Amy B. & "Huckle"

“The technician, Amy, was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! I believe she truly has a wonderful ministry and is sweetly equipped to work within it! She truly listened to EVERY detail as I bawled and told her my precious memories/story of Huckle’s life. She was sincere and genuine. She was patient with me and gave me all the time I needed to let go. She honored my request to have a print of my cat’s paw. A few days later I received the most meaningful note of sympathy. She included in her note almost EVERY thing I shared with her in the exam room!!! I just couldn’t believe she remembered all those special details about the life of my beloved cat!!! It was such a personal note that I was taken back and wondered if she had somehow recorded my words!!! In this day and age, most people don’t carefully listen AND remember what is being told to them! Amy did and because of that, I have such respect for her. I WILL FROM NOW ON ALWAYS TAKE MY REMAINING PETS TO THIS CLINIC!!! I am whole heartedly touched by this clinics compassion, reassurance of my decision that was excruciating to me and so very patient with me. I am in debt to them. I thank them for all they did. They will always be a part of my cherished last memories of with my fur baby.”