Tracy B. & "Rascal"

“After the Attendant [Trey] placed Rascal into the back seat of my truck and I was ready to leave, Rascal threw up. I went back to the door and notified the Receptionist [Rebecca]. She notified the Attendant [Trey] and he came out and cleaned up my truck and they checked on Rascal again. He was fine, just a reaction from the pain medication. I thought it was wonderful for him [Trey] to clean up the truck for me like that. I never expected that. Everyone at this Hospital exceeded my expectations! They even called me a few days later to check on Rascal. And a few days after the call, Rascal got a GET WELL CARD in the mail!!! My DOG GOT MAIL!!! So sweet!!! I have recommended this hospital every chance I have gotten ever since our visit! I hope we never have another emergency where we have to go back, but if we do, we will definitely go back to ANIMAL EMERGENCY HOSPITAL OF MANSFIELD!!!”