Chuck S. & "Dirk"

“Bringing Dirk in to be put down was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I had so many good memories of Dirk, from him being with me at A&M to traveling cross country multiple times to the countless moves and relocations we went through. I never thought I’d be able to love an animal as much as I loved Dirk. I could see signs of him slowing down over the past few months, and when the vestibular symptoms returned after a year I thought my wife and I should start preparing for the worst. When I woke up the morning I brought Dirk into see you I knew he was ready to go. I couldn’t stand to see him in that shape, knowing he was suffering. I came to you because we love our vet in South, TX (East Bernard) where we are from, but of course there was no way I could get there in time to help Dirk. I know you don’t know me, my wife, or Dirk, but you are a classy bunch and as a grown man crying in your office, I still felt respected. We laid Dirk to rest under an oak tree at my parents in Eagle Lake which is about 4 hours south since I couldn’t bear to bury him at our rental in Burleson where we won’t be for very long. God Bless, Chuck Stephens.”