James P. & "Blitz," "Kitz," and "Spritz"

“Your staff members were most accommodating. My wife brought in our three Dachshunds following a rude meeting with a Copperhead and was pleased with the quick attention provided. I was allowed to visit later that evening so I could see the injuries and conditions of Blitz, Kitz and Spritz firsthand as I was not present when the attack occurred. I can’t recall the vet’s name (female, blonde, extremely dog friendly) [Dr. Melissa Rouquette] but she was very helpful, bringing food for not only the patients but also our fourth dog that I brought along to visit, Pretzel. (She was grateful for the additional late night snack, trust me). I have since located the offending serpent, flushed out while applying snake repellent, and have dispatched it on to its Creator. I now know about where the dogs were when they met said snake. Again, my thanks for your professional treatment and truly loving attention. Hopefully our three adventurers will remember your treatment longer than they apparently remember to avoid slithering beasts.”