Kaiya K. & "Buddy"

“Karen, Athena, and Dr. Jung are the staff members I interacted with and they were all so reassuring and comforting. Buddy was a lot sicker than I thought and had to be hospitalized, which scared me! They completely understood my feelings. Karen asked if it would make me feel better to see the bed where Buddy would be staying and if I could put him in there myself. She told me I could call and check on him all night as many times as I wanted. She was true to her word. After having unexpectedly lost a beloved pet several years ago, leaving the animal hospital without Buddy was a horrible feeling, but Karen and Athena both reassured me that it would all be well. And we got to bring Buddy home the next evening and, although he is still on special food for a while, he’s almost as good as new! Thank you for saving our sweet little fur baby, Buddy!”