The latest glowing reviews from our very happy clients.

Lindsey D. & "Smokey"

“I just want to say thank you for the level of compassion and empathy everyone gave when I was there with Smokey. We were facing a hard decision and the Doctor and tech gave us plenty of time to process and ask questions as needed. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Travis P. & "Rex"

“Thank you so much. As difficult as the evening was to endure, the staff made the night as easy as they could. Excellent bedside manner and they gave me and Rex as much time as we needed to say goodbye. Thanks you again.”

Stacie B. & "Chief"

“You guys are the best… thanks for being there when we need you”


“Thank you for your prompt and caring attention for Mugzi!”

Rhonda M. & "Sophie"

“Loved the staff & the vet [Dr. Melissa Rouquette]”

Linda M. & " Waffles"

“We have been extremely pleased with AEHM. We will continue to use and recommend everyone. Outstanding staff and facilities. The rates are very fair. “

Julia C. & "Scooby"

“They took great care of my fur baby. Even receive a Get Well postcard! So thoughtful!”

Deborah W. & "Obi"

“Everyone was absolutely AMAZING!!!”

Penny S.

“Excellent vet and staff. Highly recommend in emergencies. Would use them again.”


“You were more than kind.. great service.”

Ivonne M. & "Blossom"

“Thank you for understanding our pets are not only a pet but family and you guys make me feel that way, I really appreciated it.”


“After having spent two hours in a chaotic waiting room (at my regular Vet), just hoping to get worked in, the AEH was an oasis of calm. Our pet was taken in immediately and assessed. We were put at ease that she was in good hands. The ladies at the front were helpful and calming and easy to talk with. It was excellent service all around.”

Tina B. & "Cooper"

“This facility is staffed by the kindest, most compassionate and caring people that I have ever been privileged to be near. The most difficult thing for an animal lover is to see an animal suffer and have to be put to sleep. Having people there who truly care about the animal as well as the owner made the experience less intense. Their explanations, concern, love and grace of their actions was very appreciated.”

Kerry W. & "Buster" and "Maddie"

“Unfortunately we’ve had to make three emergency visits in the last four years. Each time the staff was very calm (we weren’t), caring and took control of the situations. While we don’t like to make emergency visits, if we don’t I’m glad it’s at AEHM.”

Jamie E. & "Ramey"

“Love the staff and service we’ve received every time we’ve been there (at least once for each of our 3 cats).”

Glenn W. & "Jake"

“My family has always experienced caring service from the staff.”

Amber H. & "Cali"

“Very professional and caring group. Was also very pleased with the price.”

Linda L. & "Tooters"

“Tooters had been seen as an emergengency a couple of months ago because he was so sick. The technicians and doctor were very thorough and kind at that time doing everything that they could for my baby even though he was very old and has numerous illnesses. When I visited last week, it was time to let him go. The staff couldn’t have been more kind and understanding they saw how distraught I was and handled everything very smoothly but with care. They let me spend as much time as I needed with him before the procedure. I would highly recommend Mansfield Animal Emergency Hospital to anyone I know. “

Charlotte D. & "Charlie"

“You guys are the BEST. I have referred at least half a dozen people. We all live in Arlington, but the drive to Mansfield is absolutely worth it. Thanks.”

Christy D. & "Charly"

“We are very thankful that you were there for Charly and us. He was loved very much and you made a very hard decision bearable. Thank you so much.”

Rhozine T. & "Bella"

“I am grateful for all the detail, thoughtfulness, and concern.”

Sara R. & "Finley"

“Everyone was very helpful and nice. Each time I came in the staff was wonderful. They were welcoming and answered all questions and concerns with compassion and understanding. I always felt comfortable calling for an update or dropping by to visit my puppy.”

Erinn B. & "Simon"

“I am absolutely amazed at how well Simon was walking just 1 day after his surgery! Thank you for taking such good care of him!”

Steve C. & "Daisy"

“Quick, efficient, and caring”

Sheila M. & "Twinkie"

“All the staff, receptionist, technicians, Veterinarians, were all fantastic. This was the second pet I had to bring in over the course of 6 months and they were both cared for with the most amazing care and love. Thank for such outstanding care of my fur babies. I will never go anywhere else in an emergency.”


“Wonderful experience both times we’ve been there!”


“Thank you for treating my dog so nice. Me and my dog were treated with the utmost respect. Thank you for being such kind and caring people.”


“Thank you so much for taking care of Aggie. Although I hope to never have to visit you again, 😎 The care we received as pet parents was outstanding. I can see why Dr. Fuller recommends you.


“I was very pleased with the care received. I would use the clinic again if an emergency arises. Thank you.”

Tara S. & "Capone"

“We’ve been here 3 times, I’ve referred my mom and sister here as well and we have all LOVED the care our babies got! Zero complaints, this place is amazing.”


“Staff members were exceptionally considerate to me and my beloved Cassie. They made a sad and very difficult event bearable. They treated her like the Diva that she was! Thank you, for taking such an interest in my baby.”

Anna M. & "Chico"

“Thank so much for making my visit very comfortable”

Iman A. & "Duchess"

“My only regret is not bringing her to the hospital sooner. The vets and the care are so superior to anywhere else I have ever experienced.”

Tori H. & "Bambi"

“Thank y’all for making my baby okay again!!!”

Linda C. & "Nautica"

“Everyone was great to work with and kept me up to date on what was going on.”

Lou G. & "Grady"

“We appreciate the doctors and staff at the Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. I never leave your hospital second guessing that I’ve made the best decisions for my pets. Thank you!”

Alexis C. & "Norman West"

“Starting New Year’s Day off at the vet was not what we had in mind. But coming here was a quick, easy, and comforting experience. Everyone was in a good mood, upbeat, and very informative. I love that Athena, who answered our phone call (and a few more while we were in the waiting room) was so knowledgable and caring about each call. The entire experience was really pleasant, considering the circumstances. Definitely recommend Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield to all!”


“Each time I have had an emergency with one of our dogs we have received exceptional care. The follow-up phone call is appreciated as well. Thank you!”

Joyce P. & "Juice"

“Everyone involved in Juice’s diagnosis, treatment and care were extremely caring and professional. It was a great team to work with and I would highly recommend this facility.”

Chelsea M. & "Sloan"

“Everyone I came into contact with during our visit was very friendly and compassionate. I was blown away by how great of an experience it was!”

Lois F. & "Chloe Rose"

“I brought my little grape-snitching dachshund into the hospital.  When I explained to the receptionist what had happened, she was taken back immediately.  No wait-time for her at all.  Emesis was induced immediately.  Within a few minutes, I was seen first by a technician and then by the doctor.  They explained the dangers of grape ingestion and told me what we needed to do to protect Chloe Rose.

Over the next couple of days, I called to check on her twice a day.  I was always greeted warmly.  My questions were answered.  Not once was I made to feel guilty or stupid or neglectful.

When Chloe Rose was released, I was instructed to get one more test done on her after 24 hours.  But it was fine with AEH for me to take her to her regular vet, which was a great help to me.  I loved the fact that when I called Dr. Brockett’s office to set up that appointment, they already knew what had happened and the treatment that AEH had given her.  Great communication!!

To say “thank you” for saving my little girl is so inadequate, but unfortunately it’s all we have in English.  I will definitely sing your praises to anyone who has a veterinary emergency!!”

Geri A. & "Olive"

“Second time we have been to Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield. Been satisfied each time with the care they gave our dogs. Everyone was so nice and you could tell they really cared about your pet. Thank you.”

Brenda B. & "Chispa

“Excellent service!”

Brenda M. & "Bailey"

Thank you for saving my baby!!

Stephanie W. & "Roo"

Thank you for taking such great care of Roo!

Linda L. & "Tooters"

The Dr [Daniels] was extremely compassionate and understanding. I was very scared when I came in. Tooters seems to be doing better at this time. I am very happy.


“I want to thank the staff for being so kind to us we had to put our baby down and they could not have been more kind. They gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye and we never felt rushed and for that I am forever greatfull!!!”

Debra M. & "Chico"

“This is an amazing place to take your pet loved ones, I have already recommended several of my friends and family members. Very warm and friendly, professional, nice homey atmosphere and above all excellent Veterinarians and staff!!”


“You guys saved my LuLu, and we will be forever grateful to all the employees that spent time with her!”

Stephanie A. & "Gizzy Gizmo"

“I just want to say thank you. Having to put my baby to sleep was one of the hardest moments of my life, your staff showed so much compassion and was so gentle and understanding. They went above and beyond and I am forever grateful. Thank you so very much.”

Cathy E. & "Libby"

“While our visit ended with the passing of our beloved dog, the experience with your facility was amazing. The staff was caring and concerned which speaks volumes since it was literally the only time we’d been there”

Shenan T. & "Harley" and "Sammy"

“Everything was just great”

Jackie W. & "Maya"

“Awesome group.”

Kathryn A. & "Lucy"

“Thank you for helping to heal our puppy!”

Carrie B. & "Honey"

“This is the second time I have needed to use this clinic for the care of my pets. I have to say, I would recommend them for any services to care for your pets. They are the most compassionate staff I’ve met. They care for your pet and you as if you were their family. I want to thank them for all they did for us. On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the best) I would rate them a 10. Thanks again for caring for my Bagel in 2015 and my Honey in 2016.”


“Staff and vets were professional, kind, treated us well and helped to make Napoleon’s last days and moments the calmest and easiest it could be. I really appreciate everything that was done to help me out in my time of need. Thank you.”

Liz W. & "Maggie"

“I would like to thank all staff that helped us from the moment we walked in until the time we left. They were all helpful and kind in our time of need with our pet.”


“Thank you for the quick care for my baby!!”

Danille B. & "Basher"

“I am just glad that AEHM is so close to my house. Everyone was very helpful and took immediate action with Basher. Thank you so much!”

Glen W. & "Sparkles"

“Hands down exactly what I was hoping for. It was Christmas Eve and we had an emergency and they were there to help. Had a 6 week old puppy who is doing great thanks to them”

Lori Z. & "Oscar"

“Wonderful experience”

Pam D. & "Tobey"

“Very helpful,and diagnosed our dog’s cancer. Really appreciated their care.”

Ashley S. & "Blaze"

“Thank you guys so much for saving Blaze! I didn’t think he was going to make and thanks to your superb care he pulled through and will be in our lives for many many years to come!”

John H. & "Fritz"

“Thank you for the wonderful care and love you showed Fritz while he was in your care.”

Jennifer H. & "Tweak"

“The staff was so helpful and put me at ease with my dog. I was upset that she wasn’t feeling good but so happy that they were attentive to her needs. If needs arise with Tweak or my other dog Margarita I will bring them to this ER. Thank you again!”

Rhonda C. & "Summer"

“Thank you all and we’ll recommend you to friends and family. Hope we don’t have any more emergencies, but if we do we will definitely bring our pets there.”

Jennifer L. & "Titan"

“Everything and everyone was great as usual! Unfortunately, we have had to visit you guys more often than we would like but I’m glad to know you are there if we need you. Thank you again for being there for us whenever we need you!”

Christina D. & "Petal"

“Really great job – glad you were there when no other vets were available to stitch up my dog. It gives me great peace of mind to know where to go when I have an animal emergency. Thanks.”

Barbara G. & "Rylee"

“Thank you to the wonderful staff who treated Rylee (13y). She came in very stick with an infection from a previous surgery. Thank you for taking great care of her and getting to the matter right away. She is almost back to normal today. I am just happy she is up and eating her normal food with no enticing. Getting up and moving around as much as she can for an ol’ girl. Trying to give her as much enjoyable life as we can. Thank you!!!”

Vicki M. & "Bella"

“I appreciate you being there on a Sunday when my pet needed the help!”

Dorothy B. & "Duchess"

“I felt comfortable leaving my pet in their care!”

Linda W. & "Max"

“You all were amazing. You helped me through a very difficult situation by explaining everything so well. Thank you so much for everything you did.”

Melinda P. & "Whiskey"

“Awesome job by each individual that was working that night!”

Laura E. & "Tynee"

“I want to thank the crew at AEHM for taking care of Tynee. She was brought in with complications with the birth of her 3 puppies. Tynee ended up having a C-Section with two of the puppies. The first one was delivered naturally on the way the hospital on I-35 (what fun that was :-/). The incision the Doctor [Toby Rouquette] did was perfection and Tynee healed very quickly with no complications. The puppies are now going on their third week and they are triple in size and weight 🙂 The ladies that were with Tynee through the experience were top notch and I really appreciated them for the great care they gave Tynee. I can’t say enough great things about this place and if I ever have another animal emergency, I know where I’m going 🙂 Thank you all very much.”

Lois S. & "Mia"

“I appreciate having a 24 hour vet near me for emergencies. The staff was very accommodating and friendly.”

Erin J. & "Nellie"

“Thank you so much for being “real” and not prescribing a lot of nonsense and taking advantage of the situation. I will definitely be back when an emergency occurs!”

Beverly N. & "Molly"

“Very professional and personable staff”

Mary E. & "Chloe"

“Everyone was top notch. Can’t say enough about the care they provided to us and our pet.”

Andrea D. & "Zeus"

“Love how quickly we were in and out, clean and friendly atmosphere, and thrilled that my fur baby was going to be alright!”


“Fast service. I appreciated the follow up call from the vet as well.”

Don P. & "Newbie"

“Appreciate the helpfulness and assistance for help with my pet. A very quick response.”

Mary S. & "Roxy"

“Everyone was so gentle and sweet to my doggie and calmed us down when we were so worried. The whole process was exceptional.”


“I am very pleased with the attention and care given to us.”


“Very easy to communicate with and professional. Gentle and caring with Salsa.”


“My visit involved a sick beagle with hemolytic anemia. My home vet was ordering additional tests, but Barnabus began to deteriorate early that morning. As I walked him into your center at 1:00 am, he crashed and I was immediately asked about resuscitation; which I declined. Dr. Jung, Sara and Jocelyn were all incredibly hospitable and more than kind during this difficult experience. This was actually the first time I had to visit a 24 hour hospital, and Barnabus was my first pet to die. I could not have been more blessed to have had these experiences amongst your caring staff. I will most certainly recommend your facility to others. Thank you.”


“My visit involved a sick beagle with hemolytic anemia. My home vet was ordering additional tests, but Barnabus began to deteriorate early that morning. As I walked him into your center at 1:00 am, he crashed and I was immediately asked about resuscitation; which I declined. Dr. Jung, Sara and Jocelyn were all incredibly hospitable and more than kind during this difficult experience. This was actually the first time I had to visit a 24 hour hospital, and Barnabus was my first pet to die. I could not have been more blessed to have had these experiences amongst your caring staff. I will most certainly recommend your facility to others. Thank you.”

Alan S. & "Tuffy"

“Second time emergency visit and just as impressed this time as I was last. You guys are amazing and very much appreciated.”


“The staff is amazing, I’ve had my baby three times over the few years, and they have always been super. I especially like the follow up phone calls I receive concerning her progress. You guys are better than a people hospital.”

Colt C. & "Copper"

“I was expecting a long stay at the vet based off of previous experiences with other vet offices, however you guys were very quick and didn’t waste any time taking care of my pup and me. I also noticed how quick you were with other people as well. I will definitely come back if my pet is in need.”

Jo B. & "Marco"

“Our visit to the hospital was a very pleasant experience other than our baby being sick. I will be thanking the young lady from Petsmart that recommended the hospital !”


“Technicians were extremely nice and helpful. They do everything in their hands to make one’s pet feel comfortable and at home.”

Kelsey P. & "Lovin' Spoonful"

“I have never been so impressed with staff and service in ANYTHING! The minute I brought Love Bug into the lobby, the staff took him right off to get his vitals while I told them what was going on with him. They calmed my nerves, they were totally okay with the fact that I was crying like a child who dropped their ice cream cone, they answered every question patiently, even if I asked the same question twice. And the whole place felt more like an oasis than a veterinary office. The amount of refreshments blew my mind! I’ve been in hospitals that didn’t offer that much and such wonderful quality. The exam rooms were pristine and the pictures on the walls were adorable! I hate that my Love Bug was ill, but knowing that he was in the hands of these loving, caring people made his absence at home easier. And calling to check in on him and sending a postcard after he left, it just pushed it over the top. Thank you so, so much!”

Dawn L. & "Seven"

“During a very hard time they were very considerate and helpful.”

Suzanne W. & "Bonnie"

“I am very very happy with the car my dog received. I know she was well cared for. She was in your facility for 12 days after getting hit by a car.”


“Everyone was responsive and friendly and very knowledgeable. We feel that Spoodles got very good care. In fact, you probably saved his life.”

Bridgit C. & "Spike"

“Fantastic staff. My dog and family were treated very well! The doctor was very helpful.”

Joe A. & "Lena" and "Kooky"

“Thanks to everyone who cared for our babies in their time of need.”

Raymond D. & "Maggie"

“We were very grateful that the clinic was there and everyone was caring with our pet and us.”

Donna E. & "Hemingway"

“Everyone I dealt with from lobby to Vet [Roberts] were outstandingly kind & professional. I felt completely comfortable that my Hemingway was as important to them as he was to me.”


“Very well pleased you taking care of Diamond. He is doing good now.”