“The level of caring and knowledgeable veterinarians at this hospital is remarkable. They not only took excellent care of Roosevelt, but their reassuring presence, set me at ease and gave me confidence of a positive outcome. Dr. Arbuckle was Roosevelt’s primary veterinarian, and Dr. Farrington provided follow up care a few days later, when he was not eating or drinking water, or urinating sufficiently. I appreciate Dr. Arbuckle’s way of explaining Roosevelt’s diagnosis, the required treatment, in hospital stay care, and preventative home care. Her obvious concern for Roosevelt’s post procedure recovery and the time she took to answer my questions showed her love for her patients and her expertise. I felt proud that Roosevelt was in her care. Although Roosevelt was not “too happy” when Dr. Arbuckle visited him, he loved that she took such good care of him. Once home, I watched Roosevelt for all the signs to be concerned about, and medicated him when I thought he needed it. However, when things did not look right, I returned to the hospital with Roosevelt. I was concerned that he was not eating or drinking water or urinating sufficiently. Dr. Farrington most efficiently and quickly reassured me that he was well hydrated and made the diagnosis that he was probably experiencing bladder spasms and required medication (which had been provided at dismissal, but after a few days, I thought he did not require it). She gave me the option for addition labs, but being that Roosevelt urinated well upon exam, I opted to medicate him for pain and see how he did. Dr. Farrington also gave Roosevelt medication to stimulate his appetite if needed. I was impressed. I gave the pain med before going home, and by the time we arrived home he was eating and urinating just fine.”