands. We really appreciated that we could call at any time to check on her and that we were able to drop in to see her. This made us feel so much more comfortable in such a difficult time. We felt that the staff understood Pepper was much more than a dog; she was our baby. She was part of our family. The staff treated her as if she were their own and communicated with us the way they would have wished for themselves. Thank you for being there and giving her such excellent care. It is our great hope that we never have a need for emergency services and 24 hour care again but if we do, we will return to Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield.”

Peggy W. & "Markus"

“I would recommend AEHM to anyone who needs emergency care for their beloved pet. I live in Arlington and I would make the drive even farther to receive this kind of care. It feels like home and the staff feel like family. They care and that cannot be found everywhere. Love each and every one of them! Will never forget what they did to save my kitty’s life! Everyone was so understanding and showed so much compassion!”

Julie M. & "Bullet"

“I want to thank Dr Farrington, Shannon, and ALL the people that answered the phone both before I got there and while Bullet was there without me. I want to THANK YOU!!! I am sorry I don’t remember everyone’s name especially the ones the day I brought my baby in I was a little stressed and I am sorry I can’t call you all by name. Everyone was awesome – words will never do the experience I had justice. Thank you again for taking the time to explain everything that was happening and giving me time to understand and being patient with me when I was having separation anxiety. Again, Y’ALL are THE BEST!”


“The service you provided to our dog was wonderful.”

Laura H. & "Maverick"

“The vet [Dr. Jung] was super sweet. She was very attentive and answered all of my questions. She was a calming presence… while I was freaking out a little bit.”

Mario L. & "Hagi"

“Everything was great. Excellent service.”

Alice W. & "Gabe"

“Everyone was very professional and kind and seemed to really care about my pet. Very nice clinic – professional staff.”

Lynda H. & "Sweetie"

“This was my second time to use AEHM and, just like the first time, I was beyond pleased with every aspect of my visit to AEHM. I tell everyone I know how awesome AEHM is!”

Tammy C. & "Miss Kitty"

“Everyone was awesome.”

Mike D. & "Clancy"

“Clancy is so well taken care of here”

Umer H. & "Light"

“Excellent staff, Excellent service.”


“Vets were very good about explaining everything. They spent as much time as I needed to understand. I was very impressed with the staff and the facility.”

Judith S. & "Pixie"

“The vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was excellent. She explained everything with details about our dogs condition. She gave us options, her personal opinion on the situation and the time for us to make a decision. Very nice, professional and caring vet.”

Jason & Deana P. & "Diamond"

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful place!!!”

-Jason A. & "Dixie"

“Dr. [Melissa Rouquette] and staff were very friendly and kind. Helped out so much for a sad situation. Thank you”

Lori R. & "Buddy"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Griggs] was very caring about Buddy and very thorough about the treatment needed. This is the second time you all have saved Buddy’s life and both times he didn’t want to leave. It is the only time Buddy has enjoyed going to the vet. You guys are the BEST!”

Jennifer D. & "Samantha"

“This was my first time going to the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. Previously we had made the drive to Arlington. I was so happy with my experience here. I felt confident that my Labrador was being seen to and given the attention she needed. The receptionist [Amy] was even kind enough to help us load my 100-pound lap dog into the car. Should the need arise we will definitely return!”

Vicki C. & "Maggi"

“I appreciate the concern everyone had for my little girl.(Maggi) She is doing alot better and would refer this hospital to my friends.”


“This was a great visit. It is very scary when a family member is sick and you don’t know how to get them better. It made us feel better when we got to the hospital because everyone was so nice and informative and knowledgeable. Even though she had to stay the night, it was a little easier knowing she was in good hands. Mia is doing great now and is back to her old self. We drive from Waxahachie and will do it every time we need to.”

Kathy P. & "Ginger"

“You have the most compassionate staff I have ever seen. It was a shocking and extremely difficult time for me and I appreciated how kind the staff was to me.”


“The veterinarian [Dr. Toby Rouquette] explained Sookie’s situation very well. I was pleased that we could get in quickly on a Sunday. The staff and facility was excellent.”

Cherie R. & "Peanut"

“Had to go to the Hospital on Thanksgiving day with my cat who had TECA surgery earlier that week and she wasn\’t eating or drinking. I would highly recommend this hospital over others in the area. There was no wait time once I got there and the lobby was clean and stocked with drinks and snacks. Everyone was very friendly and nice. I absolutely loved Dr. Farrington, the vet who treated Peanut. She is one of the best vets I have had in my 20 years of cat ownership. I wish she had her own practice because I would definitely take my cats to her. She was very knowledgeable and down to earth and you could tell she cared about her animal patients. She took great care of Peanut during her hospital stay and helped get her back on her feet. “


“You guys are great. You were responsive, thorough, and practical in your recommendations. We received more personal attention than we do from our usual veterinarian.”


“Everyone treated us and our pet with compassion and care. They were very understanding of our concern and emotional state at the time. I felt like they were genuinely concerned about our pet and not just pushing services or treatments. I highly recommend this clinic for any pet emergency.”

Aaron G. & "Spot"

“Very satisfied. Spot is doing very well. “

Linda C. & "Misha"

“She [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very attentive to our needs and was very concerned with our desires to see our pet well. We feel the treatment was what she needed, and she is doing well. They made you feel very comfortable and welcome. We received a call from our regular vet checking on Misha as well.”

Karen H. & "Lucy"

“Excellent care from the front desk to the vet’s daily discussion of Lucy’s situation & treatment.”

Kathy C. & "Fergus"

“I could not have been more satisfied with your clinic. Had already been to another clinic, waited for 2 hours without any treatment and was the presented with six different courses of action- each with its own inflated price. Called your office and was greeted warmly and given directions. When I arrived I was attended to quickly and professionally. I was home within an hour and a half; Fergus having received two shots which helped him have a comfortable night. Next day he was eating and regaining himself. Thanks to Rebecca, Saul and Dr. Daniels for their care of me and my dog.”


“The front desk [Amy] and techs [Shannon] were so sweet. I had mud and blood all over my shirt and they gave me a scrub shirt to change in to. The front desk offered lots of help and provided us with drinks and offered a snack.”


“We had a wonderful experience at your pet hospital everyone was very pleasant and professional and great with the dog and my son as well as me”

Lee J. & "Mika"

“The vet [Dr. Griggs] made a speedy diagnosis determining that out cat needed specialized care that was not available at this facility and made a personal call to the specialist at the receiving facility. The specialist changed her evening plans and waited for us on your vet’s request, for that we are extremely grateful. You fill a very important need in Mansfield; you have been there for us on several emergencies, including Christmas day. Thank you”

Jennie W. & "Molly"

“[Dr. Melissa Rouquette was] Very caring and professional in every way”

Mike D. & "Clancy"

“We appreciate all you’ve done for Clancy”

Becky D. & "Watson"

“I was quite impressed with the whole experience. The staff was considerate and extremely helpful!!!” “GREAT, GREAT, GREAT place to go….”


“You never want to have to go through this experience but the staff was so understanding and efficient. Each person from the young lady that rushed out to meet us at the door [Amy] to the veterinarian [Dr. Leigh Farrington] who sat quietly by while we said our goodbyes, administered the medication and then escorted us outside through a side door. Through the heartbreak and the pain we were experiencing, she said to call her for anything even if it is just to talk. Our beloved Darlin was given the utmost care and expertise that was available. It was as if this was their precious pet too. I thank God that they were there to assist her and us in this transition.”

Brian and Donna H. & "Tank"

“It’s great to find a veterinarian that cares for our animal as much as we do. Dr. Toby Rouquette is kind, caring, compassionate and professional. A real gem. Dr. Farrington also assisted us on a follow-up visit and exemplified the same qualities. They both took the time to explain everything in detail, and answer all of our questions to our satisfaction.”

Dorothy S. & "Kelly"

“My husband and I want to thank everyone involved in Kelly’s care. You all were very helpful to us and took good care of her.”

Vicki S. & "Bear"

“Can’t say enough… literally saved my baby’s life in a caring and professional manner. I also thank Creekside Animal Clinic for making me aware of them for any emergencies. I’m eternally grateful 🙂 That experience was the rainbow at the end of a violent storm!”

Linda P. & "Riley"

“She [Dr. Arbuckle] was very caring and friendly with to Riley.”


“Thanks for all you did to help Julie! :-)”


“Bridgett received outstanding care and I felt she was in great hands.”

Linda W. & "Max"

“You all were amazing. You helped me through a very difficult situation by explaining everything so well. Thank you so much for everything you did.”

Rhonda S. & "Elin"

“Outstanding Emergency Hospital that will treat you fair and take great care of your pets! Very comfortable on the inside! This hospital WILL NOT rack up a huge treatment plan and or OVERCHARGE!

Kristin J. & "Cuddles"

“Dr. Roberts and the entire staff cared for our dog intently and her care was extraordinary!”

Michele B. & “Bandit”

“Dr. [Toby Rouquette] was wonderful. He took the time to explain what was going on and what the possible complications were. He understood that Bandit (the patient) was not just my dog, but a part of my family and treated her as specially as I do.”

Laura C. & "Miley"

“Dr. Arbuckle was great. Very helpful and caring.”

Courtney G. &smp; "Bella"

“The veterinarian [Dr. Farrington] was really concerned about our puppy. She was caring and friendly and completely addressed all of our concerns.”

Denise M. & "Millie"

“I couldn’t be happier with the service provided that night by all including Dr. Jung. Thank you all for the help we received while there… as always, it was superior!!!”


“Prudence was VERY well taken care of and everyone was happy to answer my questions at any time. We could call for updates any time, day or night, to find out about how she was recovering. These vets and techs saved her life.”

Jodi G. & "Shadow"

“I am so grateful that the emergency hospital was open on Sunday. Professional, kind treatment for my wounded dog.”

Sandy M. & "Gracie"

“Gracie would have certainly died without the support of the vet as well as the entire staff supporting her. I have my old cat back again!”

Tracy M. & “Blessing”

“It meant a lot to receive a call checking on Blessing (our dog) and a get well card. Thank you!”

Larry M. & "Izzy"

“We have no doubt that when needed we will use Animal Emergency Hospital. They are great and are really concern about your pet’s health and even call later to see how things are and if there is anything they can do. We have used them 4 times and will continue to use when needed. We could not be more satisfied.”

Karen H. & "Lucy"

“Would highly recommend this facility for emergency or after hours pet needs. “

Jennifer R. & "Calvin"

“I think having a 24hr vet clinic is such a great idea and sure did help me this weekend! Thanks for the great care, and peace of mind!”


“We came to euthanize our pet of 15 yrs. The staff was very caring and understanding. The staff did an outstanding job and were very sensitive to our needs.”


“Wonderful experience both times we’ve been there!”

Allison C. & "Molly"

“This was our first visit to this facility and unfortunately it was to say goodbye to our furry family member of 15yrs. To be honest, I don’t remember anyone’s name. It was late and I was overwhelmed with my loss but everyone was so wonderful and compassionate! I felt instantly comforted by the sweet receptionist [Athena] and the Dr [Jung] was just as nice. I’m sure they see many pet owners like me and I have no doubt that their concern and attention was nothing less than genuine! Thank you so much for taking care of my sweet Molly and helping to make my last moments with her as peaceful as possible.”

Louise R. & "Gracie"

“The staff at the Hospital was great. They took really good care of my dog and showed so much love and kindness to Gracie. Gracie is doing well now and it is because she was well taken care of by this great staff of people at the Emergency Animal Hospital in Mansfield.”

Tom C. & “Maggie”

[Dr. Toby Rouquette] “Did a great job of explaining just what was injured in terms we could understand without a canine anatomy class.”

Theresa M. & "Harvey"

“We were unable to get in to see our regular vet because they were completely booked on the evening that we needed to have Harvey checked out. Dr. Gully’s office recommended we visit the Mansfield Animal ER. I was somewhat hesitant to go since I really like going to Dr. Gully, but the treatment from the moment we stepped in, till we left, was amazing. I am grateful that the reason we were there wasn’t anything life threatening or too serious (just a sprain/soft tissue inflammation), but I know that there were other people who were there for issues needing much more immediate attention than we needed, and I was very pleased with how they handled the ’emergencies’ versus the ‘non-emergencies’. I will definitely recommend the Mansfield Animal ER as a trusted place to take pets.”

Tina D. & "Pinot"

“Thank you for all of your help, everyone was so nice and it made our bad experience much better.”

Suzanne A. & "Dancer"

“The staff including front office [Amy], assistant [Saul] and doctor [Farrington] were wonderful with us during a very difficult time. They were very caring and helpful.”

Teri M. & "Cooper"

Veterinarians were great. They answered all our questions. Felt they really cared aout our puppy. Even noticed his itching problem and gave us some helpful advice. They took the time to talk to us. Cody [Dr. Daniels] was there the first night and we left feeling he would do everything possible for Cooper.


“Very well pleased you taking care of Diamond. He is doing good now.”

David S. & "Salt"

“So glad they are there whenever I need them.”


“Dr. Toby Rouquette was wisely cautious in asking us if he could keep Kyla overnight for observation. We felt much relieved when he said this. His manner was friendly, and he explained to us in detail what might have caused a seizure in Kyla. He also said, as she is 10 years old, the staff and vets would be very gentle in handling her. We were very impressed with the spaciousness and cleanliness of the facility. Also impressive was the courtesy of all the people we dealt with while there. Would not hesitate to recommend the Animal Emergency Hospital to anyone needing emergency care for their pet. This type of facility was greatly needed in our area, and we are very happy they are here.”

Cord M. & "Lulu"

“Everything went quick and smooth. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.”

Melissa A. & "Stonewall"

“Dr. Jung was great and explained everything to us. We really appreciate all her and the staff’s help.”

Charlotte B. & "Scooter

“I would highly recommend the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield to all.”

Andrea D. & "Zeus"

“Love how quickly we were in and out, clean and friendly atmosphere, and thrilled that my fur baby was going to be alright!”

Jose G. & "Boethius"

“Thank you for taking such good care of Boethius.”

Dorothea B. & "Charlie"

“Everybody was very nice and caring. My dog didn’t make it but the Doctors and Technicians tried their very best”

Dick M. & "Caper"

“Awesome personnel.”

Theresa S. & "Sadie"

“Very nice and helpful and helped out right away”

Patty J. & "Koda"

“The vet office is very clean and nicely decorated. Pleasant to visit”

Suzanne A. & "Angel"

“I was very pleased with my experience at your hospital despite such an unnerving, sad, and difficult situation. From the moment we walked in the door we felt at ease. The hospitalization, treatment and care were phenomenal. The empathy and love for animals is evident and palpable from every person, from the vet techs, front desk ladies and doctors. Very evident.”

Dr. D. & S. Webb & “Pooh Bear”

“The staff was very professional and addressed all our concerns. We were very happy with Pooh’s outcome and are very grateful.”


“Very nice, knowledgeable staff”


“Thank you for treating my dog so nice. Me and my dog were treated with the utmost respect. Thank you for being such kind and caring people.”

Mario A. & "Reeses"

“All the staff were awesome and they actually care. I will use the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield again if needed”

Jenny W. & "Rosie"

“Everybody was very professional and compassionate.”


“Awesome staff. I was still shaken over the attack on my dog by another dog and the staff was very comforting and patient.”

Lisa W. & "Buffy"

“Excellent care and service. I highly recommend your clinic for emergency care”

Tim B. & "Jack"

“Our cat Jack had been ill for the last year and even though we knew at some point he would be leaving us it was still very hard to face when the time came. Your staff made the experience easier to take and was very sympathetic to his and our needs, our family felt like everything was taken care of in a professional and compassionate manner. This afternoon we received a condolence card from your staff with a hand written note and immediately we felt better and knew we’d made the correct choice of Vets to help us with all the arrangements for our friend Jacks passing. Thank you so very much for your assistance and kind thoughts at this time.”

Sandra K. & "Annie"

“Everyone was so kind and reassuring during our crisis, I knew my Annie was in good hands.”


“Thank you for the quick care for my baby!!”

John S. & "Whoopi"

“Visit charges were very considerate.”

Mike D. & "Harley"

“The group was very kind and helpful.”

Amber L. & "Addison"

Everyone was very helpful, friendly, & took the time to explain things & answered my questions. I really appreciated the receptionist taking care of my dog while I was filling out paperwork!! Thank you!!! I will definitely come back if my pets have another emergency!!


“You guys saved my LuLu, and we will be forever grateful to all the employees that spent time with her!”


“I was completely satisfied with my visit, especially on such short notice. The staff was very nice and explained everything to me.”

Ken T. & "Honey"

“I was very pleased with my visit and the care of my animal.”

Stephanie D. & "Shadow"

“This is the best hospital ever! They treated Shadow with the best care I could ask for. He was a frequent visitor there due to bloat. If your animal needs anything this is the place!!!”


“Everything was great! Thank you all so much!”


“I have never had a better experience than at your hospital. The staff went out of their way to provide exemplary service.”


“This is the second time I have had to use your services and both times I have been very satisfied.”

Julie S. & "Oliver"

“The entire staff was so kind and supportive during our heartbreaking loss. This is a very professional hospital. I am thankful they were there for us.”

Joanne S. & "Sammi"

“Our little 13 yr old Sammi dog had not been doing well in the past couple of weeks. The night we brought her in, we knew it was time to let her go. Your staff, from the moment we walked in till we left, were sensitive, kind and accommodating. Thank you for helping us through this.”

Sandy and Doug S. "Scout"

“It was great.” “The care was excellent.”

Amber H. & "Cali"

“Very professional and caring group. Was also very pleased with the price.”

Marsha W. & "Chyna"

“Chyna is doing better than she has in a long time thanks to the excellent care and treatment she received. Thanks so much!”

Linda O. & "Gizmo"

“Our case was a hard one. The emotion and concern that was shown during our crisis with Gizmo while remaining professional and focused was truly appreciated. Many vets come across cold, that was not the case here. All efforts were made to save my little 2 and a half pound baby. And when the outcome wasn’t what we prayed for, the doctor [Daniels] and staff where so kind and treated us so well. Compassion is hard to come by but the entire clinic showed just how much they care. Thank you for everything you guys did to try to save Gizmo and for everything so far after the fact. The staff is very compassionate. The card sent to us after Gizmo’s passing and the services provided have helped provide some closure for my entire family. Thank you to everyone in your group for your support and care during this really tough time.”

Michelle G. & "Romeo"

“She [Dr. Farrington] was so kind and explained everything.”

John S. & "Doc"

“Your veterinarian [Dr. Farrington] and everyone on your staff was very compassionate”

Lynne G. & "Bear"

“The staff at Mansfield Animal ER were the most kind and compassionate people. We met under unfortunate circumstances and we were treated so well. Thank you to all who helped us through this difficult time.”

Sherry E. & “Ginger”

“My pet passed away in route to the hospital but the staff was very helpful to me in a situation where I felt totally helpless. Thanks so much.”

Barbara K. & "Punkin"

“My visit was a sad one; my dog of 16 years was ready to cross the rainbow bridge. The vet [Dr. Arbuckle] and staff were very compassionate and caring, to my beloved pet and me. They did not rush me or pressure me in any manner. I felt very comfortable, and now I am glad that I went to this caring clinic.”


“Very nice and thorough”

Adriana R. & "Oliver"

“I loved that someone called just to check up on my fur baby! Sooo helpful and friendly! “

Lisa M. & "Ollie"

“The vets are knowledgeable, kind, and really care about the pets they see. They didn’t get upset no matter how many times I called. I let my friends at work listen as the vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] explained to me what was going on with my cat and they were so impressed on how thorough he was. The only bad thing is I wish they were closer to Desoto. In an emergency I would not go anywhere else!!”

Carol G. & "Lobo"

“The staff were all very friendly and compassionate.”

Roderick W. & "Amelia"

“Overall a very pleasant experience.”

Jon E. & "Bella"

“The vet [Dr. Jung] was very concerned about caring for Bella and getting her better. All of the staff was helpful and friendly.”


“Tiffany & Fancy ate raisins so I was very worried about them, but your staff took good care of them. We appreciate the fact that vomiting was induced while we did the paperwork, not after.”

Robert B. & "Moe"

“Very professional and very concerned about the welfare of my dog. Everyone just bent over backwards to be helpful. They were sympathetic when Moe didn’t make it. But I know they did everything within their power to save him.”


“Even though it was a very stressful situation, everyone at the hospital was great. I especially appreciated being able to come up and spend some time with my cat during this ordeal. Thank you everyone”

Jennifer F. & "Maddie"

“Dr. Farrington was very comforting and assuring during a very difficult time.”

Natalie B. & "Surrey"

“Our veterinarian was so helpful – she explained patiently and with great detail what my dog was going through and what he needed. She was calm and gentle while working with him, as was the attending, and gave clear instructions for our next steps. Thank you Dr. Rouquette!”


“An amazing hospital. We appreciate the professional and personal manner in which Crush and his families were treated.

Beth C. & "Belle"

“Even though we had to put our dog to sleep, they were awesome with us!! It’s taken me 6 months to reply to this survey, but I highly recommend Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield!!”

Betty B. & "Lola"

“We were treated very well by staff through the heartache of losing Lola and if I ever need my dogs taken care of in a emergency this will be where we will go from now on they have everything you would need here that my vet didn’t have”


“I am totally impressed with this clinic! It is so clean and the staff was very kind and attentive to my pet and to me. Thanks to them I still have a my fur-baby!”

Rene S. & "Nicholas"

“She [Dr. Jung] was very nice and answered all my questions to the best of her ability. She even called me with test results.”

Sherry W. & "Spice"

“I could not have found a better place to take my little Pom.”

Dana K. & "Mickie"

“The medical attention for my cat was exemplary. He was diagnosed and treated very fast. It was great medical attention when you face what you believe to be an emergency.”

Linda M. & " Waffles"

“We have been extremely pleased with AEHM. We will continue to use and recommend everyone. Outstanding staff and facilities. The rates are very fair. “

Linda B. & "Miss Key Key"

“Very nice people at this clinic”

Ted T. & "Bentley"

“The info shared by the vet was very clear and concise. 10.”

Christina D. & "Petal"

“Really great job – glad you were there when no other vets were available to stitch up my dog. It gives me great peace of mind to know where to go when I have an animal emergency. Thanks.”


“Great staff and very responsive.”

Janid F. & "Chloe"

“The facility is so warm and inviting, not cold and sterile like so many clinical settings, almost feels like a vacation lodge in its interior. I also appreciate their post visit checkup call and get well card from the staff. The staff members really show how much they care about animals and their caregivers. Their professionalism is A+++++.”–

Kathy S. & "Jezebel"

“Everyone was so nice and helpful. They were patient and very caring. It puts me more at ease to bring my babies here in a crisis.”


“Except that the visit meant that my dog was injured, the experience was exceptionally pleasant. I love my dogs very much and they respect that.”

Gina G. & "Lilly"

“Just loved it and loved the fact they have drinks and snacks as well and a treat for the pets.”


“I was impressed overall. Everything was clean, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and it was less stressful on my pet.”

Michelle W. & "Dakota"

“The entire was very kind and also vey helpful during a very stressful situation with our family dog! We would recommend this hospital to anyone with a pet emergency.”

Leah V. & "Murphy," "BB"

“Thank you for saving my cats’ lives!”

Sandra M. & "Rex"

“The vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was informative and took great care of our pet. What was a stressful time for our family became more manageable with the help of the AEHM staff. The hospital was very clean and comfortable.”

Amanda B. & "Ellie"

“She [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] was very understanding and very helpful! I’d come back in a heartbeat if my dog needs help!”


“Zuzu was 10 weeks old and had only lived with us for 2 days. I was very concerned and they did a great job at putting me at ease. They were wonderful about giving me updates throughout her treatment.”


“Very happy with facility and staff.”


“It was a very difficult time, and they were very kind and conscientious. The vet assessed my cat very quickly, and her bedside manner was flawless. Losing a pet is awful, but I know that she received the best care possible, and I truly appreciate how gentle they were with my kitty. I just wish that they offered regular vet services as well!”

Rosemary H. & "Molly"

“This was a very difficult day for me and your staff was very kind to me and Molly without being intrusive in our last bit of time together.”

Kristie F. & "Rufus

“[Dr. Daniels, Dr. Roberts, and Dr. T. Rouquette were] Very friendly and explained everything in a way that I could understand and I felt like they were very knowledgeable.”

Carolyn S. & "Tater"

“Amy is a remarkable receptionist– kind, efficient and sensitive to the client’s sense of urgency. Jenny is a warm, knowledgeable tech. Mansfield facility is staffed with top quality veterinary professionals who happen to be very nice, compassionate human beings. You can train people to be good at their jobs but nice? Compassionate? You have to hire folks that are already that way! And they did!”

Sharon B. & "LuLu"

“They acted very quickly and started treatment on my baby and saved LuLu’s life. Many thanks! My vet said that he trusted them on anything they do and he recommends them highly to his clients for E.R. My vet said I did the right thing by stopping in and let them treat her. It saved her life and they were very nice and concerned. My baby was so close to dying – she was cold and her vitals were dropping. Many thanks again”

Tracy B. & "Rascal"

“After the Attendant [Trey] placed Rascal into the back seat of my truck and I was ready to leave, Rascal threw up. I went back to the door and notified the Receptionist [Rebecca]. She notified the Attendant [Trey] and he came out and cleaned up my truck and they checked on Rascal again. He was fine, just a reaction from the pain medication. I thought it was wonderful for him [Trey] to clean up the truck for me like that. I never expected that. Everyone at this Hospital exceeded my expectations! They even called me a few days later to check on Rascal. And a few days after the call, Rascal got a GET WELL CARD in the mail!!! My DOG GOT MAIL!!! So sweet!!! I have recommended this hospital every chance I have gotten ever since our visit! I hope we never have another emergency where we have to go back, but if we do, we will definitely go back to ANIMAL EMERGENCY HOSPITAL OF MANSFIELD!!!”

Regina H. & "Jack"

“I want to thank everyone [Natasha, Karen] that was helpful the night I had to bring Jack in. I am eternally grateful that the hospital was open and available for his immediate care that night. I wish I could remember the names of all of you that helped. Thank You”

Dustin A. & "Cletus"

“Great service! And less expensive than other emergency vets in the area.”

Elissa B. & "Rocky"

“I absolutely loved the hospital and their staff. If it was the same cost as a normal vet I would drive out there and change them to my primary vet.”

Jon E. & "Coco"

“Dr. Melissa Rouquette was very nice and explained everything in detail and took her time in examine Coco . Coco was kept over night treated for seizures. He is now on meds to help control the seizures with a week free of seizures so far. Thank you Dr. Rouquette for the great treatment Coco received.”

Stacie K. & "Snowflake"

“Everyone was so nice. My daughter was so sad about leaving her brand new puppy and going home. They were so sweet and said we could call and check on Snowflake or visit whenever we wanted. They even sent us text messages with pictures of Snowflake which helped my daughter a lot. I would recommend this place to anyone that wants good care for their pet. They treated our fur baby as if it were their own.”

Annette B. & "Honey"

“We visited last week around 4am. The facility was SO clean and inviting! The vet tech [Karen] and vet [Dr. Jung] were both awesome and able to help very quickly and efficiently. What I really appreciated was the fact that they didn’t order a bunch of tests and labs right off the bat. They gave meds and recommended I call back if we needed further testing.”

Frank M. & "Gunny"

[Dr. Daniels was] “Extremely knowledgeable and very caring. Willing to answer any and all of our questions and not go to extremes with unnecessary procedures.”

Lisa S. & "Gretchen"

“They took really great care of Gretchen! Great facility.”

Maureen H. & "Sophie"

“The compassion for both Sophie and myself as we sent her to the bridge made a difficult decision easier to handle.”

Patricia L. & "Sissy"

“Thank you and your staff for your help and kindness in a very difficult time.”

Wendy S. & "Bear"

“Nobody likes to have to bring a pet to an emergency vet. This is not my first visit here but with a different dog. Each time they are respectful, polite and educated. With animals it is hard to tell exactly what is wrong since they can’t speak. They have never tried to push an unnecessary procedure or expense on me”


Our Vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was very calm and supportive with answers and made us feel Maggie was being cared for to our satisfaction.

Rhonda C. & "Summer"

“Thank you all and we’ll recommend you to friends and family. Hope we don’t have any more emergencies, but if we do we will definitely bring our pets there.”

Michelle F. & "Russia"

“Everyone at the clinic was kind and helpful in our time of need.

Peggy P. & “Rainie Day Angel"

“Thank you Dr Cody Daniels, he saved my dog’s life!”

Kathy M. & “Jake”

“Everyone was very helpful and kind, I would recommend Animal Emergency Hospital to anyone.”

Jenny A. & "Spencer"

“I was so pleased with my visit. My baby Spencer was scared and so was I when we arrived, you all made us feel comfortable and took the best care of him. Thank you so much! You have made a lifelong customer out of us!!!”

Jo B. & "Marco"

“Our visit to the hospital was a very pleasant experience other than our baby being sick. I will be thanking the young lady from Petsmart that recommended the hospital !”

Jennifer G. & "Church"

“We had a fantastic experience! I highly recommend this hospital when you have an emergency. It is the best in the area!!!”


“Really appreciate the personal attention given. The get well card and follow up phone call were really nice.”

Juanita F. & "Trixie"

“I appreciate [that Dr. Daniels] listened to my concerns and addressed those thoroughly.”


“Hobbesworth and I are both very grateful for everything AEHM did for us.”

Lisa R. & "Elko"

“We brought Elko in on an emergency call and ended up having to put him down due to cancer. The vet made sure we had enough time with him before the procedure. Everyone at the office was very caring and helpful and we would HIGHLY recommend this office to everyone.”

Liliana C. & "Milo"

“I’m very grateful that I was able to take our bulldog Milo to such an exceptional hospital on Thanksgiving Day! Since our vet as many others were closed, our stress was alleviated by the fact that he was going to be taken care of since he had to have surgery immediately. I was impressed with the very friendly service, the building itself was very clean and comforting. This Thanksgiving Day, we gave thanks to all the vets and personnel at the hospital and will never be forgotten. They made a big impact in our lives, so thank you again.”

Vicki H. & "Bentley"

“We were truly impressed and happy with veterinarian [Dr. Toby Rouquette.] The hospital and employees were wonderful!”

Kathryn A. & "Lucy"

“Thank you for helping to heal our puppy!”

Elizabeth T. &" "Fredo"

“Your staff is amazing, Friendly and caring. Never have to wait too long. They take time to explain everything to you and love the fact they love on your pets!”

Jim F. & "Mikey"

“Thank you for your candor and kindness.”

Tami A. & "Otis"

“The amazing staff at this beautiful facility assisted us in easing our beloved Otis into his final journey to the Rainbow Bridge. He passed peacefully without flinching as I held his head in my lap and caressed his ears and told him how much we loved him. The staff were compassionate, professional and caring.”

Lucille A. & "Angel"

“Going to an emergency vet is always stressful since it is after hours or on a weekend. I have had two cats treated at your clinic, and both times, I was so impressed with how calm I felt. The staff are so professional and helpful and something about the decor or attitude is peaceful and calming. Very professional, excellent care.”

Damorrow W. & "Atari"

“The vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette] was so caring and friendly. He really understood my concerns about Atari and explained everything to me and answered every question I had and a lot of things I didn’t know to ask. This is the 2nd time in 2 years we’ve used AEHM and they are THE best, most caring and dependable Emergency/Hospital for pets.”

John W. & "Bailey"

“[Dr. Farrington was] Friendly, professional and thorough. Highly recommended.”

William T. & "Mr. Little Man"

“Great experience with the doctor. She is fantastic!”

Danielle L. & “Abigail”

“Very helpful and kind people! Would use them again in a heartbeat if we ever have an emergency situation again!”


“We loved this place generally. The place was clean, friendly, inviting, and well-staffed–even late on a Saturday evening.”

Carmell M. & "Sheldon"

“The entire staff was friendly, kind and knowledgeable. I would recommend this facility to anyone who has a pet emergency. I wish they did routine vet care so I could take my dog here all of the time!”

Joseph S. & "Cupcake"

“Sarah Roberts is a beautiful person inside and out I could have hugged her to pieces. The receptionists [Athena and Lindsey] were wonderful, the technician [Karen] was awesome, and they can take care of my babies any day. These women were so sweet, I just wish it was under different circumstances meeting these wonderful ladies.”

LaDonna N. & "Barbie"

“Very positive environment from the beginning of our experience to the end. The team showed a very positive environment within.”


“I could not have been more pleased with how you guys treated my family and our dog. Losing our dog Rex was such a sad and traumatizing event, but I walked away that night completely at peace with how it happened. He was usually very stressed at the vets, but you guys were wonderful with him. Thank you so much for giving us the comfort that he went in peace and did not suffer.”

Sarah K. & "Bandit"

“I was extremely happy after visiting with the vet [Dr. Toby Rouquette]! He was very knowledgeable & genuinely cared for my buddy’s well-being. I will definitely be back & will recommend y’all to my friends and family!”

Diann H. & "Feety"

“The lobby is very homey and inviting and clearly designed for the comfort of families with a pet crisis.”

Jud L. & "Frankie"

“We thought everyone there expressed a genuine attitude of care for our dog. The examination was thorough and treatment plan well described. We definitely felt like Frankie was in good hands.”


“I appreciate the hospital facility as a whole; its cleanliness, the clean and ample size cage and the blankets provided for Roosevelt. The staff’s concern for their patients is outstanding. I appreciated the way the staff interacted with each other, with supportive respect in providing care for the most fortunate little animals that arrive at your hospital’s doors. My most sincere appreciation and congratulations to a wonderful Animal Hospital on behalf of God’s Animals.”

Beverly N. & "Molly"

“Very professional and personable staff”

Janis K. & "Sugarfoot"

“Just wow! These people took a very stressful day so much easier. The couch in the exam room was a very pleasant surprise. Usually you sit in very uncomfortable chairs. They treated me with love and respect. I was so glad I chose to take Sugar to them. Very state of the art as well.”


“Thanks for making my dog’s last breath easy.”

Martha L. & "MooCow"

“All of the staff we encountered throughout this difficult ordeal were all very pleasant.”


“The receptionist [Alana], tech and vet [Dr. Arbuckle] were all VERY compassionate and made a difficult time much easier. For that I thank you very, very much.”

Nikki R. & "Nala"

“She [Dr. Jung] was kind and understanding and very knowledgeable of our situation… She was ready to go as far as we wanted. Great service.”

Lori R. & "Buddy"

“Dr. Toby Rouquette was incredible. He took such an interest and care for Buddy and was great to take the time to explain everything to us and answer all of our questions.”


“Everyone was very nice and understanding.”


“One of the hardest most heartbreaking things I have ever had to do was made bearable by this staff – from the front desk [Natasha] to the vet [Jung]. Thank you for helping our baby move on peacefully.”

Angela P. & "Bear"

“I am thankful for an emergency facility that is open 24 hours a day to care for our pets in need of professional care in the wee hours of the night.”

Judy R. & "Gidget"

“The staff and all vets at the clinic were wonderful in their treatment of our pet Gidget. They were also very supportive when the time came to make a difficult decision. Thanks you all so much for your care and understanding. I will recommend your hospital to all my friends who have pets.”

Denise V. & "Gracie"

“My husband and I are grateful to AEHM for the attentive kindness and respect shown to us and to our cat, Gracie, who we had to have put to sleep. Feeling it would be too painful to stay with and be with Gracie to the end, we knew we were leaving her in the best care and knew she would be comforted to her last moment. If we decide to adopt another pet, Mansfield Animal ER is definitely the place to which we would turn in an emergency. We also appreciate the thoughtful condolence card we received a few days after our visit. Thank you!”


“The young lady named Amy at the receptionist position was Great! Very nice and professional. Everyone there handled the medical issues with our puppy very professionally and attentively. For that we are grateful.”

Mike H. & "Chopper"

“I appreciated the vet calling to check on Chopper the next day. He has made a full recovery. Thank you!”

Regina D. & "Marshall"

[Dr. Toby Rouquette was] “Professional, kind and caring.”

Cassie F. & "Mandy"

“Thank you for making me feel like my visit was just as important as the other patients that were with you. I recognized that my visit was not emergent in nature to most, but it was just as important to me.”

Steven H. & "Darla"

“Every staff member in the hospital treated me with their utmost respect and professionalism. I would never hesitate to bring my other dogs here for checkups or for an emergency. The technicians were very informative and explained every detail in what was going on with my dog. The doctors were very understanding with my financial situation and did everything to help me out as much as they could.”

Gina T. & "Minnie"

Dr. Arbuckle was thorough, kind, and very empathetic. She was exceptional.

Brad C. & "Tucker"

“It’s an emotional time when your pet is sick or injured as Tucker was. It helps when everyone is friendly and attentive to my needs and those of my pet as the staff was to us. I had a phone call from a lady at the ER checking on Tucker which I thought was really nice. Thank you for caring.”

Michael W. & "Toby"

“Staff was very comforting to my loss”

Gerene S. & "Maranda"

“Great hospital. They show that they love pets. So glad you are there!!!”


“Everyone I encountered through this whole process has been very helpful and understanding. No matter how many times I’ve called just to check on Uno, all have helped me without hesitation.”

Winston B. & "Cleo"

“You guys are great. It is obvious you care about what you do and that passion translates over to excellent customer care and service. Thanks for being there when we needed you the most.”

Jim H. & "Lady"

“The entire staff addressed Lady’s problem and my concerns immediately and in a very professional and courteous manner. Thank you all very much.”


The Veterinarians were all wonderful, especially Dr. Farrington who took a lot of time in explaining things to me. She was very thorough, knowledgeable and helped me to calm down.”

Linda W. & "Emma"

I am always happy with my visit to your hospital because I feel you truly care about our animals and that we are just another number or more money coming in. On top of this we got a get well card so very thoughtful. Thank you.

Dawn B. & "Tiny"

“This clinic provides a much needed service. Not all pet accidents occur during the business day.”

Julie H. & "Scruffy"

“We were impressed with the caring and attentive care Scruffy received. She was a pretty sick dog from over 30 bee stings and we couldn’t have asked for such a group of concerned, kind and gentle people. When discussing Scruffy’s blood work, the vet explained in detail, and in an easy to understand way, the problems we were facing and treated us as if we were not “too stupid” to understand the issues. If we could, Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield would be our regular vet service!!! Scruffy was in the hospital for a week and we visited several times. The staff was very kind and patient and gave us plenty of time to visit.”

Heather S. & "Scout"

“You guys are awesome!”

Jacob W. & "Mako"

“Wonderful experience, thank you for your excellent care of us, and our cat.”

Nancy N. & "Bitsy"

“Everyone was kind, compassionate and helpful. When emergencies occur it is great to know there is a place like this so close open 24 hours. It’s a great service.”

Diane K.. & "Mason"

“Our pet received extraordinary care! Thank you!”

Arlene S. & “Peanut”

“Very professional, caring and welcoming atmosphere and staff. Our visit and experience was amazingly great!”

Jo J. & "Pippa"

“I was very pleased with the speed and attentiveness from the staff and veterinarians when Pippa had a vaccine reaction. The effort given to making pets and their people comfortable during a time of stress is much appreciated. It made me feel that Pippa was in caring hands all around.”

Pamela M. & "Bijou"

“All your staff was AMAZING! Thank you for caring for Bijou and being sympathetic to our mommy needs :)”

Megan S. & "Dexter"

“You guys were fabulous!! It was hard being the client and not the Technician… but you guys made it much easier by being so great! Thank you for the great care, follow up call, and the get well soon card… Loved it all!”

Glen W. & "Sparkles"

“Hands down exactly what I was hoping for. It was Christmas Eve and we had an emergency and they were there to help. Had a 6 week old puppy who is doing great thanks to them”

Luis S. & "Troy"

“Awesome experience. Receptionist [Debbie] was sincerely concerned about his health, which is very important since it makes me feel like I’m not just another customer. [Dr.] Toby [Rouquette] explained Troy’s condition very well and was very understanding of my financial situation. Would definitely recommend to anyone I know. Great job guys and thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism!”

Terry R. & "Katie"

“The staff and Dr. Farrington were very kind, understanding and helpful. Again, on behalf of “Katie”, my wife and myself, thank you.”

Pam J. & "Lola"

“I was very pleased with the staff at the ER. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The vet [Dr. Griggs] answered every question I had without making me feel like I was a bother, the ladies [Elyssa] at the front helped fax my prescription over so it would be filled before they closed, and the guy I spoke to on the phone (Casey) was super helpful about feeding my puppies and offered me to come in to show me. I then called with some questions a couple days later and everyone was super helpful and kept asking if I had any more questions to ask. Lola is so much better, all the puppies are in loving homes and the get well card was a super nice touch! I would definitely come back in a heartbeat. Thank you so much to all the staff who made me feel at ease in a time of panic!”

Carolyn F. & “Sergei”

“Everyone was very concerned and attentive. They acted urgently to our emergency and treated our dog with respect and were very gentle and caring. Although we lost our precious dog, I believe that everyone did everything that they could to help him and us.”

Heather E. & "Elmo"

“Sadly, our little boy was in critical condition and couldn’t be saved. The Vet explained the situation honestly but with compassion. All the employees on duty that day were very kind to my husband and myself on this very sad day.”

Dee M. & "Bella"

“This is the second time I’ve had to use the emergency hospital instead of my regular vet and I am so thankful that we have a facility like this in Mansfield.”

Lee W. & "Hank"

“Starting with the receptionist [Rebecca], both techs [Loren, Karen] I was involved with and the vet [Dr. Jung] were all so very kind and sympathetic as we grieved the loss of our beloved family pet. The sympathy card with personal comments included by the tech and vet we received afterwards I could tell were genuine. Thank you.”

Viola C. & "Daisy"

“Very satisfied with the treatment my Daisy received. She means a lot to me.”


“Everyone was extremely caring and professional!”

Andrea G. & "Marvin"

“We were so happy with the treatment that we got here. All of the vets and techs were very good to keep checking in on us and updating us. They were very thorough and knew exactly what to do with our cat. He is healing very well and looking much better. They were even nice enough to keep him all weekend and it sounded like they spent a lot of time with him making sure he ate, didn’t chew his IV, and so on. Thank you so much, we will definitely come again if there is another emergency.”

Kristine P. & "Sandi"

“They took really good care of my baby and put my mind at ease.”

Kim B. & "Chester"

“The staff was very kind and caring. I work with cancer patients for a living. So I am always very aware of the staff and how they treat their patients. It was a very tough time for me but the staff did their best to make it bearable.”

Jennifer S. & "Maia"

“We were extremely impressed with our experience at the hospital. From cleanliness of the hospital to the warm communication with the entire staff we interacted with, we were more than pleased and felt all the more comfortable leaving our dog in your care. We will definitely recommend your hospital to other pet owners!”

Savanna L. & "Buddy"

“Thank you all for being wonderful during my visit.”

Preston R. & "Chichu"

“Despite the final result of us losing our beloved Chichu our experience was very comforting. The staff was very compassionate and caring and answered all our questions thoroughly. We cannot thank them enough for the kindness and compassion. We were so pleased with the experience.”

Lisa R. & "Bo"

“Great facility!”

Scott F. & "Dada"

“We had to bring in our 12 year old dog to be put down. The staff took great care of us as we spent the final moments with our beloved dog. A few days later we received a call that her ashes were ready. When we went and picked them up we were overwhelmed by the clay paw print and the beautiful redwood box that contained the ashes. It was a very emotional time. We also so appreciate the card from the staff expressing their sympathy. Thank you for the excellent care you provide us. We are truly grateful!”


“I was very pleased with my visit, and so grateful to have such a nice facility here in Mansfield!”

Gary W. & "Buffy"

“Dr Toby [Rouquette] is an excellent vet with great personality… we highly recommend him.”


“Very pleased with the treatment our Mia Bella received. Thank you.”


“The staff was very friendly and helpful. This was a very nice hospital, and I would recommend this hospital to my friends and family.”

Kristy F. & "Killer"

“We have had such good experiences here. Very appreciative of the care and that they call to check on our pets afterwards.”


“Every person that we dealt with at the hospital was so wonderful and helpful and showed us how much they truly care for the animals they take care of. We could not have gotten through such a hard time having to put our Sadie to sleep without the compassion of the staff.”

Jana S. & "Max"

“Appreciated [Dr. Daniels’] time taken to explain evaluation of our Max. Very clean, like the location, like not feeling rushed so I could make sure I understood treatment and medicine”

Vicky A. & "Stitch"

“My family and I were met at the door as we came in. The entire staff was kind and courteous. The vet was honest and soft spoken during our grief. The entire staff made us feel like our pet was part of their family.”

Jennifer E. & "Trixie"

“We have been here several times and every ‘incident’ has been a pleasant experience. Now if only my hounds would stop getting into EVERYTHING :-)”


“[Dr. Leigh Farrington was] Very professional, yet warm and caring. Explanations were very clear and easily understood.”


“After having spent two hours in a chaotic waiting room (at my regular Vet), just hoping to get worked in, the AEH was an oasis of calm. Our pet was taken in immediately and assessed. We were put at ease that she was in good hands. The ladies at the front were helpful and calming and easy to talk with. It was excellent service all around.”

Adreana R. & "Spencer"

“My pet was in a lot of pain so they took him to the back and did everything to make him comfortable. They knew exactly what to do and treated my pet just like I would want to be treated. Everyone treated my Pug and I like we were family. They were wonderful to us.”

Lou G. & "Grady"

“We appreciate the doctors and staff at the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. I never leave your hospital second guessing that I’ve made the best decisions for my pets. Thank you!”

Sylvia B. & "Gunnar"

“Rather than have me drive from Waxahachie to Mansfield at 2:00am when Gunnar would be through with his procedure and awake, the clinic suggested he stay the night without any addition charges for my safety and his well being. I appreciated that extra thoughtfulness.”

Brian and Donna H. & "Tank"

“There are not enough words to describe the warm, friendly, caring and professional attitude exemplified by the entire staff. AND our wonderful dog “Tank” says they have THE BEST treats!! (especially the jerky flavor. YUMMY!!)”

Peggy L. & “Norman”

“I was impressed that I received a follow up call the following day to check on my dog which was very thoughtful as well as a get well card addressed to him.”

Cynthia P. & "Bruzz"

“Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I saw a trauma unfold while I was there with my pet and I was very, very impressed with the compassion that was shown to the pet owner.”

Eileen C. & “Molly”

“The staff was friendly, helpful, and caring and the hospital was clean and comfortable.”

Kathleen A. & “Baxter”

“This was not my first visit. Each one has been, without question, without fault.”

Vanessa K. & "Mo-Mo"

“Unfortunately my sweet puppy didn’t make it after being hit by a car but [Dr. Arbuckle was] compassionate.” [Dr. Arbuckle was]“Very quick to help me. Very quick to get me the prognosis of the injuries she had.”

Keith R. & "Alexandra"

“Dr. Farrington was very kind and compassionate, as was the staff at the front desk [Amy and Lindsey.] Although I did lose my cat Alexandra due to a cancer mass on her liver, everyone at the hospital was very kind, helpful and compassionate”

Luis R. & "Diamond"

“My wife and I love the service and the way they cared. We hope we don’t have to come back because we want a healthy dog. But, Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield is were we would take our dog back for the best veterinarian care around.”

Kathy P. & "Sydney"

[Dr. Daniels was] “Very compassionate “ “Everyone was very professional and comforting.”


“I felt y’all were more concerned and caring of my Sam than his regular vet is! You called to follow up and sent him a Get Well postcard. I’d rather come here for his shots and annual exam than anywhere else instead of just for emergency visits.”

Wendy S. & "Hudson"

“Due to the circumstances of my visit it was not a good visit at all. The staff was amazing and everything about the AEHM was great though. I do recommend AEHM often to friends who need an emergency vet.”

Kim B. & "Chester"

“I brought Chester in for what was presumed to be a tumor. It turned out he had a hemangiosarcoma that had ruptured. It happened in 24 hours. Dr. Arbuckle explained that with surgery he would only have 18 days to 2 months. I knew I couldn’t put him through that. I knew I had to make the decision. The doctor was very good and very patient. She wasn’t in a hurry so I got to visit with him until we gave him a shot to end his suffering.”

Cheyenne S. & "Smalls"

“Dr. Cody Daniels and his staff were great! He was helpful and concerned and they gave Smalls the best care. We left there feeling very confident that we had addressed everything thoroughly. Hopefully we won\’t have to come back for a long time but if we do we know Smalls is in good hands.”

Reigh A. & "Ginger"

“When I brought my dog to the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield, her balance was office and she was falling over herself and her legs were collapsing. The receptionist [Debbie] who settled us in the examining room brought a blanket into the room for my dog to lay on while we waited (short wait) to be seen. I appreciated this above-and-beyond courtesy.”

Tammy W. & "Grace"

“The staff was amazing and honored my decision to put my sweet girl down without making me feel guilty. They were respectful throughout the entire visit.”


“I was extremely impressed with ALL the staff and Doctors at the Mansfield ER. Their professionalism and attentiveness gave me the confidence I needed to have faith in their care of my baby (miniature poodle). They allowed me in the back to visit my baby shortly after he first arrived. I was able to call as many times as I wanted, anytime of the day or night to check on my baby. And when he was a little better they set up a visiting room for us, complete with a couch and blanket on the floor. I highly recommend the Mansfield ER!”

Kelly H. & "Bella"

“Great, friendly staff”

RaChelle R. & "Kai"

“Wonderful staff! Compassionate and take great pride in their practice.”


“Everything was great, from the facilities to the care. I was constantly kept informed and never felt pressured to make excessive procedures. I really appreciate all the care and help we received!”


“Our visit with Reilly was handled with professionalism and care for our dog and for us. Every step of the way we were kept informed with what was happening and why and what the next step would be. We will return if necessary!”

Patrick F. & "Indiana Stone"

“The environment was very welcoming and comfortable, and the staff was very professional. You can tell that they care as much for your animal as you do.”

Susan L. & "Bear"

“Everyone was very nice and helpful and took care of my Bear very well”

Bryan T. & "Cooper" and "Luna"

“I was very surprised at how clean and homey the hospital was. I was taken care of promptly and felt like my pets were in a very safe environment.”

Lauren K. & "Gibblet"

“The entire staff was exceptionally sweet and caring under the circumstances. They cared a great deal for the well being of my puppy and for myself. Thank you all!”

Deon H. & "Jet"

“The staff of Animal Emergency of Mansfield were incredible. We almost lost our dog to heat stroke, but they managed to keep things together and get him back on the road to recovery. Everyone was professional, friendly, caring. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Alexis C. & "Norman West"

“Starting New Year’s Day off at the vet was not what we had in mind. But coming here was a quick, easy, and comforting experience. Everyone was in a good mood, upbeat, and very informative. I love that Athena, who answered our phone call (and a few more while we were in the waiting room) was so knowledgable and caring about each call. The entire experience was really pleasant, considering the circumstances. Definitely recommend Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield to all!”

Judy B. & "Homer"

“I have nothing but the nicest things to say about every vet [Dr. Daniels and Dr. Farrington] that examined Homer on each of his visits. They were all kind, knowledgeable and very helpful in calming my anxieties.”

Jessica W. & "Sadie Sue"

[Dr. Daniels is a] “Wonderful vet!”


“Very professional, very polite… both staff and doctor. Thank you.”

Angie B. & "Abby"

“[Dr. T. Rouquette was] Very compassionate before, during and after the procedure”


“Thanks to your staff. They did a great job. My golden was hurting and you helped and she is healing fast.”

Vivian S. & "Simon"

“[Dr. Arbuckle was] Very nice and informative. Staff was very friendly, nice clean office.”

Tim K. & "Patches"

“Extremely satisfied with my visit. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone with a sick or injured pet.”

Michele H. & "Hannah"

“We are grateful for the care our dog received while in the hospital. She can be an uncooperative patient, but the doctors and staff worked to resolve her problem. They made us feel cared for, as well. I will definitely recommend this hospital to others.”

Bruce H. & "Sophie"

“Outstanding exam – veterinarian [Dr. Daniels] provided necessary info to make the correct, safe, and prudent plan to treat my dog. Explained how we should proceed with treatment in a safe step by step manner rather than jumping to a very invasive and expensive procedure that could be solved by small safe steps without endangering my pet’s health or life.”

Tonya H. & "Roscoe"

“I cannot begin to express how blessed we were by the service and support we received from your hospital. You related to our situation immediately and helped us to feel understood and cared for from the moment we walked in. The follow up phone calls and the follow through with answered questions and confirmation of a recommended plan of action removed any doubt and gave us peace of mind. You went above and beyond just to help us through a very tough time with the utmost respect for our deep love and devotion to a very important “member” of our family. Every family’s “members” should receive your care and we will highly recommend you in all situations. Thank you so very much for all that you do and for the way in which you do it.”

Linda M. & "Precious"

“My baby Precious was treated very well during our visit. All staff was very polite and always concerned about our well being during our visit.”

Carolyn B. & "Reba"

“I will always be comforted by the fact that this wonderful place is so close in the event I need their services in the future for my remaining family.”

Whitney G. & "Trevor"

“Dr. Daniels was wonderful! He was extremely helpful and understood that we were concerned about our dog Trevor’s health. He took the time to explain everything to us and called to give us updates throughout the day.”


“I will recommend your service at anytime to anyone with a pet they care about… Thank you so much for your service to our puppy Klaus”

Jalin T. & “Ranger”

“Everyone is so nice and even called the following day to check on my Ranger. Thank you so much for taking wonderful care of my baby!”


“I was very pleased at everything that was done. I am sorry I lost my pet but everyone was very nice. The Vet [Dr. Farrington] was especially kind.”

Stephen B. & "Petey"

“I was very pleased the way the doctor [Dr. Jung] described what she found during her examination of Petey, and suggestion for overnight observation, etc. This was my first visit, but I felt confident that he was in good hands.”

Gail B. & "Little Lotte"

“Thorough, appropriate level explanations of diagnosis. Discharge literature better written than many human health facilities.”

Michael T. & "Maggie" and "Macy"

“I was very pleased with the level of urgency given to treating our dogs. Every time I called for a status during the initial treatment the vet, Dr. Daniels, came to the phone or called me direct.”


“They were very comforting and took excellent care of my little dog… the night before 4th of July! Thank you again :)”

Lezlie V. & "Frency"

“Great service!!!”

Merrilee R. & “Dusty”

“My brother and I were extremely pleased with the care provided by Dr. Arbuckle. She was kind and compassionate to our dog’s needs. She was able to work with us to design a care plan that we could afford.”

Dave L. & "Duke"

“They were so caring and fast with Duke. I would recommend this animal emergency hospital to everyone.”


“My dog had terminal osteosarcoma –we had planned to have the vet come to our house to put him to sleep but his pain became too great and we went to your facility. The exam room was especially comforting because of the small sofa and rug. This made it more homelike and less like a sterile clinic. The staff were very kind and allowed us time to grieve.”

Donetta and Larry L. & “Schautzie”

“It was a very good experience. A phone call, a card, and now this questionnaire. The hospital is very efficient and I have already recommended it to friends.”

Sunny A. & "Tommy"

“This experience was fabulous. Would refer your office out to all my friends. Thank you!”

Robert F. & "Dakota"

“It was a very stressful and a very scary time for me when I got Dakota at your hospital but when left Dakota there I knew she was in the best hands and hospital that was possible for my dog to be it was not cheap by all means but my pets lives are priceless and your staff went beyond that extra mile and gave Dakota her life back and I will never forget that as long as I live thank you again Dr Farrington and all of the professional staff.”


“Thanks for prompt attention. Everybody was very nice and helpful.”

Julie T. & "Pebbles"

“Thank you for your thorough and compassionate help with Pebbles! I was so satisfied with all of you in the way that you cared for my dog!”

Pat D. & "Maggie Mae"

“Dr. Daniels was very clear and concise in his description of the condition of the dog that I brought in, the types of diagnostic tests that were available and the outcome of various treatments depending on the diagnosis.”

Richard & Suzanne B. & “Palmer”

“We found Dr. Rouquette & the staff to be very professional and helpful. They took great care of our Sheltie puppy, Palmer, and he is completely back to normal.”

Mary S. & "Roxy"

“Everyone was so gentle and sweet to my doggie and calmed us down when we were so worried. The whole process was exceptional.”

Mike D. & "Macy"

“Very professional and caring place to take a pet.”


“I appreciate the caring and compassionate staff during this difficult visit. It’s always a hard decision to make when your pet takes a turn for the worse after suffering a stroke but the staff/vet helped Fred cross over the Bridge with dignity and showed the utmost kindness to both of us.”

Lauren K. & "Gibblet"

“The vet [Dr. Roberts] that took care of my baby Gibby knew and cared that what I was going through was extremely rough. She let me have time to myself to make a decision that was more than difficult to comprehend. She knew I had money problems and tried working with me as much as possible. I am eternally grateful to her for being there and being courteous and understanding in my time of sorrow. Thank you so much!”

Aubrey M. & "Molly"

“Each time I’ve had to come in Drs. have been quick and attentive. I’ve seen 3 different doctors but each time they were compassionate and informative. I trust and recommend this hospital. In an emergency situation, speed, thoroughness, compassion, and fair pricing are all important and this hospital covers all those needs.”

LaShandia W. & "Yale"

“Everyone was great… Trey was very concerned about my financial needs and help find a solution to relieve my worries…”


“Unfortunately, it was an emergency visit that had a very tragic end. Despite that, everyone was very compassionate about my baby Lucky’s situation. I even received a personal note regarding the loss of our baby Lucky. That really warmed our hearts in a time of pain and mourning. Thank you for that human touch, not all emergency vet clinics have it. Thank you so much!”

Teri M. & "Daisy"

“Always clean & welcoming. I have used it twice in emergent situations. They always give me all options and answer all my questions. I make the choice of care level & know what it will cost me. I am also glad they have brought specialists into the practice. Hope they can bring more on board. It’s great having this option.”

Melinda M. & "Clyde"

“The entire staff was kind and very professional. Dr. Farrington was approachable, personable, took the time to listen and ask all the right questions. She also went over my cat, Clyde’s, x-ray in detail and in layman’s terms. From the moment she walked into the room, Dr. Farrington made us both feel welcome. It’s always a great sign when a vet speaks to your pet and shows him/her affection, which is exactly what she did. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or veterinarian.”

Laural H. & "Ofira"

“Dr. Presler is amazing!! It is easy to see the love and passion for the animals and the true care and concern for their human families. I have had many veterinarians over the years and I must say that she is truly one of the very best in every way! I certainly recommend her and the team members supporting her. There are lots of negative stories about Emergency Animal clinics around the US but I have always had excellent experiences with the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. Everyone there is genuinely caring and concerned and the team works together to help and be accommodating in every way!! I would recommend them to anyone and I wish they were also an everyday animal hospital.”

In-House Laboratory

In-House Laboratory at Animal Emergency Hospital of MansfieldWe have the capability to process CBCs (complete blood counts,) blood chemistries and blood clotting analyses in-house. We have SNAP tests for Heartworms/Lyme Disease/Anaplasmosis/Ehrlichia, Parvovirus, Giardia, FIV/FeLV (Feline AIDS/Feline Leukemia,) and Pancreatitis (cPL and fPL.) We can test for ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and perform fecal flotations as well as urinalyses.

Our pharmacy is stocked with a wide range of the most current antibiotics, heart medications, pain medications, and more.

Orthopedic and Specialty Surgery


Dr. Lammers Orthopedic and Specialty Surgeon at Animal Emergency Hosptial of Mansfield and Peak Performance Equine Hospital Dr. Lammers performs various orthopedic surgeries including fracture repairs, cranial cruciate ligament repairs (TTA, TPLO), patellar luxation correction, femoral head and neck osectomy (FHO), limb amputation, bone biopsy, and hip luxation correction with toggle pin. He also performs various soft-tissue surgeries such as anal sacculectomy, hernia repair (scrotal, perineal, inguinal), salivary mucocele excision, and total ear canal ablation with bulla osteotomy. He may be available for additional procedures that are not listed – please call our hospital for more information.


Dr. Lammers attended veterinary school at Washington State University in Pullman, WA . He graduated in 2000 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and moved to Texas. His aspiration after veterinary school was to become a board certified veterinary surgeon. He was accepted into the Texas A&M Large Animal Rotating Internship. Upon completion, he was selected for the Texas A&M Equine Surgery Residency. After completing the stringent requirements, Dr. Lammers was board certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in Large Animal Surgery in 2005. He was in private equine referral practice for 6 years where he performed numerous orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries in the horse. He then branched out into small animal surgery and is currently pursuing dual certification from the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in Small Animal Surgery. During this time he has taken specialized courses and studied with leading small animal surgeons to learn the intricacies of small animal surgery. He has a passion for surgery in horses as well as small animals.

Orthopedics is the area of surgery he most interested in, but enjoys all aspects of surgery. Surgery of the canine knee and internal fixation of fractures are among his favorite surgical procedures.

Dr. Lammers is available for Orthopedic and Specialty surgeries on Wednesdays at AEHM as his schedule allows.

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

PHONE: 817-47-ERVET 817-473-7838

FAX: 817-473-2738

Please note that Dr. Lammers will only be performing surgery on dogs and cats at AEHM. If you are interested in equine surgery, please contact:  817-579-0287 or Peak Performance Equine Hospital.